Lawrence Timmons and Adam Gase try to Make The Dolphins Lose; But both men failed

Head coach Adam Gase called a timeout with 10 seconds left and the Chargers in disarray, with both the starting offense and the kicking squad on the field at the same time.   If Gase keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t call a timeout, the Dolphins walk away without having to endure a heart-attack missed field goal.

Gase is just awful.   The very worst timeout in NFL history.    Seriously, can you think of a worse one?

Stephen Ross should seriously consider disciplining that dolt.   He pulled a Philbin of epic proportion.   He also refused to call running plays when we had numerous goal-to-goal situations, instead relying on the same old screen pass to Jarvis Landry that never works, AND the same old fade to Devante Parker that also never works.   Everyone in the sparse stadium knew that the Chargers could not stop Jay Ajayi…everyone except Adam Gase.

And while Adam Gase’s lack of brains almost handed a win to the Chargers, Lawrence Timmons’s lack of Lawrence Timmons almost did the same.  Still awaiting word on what happened, but it can’t be good.  It’s miraculous that we got out of L.A. with a win.

More to come, including our Heroes and Goats votes.   I think you know who the goats will be…

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  1. Why did they even sign Rey if he was that out of shape? They need help now not next year! Very curious about Timmons seems every year their short because of something stupid

  2. That timeout call at the end may be the dumbest call ever made. Anyone have any idea why it was called? Don’t even think Philbin would have done that.

      1. Philbin did do that against the packers they were in disarray after a sack 4th down and philbin called time out to Kodak the moment

        1. Philbin’s timeout in the Packers game was almost as dumb as this one. Both seemed to be trying to give the game away, but only Joe succeeded.

          1. Yeah unfortunately philbin succeeded a lot! I just don’t get it everyone knows not to do that stuff yet paid professionals can’t help themselves. We all sit at home in shock…

    1. My guess is Gase will say He wanted to ice the kicker. Okay, we can buy that. But wait until they are lined up!! And keep your eye on the game. Chargers were handing you a free win, and your refused it. Why?

      1. Author

        No way Gase could have been watching as that last 10 seconds unfolded. Calling a timeout while the opponent had like 22 men on the field ?

    2. Gase addressed the Time-out at his press conference…. Makes sense: Gase said “the time-out was called, so that if he did make the FG, they would still have time for the Offense; River’s would have clocked the ball with 2 seconds left.” Made sense IF he would have made it.

      1. Author

        Gase is assuming a LOT. His theory is flawed, because he is absolutely ignoring the situation as a whole.
        There were only 10 seconds on the clock and ticking down, with the kicking squad running onto the field. it was massive confusion.
        Gase assumes that in the heat of all that chaos, that Rivers could calmly communicate to everyone for the offense to stay on the field and line up for a spike AND communicate to the kicking squad to please turn around and head back to the sidelines. Tick tick tick tick tick. No way that occurs. Just no way.
        Plus, if even one Charger didn’t get set properly, then there is a ten-second runoff and we win the game.
        Normally, 10 seconds is plenty of time to call a spike play, so Gase normally would be correct. But Gase ignored the real-time situation and never bothered to consider the bedlam that was going on in front of him.

        1. I wasn’t even thinking about the 10 second runoff that makes it even worse as they couldn’t have even attempted a game winning FG. That was almost a huuuuuuge Philbin….

          1. That was a huge Philbin. The only reason he got away with it was because their kicker missed. The clock probably would’ve run out before they had a chance to attempt the kick, so like his mentor Philbin, Gase calls timeout to give the other team a chance to win.

  3. The Dolphins didn’t dodge a bullet today, they dodged an ATOM BOMB!!!

    1. Yep but all things considered they still got the win. Actually incredible they had no business although Gase tried to give it away.

  4. Don’t forget about gase’s shitty play calling in the first half too. Not 1 deep pass. Very easy to defend.

    All other nfl teams would make a quick adjustment, but NOT Gase. He waits until the half, and even admits his stupidity to the chick sideline reporter.

    What was Peyton manning smoking when he called Gase the smartest coach in football that he knows ?

    Gase has so much more to learn about coaching, and I’m looking FWD to reading admins more detailed points of the many,many coaching mistakes – that should have cost the Fins the game ……..

    1. I guess we should pump the breaks a bit as they were able to put the chargers in a position where they had to score to win. In the past they would have simply lost. They were also displaced for weeks. Look at Houston they looked like shit.

      No turnovers today. They did play conservative but that worked in this case.

      D stopped the run. Hurt pass D but better than getting run out of the park. Wished pass rush was better though.

      Next week will be a good test. Should outright win and hopefully improve in weak areas. Technically in first so could be worse after this roller coaster.

      Can’t find pressers after game if anyone has a link would be great.

      1. Author

        Jets next week will be pumped up for their home opener. We might have to weather an early storm if NY come out on fire

        1. Yeah but overall they stink and Fins should win handedly. Never take it for granted but if this team is real they need to win this game.

    2. Author

      AJ brought up a good point that I was going to mention. Getting real sick and tired of Gase Criticizing his own decisions and play calling. If you know it’s wrong, fix it. The chick reporter is hot, but she’s not the one that Gase should be discussing his game plan with.
      Gase truly knows what he does wrong and he recognizes it and admits it…but does not correct it

      1. I guess he did run Jay Train 28 times so we can’t bitch but the TO was beyond ridiculous. The oline looked better too as well as run D. I expect after this week under their belt they should be better.

        Heard that timmons was non football related. Something pissed him off and he stormed out. No excuse but who knows maybe it’s something bad real bad. Wife? Family? Business? Either way you have to explain to your employer…. I just hope that it’s explainable and he’s back next.

  5. Look at the bright side. It sure is great waking up this Monday morning and seeing the Dolphins alone atop of the AFC East standings.

  6. Funny how not one of the local papers even mentions the boneheaded timeout in their reporting of the game. Someone needs to call Gase on it.

  7. Denver who is considered to be one of the top teams in the league beat San Diego the exact same way in Denver in week 1. The chargers are a good team and Miami, a team that had to practice on the west coast all week, whose linebacker straight up didn’t show up and with a quaterback brought out of retirement won the game. To me that’s a great thing and reflects well on this team for the rest of the year. Defense looked better than expected and the offense has as many playmakers as any elite offense in the league.

    1. Author

      Agreed. Defense couldn’t stop the short passes into the flat by the Running Backs, but otherwise they bent a few times but didnt break when it mattered

  8. Play calling was fine ajayi actually might of been on the field to much, and yea I agree the timeout was stupid as hell but Miami won so really who cares.

  9. Admin I’m glad your not calling plays, ajayi came out of college with major knee surgerys done on both knees and you want to run him every play. If you were in charge he wouldn’t last 3 games.

  10. Author

    Zach, I’m all for resting Ajayi when we’re getting blown out or when we’re way ahead in a game. There will be plenty of those as the season unfolds. I also want him to rest too when we go to 4 or 5 wide.
    But when we’re in the middle of a nail biter, and he’s already carving them up for 4, 5, or 6 yards at a time, and the game is on the line…in that situation, then Sorry, but that is NOT the time to worry about three months from now.
    And I never say we need him 100% of the downs. But did you notice we had Third-and-One TWICE yesterday? The “old” Adam Gase would have benched Ajayi, gone 4-wide, and called a long wheel route to Damien Williams.
    Instead, both times Gase called for Ajayi handoffs and both times we succeeded

    1. He ran him 28 times so that wasn’t bad and he touched the ball 3 times on the final series so no one should complain. If anything they could have brought in Williams or Drake and ran it even more instead of some of those stupid screens that had no chance. Ajayi will most likely be between 20-30 carries and passes per game which is plenty.

      Still haven’t heard anything about the time out and what happened.

      Nothing on Timmons either I just hope he’s ok and ready to go next week. All will be forgiven if he plays well from now on.

    2. I agree with the 3rd and 1s but overall I really don’t want to see ajayi getting over 25 carries, he is literally the definition of a ticking time bomb with those knees. Miami needs a better 2nd running back its obvious the coaches don’t trust either Williams or drake.

      1. Depends on the situation in the game but 20-30 run + pass plays aren’t too bad and it looks like that’s what’s going to happen. Obviously try to keep him under 25 touches overall would be great but when the games on the line I agree with admin.

        I’m also ok with getting Williams and Drake involved they are not boobs by any means. Williams doesn’t have any clock management in him so give him a few carries in the first half and Drake a few in each half to keep Jay Train fresh.

        They should watch the patsies execute some reverses and screens just do the same shit. They have no one special but get yards all the time. Throw the odd one down field even though its set like a screen 7/11 made a big gain on a slant like that on Sunday. This will actually make the screens more effective.

  11. The Dolphins secondary suck. These guys couldn’t cover dead fish with newspaper. Sitting home watching the game with my buddy, I kept yelling “WATCH THE GUY GOING IN MOTION” and “SOMEBODY KEEP AN EYE ON THE RUNNING BACK” because the Chargers were running the same schemes over an over and Rivers was carving up the Dolphins defense with it. I could tell every time when Rivers was going to throw the ball to the running back, because the running back was not lining up in the usual way a running back does for a handoff. He was lining up slightly a step off. For the love of me I don’t know why the Dolphin coaches couldn’t see that.

    Kiko Alonzo…get your head out of your ass! Don’t know how many times someone blew by where you should’ve been.

    Landry…stop it with dumbass posing and other stupid gestures as if the audience just witnessed the greatest feat in the history of football.

    I got a lot of stuff I could say, but this will have to do for now.

    On to the Jests.

    1. Haha can’t disagree. You watch and wonder how they don’t get some things. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention the time out kids playing madden wouldn’t even do that. The players I understand from time to time screw up as they aren’t rocket scientists but the coaches blows my mind sometimes…

      1. I didn’t mention that stupid ass time out because I could write about that until you fell asleep reading it. I had to ask my buddy three times if was really the Dolphins who took that time out!

        Gase better get his shit together real fast or the people in Miami will boot his ass outta town on the first train smokin!

        1. I watched the presser and he said that he wanted some time left in case they took the lead??? How about letting your opponent screw the pooch when they are in disarray. Sure rivers could have spiked it with no time but odds are they get a too many men penalty making the kick 47 yards. I like those odds more….

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