Let’s Comment on our Dolphins Roster Moves

I’m not gonna write a lot here, because the news keeps coming in faster than I can write.   Let’s just use this space to comment on what’s going on and our thoughts.

Out of all the stupid news that has occurred since Ross finally fired Arrogant Adam, the WORST news is that the Dolphins are re-signing DeVante parker for two more excruciating years.

Here is my prediction for Parker over the next 2 years (32 games):

He’ll be “hurt” and unable to play in 21 of those 32 games.  He’ll drop 19 passes per year.   He’ll run slow, lazy routes 90% of the time.  He will jump for only 2 balls and make extra effort on zero balls.   He will nonchalantly tip 7 passes into defenders’ arms for interceptions.   And his coaches will praise him.

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  1. It’s a 2 million dollar one year deal, so you can’t really hate, he is practically playing for free.
    Letting James walk was smart he is now prolly the most overpayed player in football.
    Not breaking the bank for random free agents was great to, the Jets did the exact opposite and I can’t wait for it to blow up in their faces.
    I’m actually loving what the dolphins are doing I would of done th exact same things myself if I was in charge

    1. Finsfan27 ….2 mil a year ?..its 10 million for 2 years that could escalate to 13 million with insentives.

  2. 2M for Ms. Parker to play or be on the active roster for what,maybe 10 games. What does she bring for 2M? Nada! Is she a positive influence in the locker room? What can she show rookies-how to let a minor injury keep you out AND still get paid.
    James getting 13M per is laughable. it shows just how bad Elway is at running that franchise. Look at his QB choices the past 3 years-that explains how bad he is.

  3. Joe Auer died! He ran the opening kickoff in our history back for a TD. It was the most exciting sports moment of my life as I was a 15 y.o. kid who bought a season ticket for $30 for 6 games. That includes 4 World Cups and a SB. He was a local kid from Coral Gables. That is really sad and puts things in a perspective a bit for me.

  4. Author

    Piece of shit Parker getting up to to $13 million. I don’t know where you guys are getting only $2 million from.
    We had the best WRs corps in the league last year while Parker was “injured” early on. 3-0 start and Grant, Stills, Wilson, Amendola all unstoppable. Who the F needs Parker? why why why why why?

    1. I don’t know much about it because I’m taking a really long “sit back and see” approach but I hate that they kept Parker but one interesting twist could be that they had some trade offers but only if he would restructure his contract. Maybe they feel like they could now trade him at anytime so why not see how he works through spring?
      This is 100% conjecture on my part obviously but theres always hoping

    2. 13 million over 2 years if he hits all the incentives which are based on performance. If he doesn’t hit any of them it’s basically a one year 2 million dollar deal. So yea it’s a low risk high reward deal, Parker was decent before Gase showed up and Miami is tanking so why not take a chance Gase just didn’t know how to use him?

      1. This is the question that we can ask about all Miami’s players. Are they underachievers or is it that Gase was so inept in using them correctly or was Gase so inept in developing them? This is the big question. How many players leave Miami and become more efficient?

  5. So I just read the full artical at the Herald and this was a comment from Jay McGuigan in the comment section that is hilarious and pretty much sums it up…….

    Jay McGuiga Comment-

    Makes perfect sense as we are not planning on winning anyway.

  6. This was a patriot like move, look how much the jets just paid Jamison Crowder or how much the titans just paid Adam Humphries. Parker has a chance to be just as productive as those guys like he was in 2016 and for a fraction of the price. Also I can’t stress how much I like them not overpaying to keep James dam the broncos are dumb as hell for paying him that much.

    1. Author

      Wow, has your crack dealer changed his dosage? I can’t name one game where Parker was productive, let alone one season.
      In 2016, he averaged 40 yards per game. Zzzzzzzz

      1. On a team that threw the ball the second least amount in the league he put up 744 yards and 4 touchdowns as the second receiver. So if you really think that’s awful with Ryan Tannehill as the QB I’m gonna say your the one on crack.

        1. Author

          Okay, you can say I’m on crack. But I do not call 4 touchdowns productive.
          Listen, we can tease each other, but the common enemy to unite against continues to be Stephen Ross.
          He fired Gase and then told us that he won’t try the same old things again. Then he went out and tried the same old things again.

          1. Man I like Devante lol I always have. I know he has disappointed but I think it’s been coaching and lack luster QB play that has contributed to that more than anything. Plus if he sucks by mid season Miami just cuts him and loses nothing.

            1. Aside from lack of production,he gets injured looking at his shadow,which just tackled him,because I don’t remember him EVER breaking a tackle,specially for good size receiver. How many games has ske been injured and not been on the active roster. AND,how many games has she BEEN on the active roster and not played or played a handful of plays. Has she missed 2seasons worth of games?

  7. We play better when he IS hurt. 3-0 without him to start the season. He comes back, his agent makes a big fuss, and we go 4-9 rest of way

    1. He played in the raiders game then wasn’t active till the Texans game but ok.

    2. Actually he even made a big play in the raiders game catching a 35 yard pass on a drive Miami scored on.

  8. I’m willing to give Parker somewhat of a pass due to Gases idiocy but I won’t give him a pass for being a puss and I can’t stand the lack of effort. If you need a yard lunge for it don’t run out of bounds!!! That’s an embarrassment to not only the Fins but the game itself. Otherwise if you are tanking may as well keep some deadweight….who knows maybe new coaches smack him straight…

  9. I think you’re right FINSFAN27 when you said this concerning Parker, “I think it’s been coaching and lack luster QB play that has contributed to that more than anything.”

    Look at Ted Ginn Jr., he looks like a new man since leaving the Dolphins.

    1. It’s a little bit of that but he does not play hard and fight for a first down when it’s needed. Now maybe Gase pissed him off or something I guess we will find out…

      1. People can be mad with the Dolphins for keeping Parker but really, do anyone think that Parker will be a starter?

  10. Shocked at some of you guys remote defending Parker at all. He’s a waste. Titans just gave Cameron Wake 3 years after all his loyalty and sack totals. Who do the Dolphins reward?? Devantee Parker

    1. Love Wake but that’s a bad deal he’s almost done. 3rd down guy now… I do love him but let’s be realistic.

      1. Agreed,1 trick pony now. Loyalty means little when you take a roster spot for 15 plays per game.

    2. Wake prolly wanted to leave, why end your career with a rebuild? I thought he would sign with a contender but I guess he couldn’t turn down that much money. 23 mil over 3 years is nuts do they really think he will be effective at 40

      1. George Foreman won the heavy weight championship in boxing at the age of 45.

      2. Its ridiculous there’s no way that the Fins should have matched wake or James let them go… they are better to find guys who are younger and cheaper build from there.

  11. Don’t we wish we were the Browns now!!!!

    1. It’s taken them a long long time I want no part of that I’m hoping that the Fins show promise next year and constant improvement every year after!

      1. If we improve 2-3 wins per season until we make the playoffs assuming 3-4 wins next season,hopefully less, AND win a playoff game,I’m happy. I may not live that long though.

      2. “The Browns went from 0-16 to looking like a playoff team in just 14 short months partly because they aren’t building their team in fear”.

        1. Don’t forget the decade of purgatory for the browns this rebuild didn’t happen as fast as you’d like to believe… we need the Fins to retool sooner than that! It can happen as they already have a decent foundation. Solid LT, decent WR’s, decent RB’s, decent DT’s young anyway, a couple of young LB’s, shutdown CB, a few S’s….not a horrible start….

  12. Forget Parker, I’m really waiting to see what the Dolphins do at the quarterback position.

    1. Have to fix the lines and yes it would be nice to find a QB this year or even next year would be fine… not an easy task.

      1. Rosen for a 2nd rounder or less.

        1. Sign Tyrod Taylor. His contract won’t be that much, and I never understood why he got such a bad rap on a bad Bills team.

          1. He cant stop throwing to the other team. Tyrod sucks period.

            1. Agreed say no to Taylor. It wouldn’t be the worst bridge if you want to lose hahah!

          2. His parents named him after an automobile front suspension part. That’s enough reason alone.

  13. And Bilgewater would rather be a backup than come here. Ouch.

    1. Yeah, backup Brees and potentially get a super bowl ring at the end of next year…. I’d do that too.

      1. Poor/ignorant career move if all he cares about is a ring and not a career.

        1. Exactly no balls which means I don’t want him on the Fins. Find someone who is hungry for the opportunity and will give it his all…

    2. Teddy want to be on an established team with an established coach at this stage in his career. He probably does not want a rebuild with an unproven coach.

      1. He’s scared… obviously he wouldn’t have been the right guy. Nice and comfortable being a backup to Brees…no thanks. I was hoping that Bridgewater would have been excited to have an opportunity instead he’s a doe….

        Glazer made a good point smart teams wait until the chaos ends then fill in holes with good decently priced players. Do not overpay for headlines. Hopefully Fins make the right moves…

        1. Author

          Teddy B makes sense if we wanted to compete in 2019. I’ll have an upcoming column on this soon.
          2018 had some horrendous injuries, poor QB play, and two incompetent play callers on both offense and defense.
          Did we really need to purge so many talented players, while keep that lump of shit named Devante Parker? More to come.

          1. Talented ? Lol who James? He got overpaid, Wake? He got overpaid, what other talent has left Miami ?

            1. Author

              Perhaps our leading rusher AND our leading receiver.
              Both gone.

              1. Lmao frank gore and Danny Amendola two guys in their mid 30s.

                1. IF anything James was the guy to keep but definitely not at that price. The oline doesn’t give me much confidence although the patsies have proven that with good coaching you can stabilize it enough to get the job done. I’d just rather the Fins be able to add a money position first round like DE or CB but now they may not be able to….

  14. Author

    TYROD is off the market. San Diego wanted him.

    1. Good Miami should be drafting a QB anyway Tyrod and Bridgewater suck, look at Bridgewaters career stats he only has like 3 more touchdowns than interceptions for this entire career

      1. Author

        Agreed. I didn’t want Tyrod

        1. Josh Rosen could be in play to, no teams left that would trade for him other than Miami and the giants.

          1. I’d add the patsies and they have draft ammo although they aren’t as desperate as the Fins. I’d give Rosen a shot especially if it was a 3rd and something next year why not try him out. Otherwise it’s looking like they simply renegotiate Tanny for a few more years and let him back up the eventual starter. Better than some of those other tools out there unless they just want to lose?

  15. Cameron Wolfe ESPN Staff Writer
    Can’t hurt:

    Dolphins have agreed to 1-year deal with former Patriots CB Eric Rowe, per source. He’s expected to compete for a spot in Miami’s CB rotation and possibly as a starter opposite Pro Bowler Xavien Howard. Key for Rowe will be staying healthy. He’s played just 12 games over the last two seasons, and 21 over the last three due to injuries. Miami desperately needed CB depth, and Rowe has the size and experience to add that for them.

    1. Author

      A one year deal during a rebuild means that they are going to run him out there and make him play till he pukes, so that Xavien can take a lot of plays off and not hurt himself in the long run.

      1. True but if he plays well then Miami can sign him for the long term if not whatever no dead money will be lost.

  16. Fins have some leverage at least:

    Field Yates


    Source: as part of his restructured deal that now runs through 2020, Dolphins WR Devante Parker agreed to reduce his base salary from $9.387M to $3.5M. Miami creates north of $4.5M in cap space, while Parker’s deal suggests he has to earn his roster spot this summer.

  17. Author

    3.5 million dollars or 3 dollars, it’s still too much for Parker !

  18. Wait a minute….looks like Teddy B is visiting the Dolphins now!

    1. Author

      Wait, what!?
      If true, he’s probably bluffing to get more money from the Saints !

      1. Maybe he read my comment and is ready to man up. Let’s go Bridgewater prove me wrong I’d like him and a rookie QB to groom. Best man wins! Sign him tonight Grier….

        1. Looks like Bridgewater isn’t man enough to handle starting for an NFL team…what a waste of potential. He’ll ride the bench in NO what a loser….

          1. Loser? I guess you could assign every player or coach that came to town for an interview with the Dolphins and left without signing a contract some kind of derogatory label.

            But life does teach us, “you can’t always get what you want.”

            1. Teddy brilliantly used the Dolphins as leverage to make the saints give him more money.

              1. That’s why these guys have agents.

            2. Most players don’t leave Miami to sit on the bench with hopes that a hall of famer will eventually retire and be handed a starting job with I may add no guarantee that someone else may end up receiving said job. In my opinion it’s pure stupidity not to take a starting NFL QB job to show your wares unless he’s either scared or a loser. After hearing this I don’t want him and I’m sure 90% of the teams would not sign him next year especially if he sits another year in his prime…

              1. You, FLYERFINFAN, don’t want him? I didn’t want the Dolphins to sign Jay Cutler, but they did. As far as Bridgewater being scared, this is professional football you know, and Bridgewater is basically just coming off of an injury from playing in the NFL. After an injury, I don’t blame these players for weighing the odds against receiving another injury that could be season or career ending or playing it safe if one can get it that way and getting paid as much they can doing it.

                1. Yes knowing that he’s scared of injury or proving to the world that he can be a starting QB there’s no way I take a guy to be my leader. He obviously has no confidence or is in it only for the money. Why would anyone want that in your starting QB. Backup sure but not starting. It’s a shame as I would have loved to see him come here or anywhere else for that matter and show the world what he can do. Otherwise it’s a horrible decision to sit a year during your prime when you have opportunities. I’m my opinion only losers do that..

                  1. These players don’t have to be in a game to get hurt, a lot of them get hurt in practice even before the start if season, so avoiding an injury is not guaranteed. And I don’t understand your premise that Bridgewater is “scared of an injury” when he’s already been through one? Face it, you’re not in anyone of these NFL player’s shoes, so it’s easy for you to surmise a conclusion about one of these player’s motivations. But whatever you wanna think, Bridgewater is getting paid for the choice he made.

                    1. I played sports my whole life for free because I loved the games. If a starting role came up I tried my hardest to get it…I didn’t go to the bench instead. That’s enough for me to not want players on my team with that attitude. You should be hungry and especially after that injury he should want it even more but instead took the cushy back up role with no definite future. Think what you want but that’s my take….sorry to hurt your feelings.

  19. The Dolphins had the chance last year to get Lamar Jackson… and what did Jackson do?.. just become rookie of the year last season. Gase, like Tony Sporano did with Chad Henne, basically placed his future with the Dolphins on Tannehill. I haven’t heard anything about the Dolphins cutting Osweiler or Kiko Alonso. If the Dolphins are serious about roster rebuilding, then let these two mediocre players go. Miami has a chance to get one of these QB’s in the first round of this year’s draft – Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock, and Daniel Jones. If Miami goes defense first, then my choices would be – Mack Wilson, LB, Brian Burns, edge rusher, Devin White, LB, Gerald Willis, DT, (I know he’s projected to go probably in the third round but I have a sneaky suspension the Steelers, as always, have their eyes on a very good Hurricanes defensive player), Jachai Polite, edge rusher, Montez Sweat, edge rusher, and Dexter Lawrence, DL.

    I know that wouldn’t be everybody’s choices but, I think the Dolphins will do okay with any pick on my list.

    1. I don’t think that they want to tank it looks like they are getting rid of old injured players. New guys may not be as good but they are young and cheap with potential. I don’t mind this. If things align you never know this could be a quick turn around… like admin said the team wasn’t that bad there is some skill here…

  20. I like Jachai Polite. The Dolphins need a player like him after cutting Wake.

  21. Looks like we’re going to get Bottles or Fitzpatrick so we can tank! Officially now in a full rebuild!!!

    1. Or they go after Rosen. Too bad they couldn’t get more for Tanny but I guess something is better than nothing. There must of been something more to this as some older players seemed happy that he was traded. Otherwise why not keep him for another year as the bridge if that’s your plan?

      If Rosen isn’t a go I’d probably take Bortles as maybe a new environment could work. If anything he can run…for…his…life…behind that line.

      1. Hey FFF, you can’t hurt my feelings, nor Bridgewater’s, because he’s getting paid more money this up coming season than you’ve probably seen in your lifetime!

        1. You may be correct but I can call him a coward for not taking a shot at least try to become a legit NFL starter. It’s his choice but I disagree when you have an opportunity seize it!

          1. Bridgewater did have a choice and seized the opportunity. Who knows, this could be Brees’s last season.

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