Laremy Tunsil OUT….and it’s not related to pot. Seven of our 22 starters are OUT. Live Game Chat vs. The Titans

We’ll be in the chatroom at  shortly before kickoff.

You can register with the option in the right menu (or it may be at the bottom if you’re on mobile).    Create an email and password.     You can ignore the stylization preference screen that may pop up and go right back to

Might be a comical chat today, sadly.   With Tunsil AND Brandon Albert both out, our line is  doomed.    Arian Foster too.    With Xavien Howard out (he was hurt by Kenny Stills in practice Thursday), that means our number one AND number two draft picks both get the day off.



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  1. I think its safe to say….worst team in the league, worst QB in the league, worst HC in the league, and DEFINITELY worst owner in sports! They should just fold the joke franchise.

    1. I think the Browns are the worst team in the league but were definitely 2nd worst.

  2. Glad I didn’t watch this nightmare! LOL

  3. That’s funny, even the Titan’s can’t understand why the Dolphins couldn’t beat them on their own field.

  4. Gase said today that Tannehill will start all season no matter what so might as well quit watching games.

    1. Gase is not allowed to make a QB change just like Philbin was not allowed to make a QB change. Instructions from Ross and Gase got the job because he’s the ONLY ONE that was OK with that. Mike Shanahan or any good HC would never say ok to that.

      1. Author

        I am starting to agree with jay. there’s no way that BOTH Gase and Philbin are too ignorant to see Tannehill’s faults.

  5. There is such a thing as a “practice quarterback.” I think Tannehill impresses at practice because he’s facing his own defense, but on game day against another team’s defense…oh well.

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