Lawrence Timmons Turned Traitor Long Before Chargers Game

A buddy of mine in Pittsburgh told me something  two weeks ago that I didn’t report, because I could not verify it.   But now it seems to be true, as other media sources are confirming it:

The weekend of Week 1, Lawrence Timmons was in Pittsburgh.  He had the weekend off, and if he chose to go inhale industrial black air in that Godforsaken place, then it’s fine.  HOWEVER, he didn’t just go to Pittsburgh.   He went to a Steelers practice.  He chose to visit his OLD team who tossed him aside instead of the men who welcomed him.  That is against NFL rules.

Puking on our field is NOT the worst thing Timmons ever did to the Dolphins.

But it gets worse.   My buddy didn’t know this part, but we learned today that Timmons was telling his OLD team that he wanted to come back.  He missed them.  Signing in Miami was a mistake he never should have made.

I’m going to have more later on the Timmons signing, plus all the other off-season moves we made (and the draft) and how they panned out so far.   I think you’ll know where I’m heading with this…

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  1. Every time I hear an athlete talk today or hear a story about the locker room it just amazes me that these guys have no idea what professional conduct is. When your at work your supposed to act a certain way and for some reason athletes think their exempt from this. From Timmons doing this crapto even the NBA where a guy like Kyrie Irving says on live tv he didn’t feel like he had to tell his teammates he was living because he didn’t owe them anything. Umm you dumbass even if you work at a McDonald’s it’s professional courtesy to tell your co workers when you leave, “I’m leaving it was a pleasure working with you.” That coupled with all this kneeling for the national anthem is making me somewhat resent sports.

  2. Leaving not living, but you get my point so many athletes these days are acting like spoiled brats and as a dolphin fan we have seen that with Jonathan Martin and now Timmons.

    1. HA!…you’re kidding us, right? You’re feeling “Bummed Out” over what or how some millionaire sports star said or acts? Dude, I learned a long time ago that these players aren’t paid to give a damn about how I feel about them. They get paid to reek havoc on the field or on the court.

      And if you’re disillusioned about some black NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, then go on YouTube and type in “white cop calms white female driver” by telling her “don’t worry, we only kill n**gers!” Then you’ll get these black NFL players point real fast.

      1. Lol your a funny guy always thinking you know what others think. I actually do agree that the way minorities are treated in this country is awful I just think protesting at work when it’s not a strike is pretty stupid. Literally raise awareness for it any way you can off the field but not at work which goes along with the professional conduct thing I was saying. I don’t give a flying fuck what athletes think about me or my opinion I’m just saying it’s amazing to see how dumb some of them really are.

        1. When did I tell you what you were thinking?

          “Every time I hear an athlete talk today or hear a story about the locker room it just amazes me that these guys have no idea what professional conduct is. When your at work your supposed to act a certain way and for some reason athletes think their exempt from this.”

          That’s what you’re telling us YOU think these athletes think. Now who’s the funny guy? Now why are you and others get so upset about an athlete kneeling on the field now when back in the day they used to keep these NFL players in the locker room until the national anthem was over? But people like you get so butt hurt because someone didn’t like what a certain NFL player was doing and now they got you thinking that somehow you’re being slighted and demeaned. Now putting a spotlight on an egregious injustice should be done the way YOU think it should be done no matter how many fucking times and ways black people have complained about it. But people like you weren’t listening then…but see, you’re listening now.

          “I don’t give a flying fuck what athletes think about me or my opinion I’m just saying it’s amazing to see how dumb some of them really are.”

          Now who’s really dumb, a guy like Kyrie Irving who has more money then most of us will ever make in ten life times or, a regular guy just getting by named ZACH who is complaining about how rich ass Kyrie Irving didn’t tell his teammates he’s going to another team?

          1. So what your saying is anytime you hate on somewhere your really saying I wish they cared about my feelings. Man your reading comprehension skills are in the trash, just because I think pro athletes are idiots doesn’t mean I care what they think or I wish they cared about my feelings. It literally just means I think there stupid. And I’m questing why I spend time watching such dumb people. And go fuck yourself I have done more to help poor people in my 21 years than you prolly have in however many more years your dumbass has been alive for. Trying to say people like me weren’t paying attention, you retard you don’t even know my full name. Keyboard warrior that’s you.

            1. Such a brave one aren’t you? I bet you do your best fighting on video games like “World of WarCraft” or some other bullshit like that. I was in the Army holding it down amongst heavy hitters in 1-51st Inf Btl, 1-52nd Inf Btl, 1-54th Inf Btl, 2nd-72nd Sngl Core, 2/2 Cav Div, and few more tuff motherfucking units all on one post before your daddy was swimming around in your grand daddy’s balls and before you were swimming around in your daddy’s balls. I could’ve picked the most feeble of all these soldiers and he would be still capable of beating the shit out of you. So don’t try to act tough with me boy, I have socks older than you.

              Now get back to playing fart games with your other fart sniffing buddies and learn how to show some respect next time when you address a fucking VETERAN!

              1. Author

                I try to stay of of my readers’ battles, but we all gotta admit: “I have socks older than you” is an awesome line. I’m gonna use that on Jay of he comes back here.

              2. You might be a veteran but your still a keyboard warrior. Nothing can change that about you. So have fun threatening people online.

                1. I’ll respect your service for this country but your still a disrespectful fucker. You have literally went at everyone who comments on here over and over again calling people idiots and being a grammar nazi, it’s about time someone called you out on your shit.

                  1. Oh go to your room and suck your thumb little boy…I don’t have the time or patience to school you anymore.

                    1. Thanks for proving my point. Only an idiot thinks they can school someone on the Internet.

  3. Author

    For the record, the players have a right to silently and peacefully protest. But they do NOT have the right to DEMAND that everyone else agrees and to DEMAND that the President remains silent.
    Look, we get it. They want people to see them kneeling and say, “Wow, they are bravely sticking up for the oppressed.” But instead, the majority out there says, “Wow, they are disrespecting our nation.” Their actions turned people against them, and I don’t know if they expected that part.

    1. That’s exactly it the main focus now is disrespecting the flag and country. When it should be for the oppressed. This is the point they picked the wrong way to protest when you sit down it looks like you are shitting on your flag. Now if Kap would have locked arms in protest people would have seen his point and no one would have been upset. Sitting, kneeling, anything but standing is disrespectful to a majority of people and therefore doesn’t help your cause it just makes people mad. They took some calls on Russillo and every person said this….

      1. Author

        And more importantly, to me anyway, is how this stuff affects the Miami Dolphins. I don’t care about other teams and other owners. I care about the Miami Dolphins. We’re barely good enough when we concentrate on football. But when you make these guys think about statements and politics and Trump and protests, it does not lead to wins.

    2. What the fuck are you talking about Admin? Cheeto-man stood before a crowd and called these NFL players “sons of bitches.” No matter how much Trump may not like what they’re doing, these same NFL players pay taxes that goes towards paying his salary, his medical care, his security, the automobiles he rides around in, AirForce One jet he flies around in, the security all his kids, grand kids, and basically his entire family have following them around every where they go, and a whole host of other things on the taxpayers dime that’s too numerous for me to list.

      Cheeto-man could’ve stfu about these NFL players and talked to the crowd about something else, like how he plans to fuck them on their healthcare. Cheeto-man chose to kick the hornets nest so don’t blame the hornets when they come out to sting his ass.

      1. Author

        All true. We can’t blame the hornets for stinging him.
        But don’t forget why he kicked the nest in the first place. He saw it as a slight that some (just a few) NFLers weren’t standing for the Anthem, so he lashed out.
        Did you see Pat Tillman’s wife today came out in support of the players? I thought that was interesting and brave of her.
        Pat was a hero, and we respect his (and your) service.

        1. Trump felt slighted because some NFL player knelt during the playing of the national anthem?

          Holdup….Trump’s son-in-law said he flew to Russia and met some female there because she said she had some dirt on Hillary Clinton that Cheeto-man could use to try and damage her during his campaign for president, but to him that’s not a slight towards the Anthem or this country it represents which he bullshitedly profess to love and respect? GTFOH!!!

        2. This is all part of Cheeto-man’s long standing vendetta against the NFL because he couldn’t take their fall ratings with his USFL team 20+ years ago. He failed then, even after taking them to court. Cheeto-man doesn’t give a rats ass about athletes kneeling for the anthem. He saw an opportunity to incite the sheepish American people he has worked so well at controlling and an outlet for his long standing grudge that only someone with a child like ego would still be festering after making billions of dollars and becoming POTUS.

          1. You jokers are both forgetting who started it. The unpatriotic ingrates started disrespecting the nation that made them rich while Obama was in office. Cheetowoman merely criticized them. This started a year ago, and Trump held his toungue for over a year on the subject. AMAZING he controlled his anger that long

  4. Well he also said that the unpatriotic ingrates in Charlottesville waving confederate flags and swastikas and pairing them with the American flag were very fine people that had every right to exercise the 1st amendment so that pretty much mutes that argument.

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