Lions Hire Dan Campbell as Head Coach

Just for fun, here are some of my columns from when he was named our head coach:


Some initial thoughts on the new coach

Fights at Practice and fights at Dolphins Truth

Dolphins and Dolfans need to give Dan Campbell a chance



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  1. I honestly think he will be a solid coach. I thought he did a decent job with an overall crap roster that he inherited from Philbin and might not have been ready for the full time gig yet but after a few years learning from Sean Payton he has a chance to be good coach. Or maybe I am biased because I just liked being able to say well my head coach can beat up your head coach? Lol

  2. It’s hard to believe these posts were from five years ago. How time flies. But I believe Campbell will be a very good coach for the Lions. A former player who can relate well to his players. I wish we could have kept him in Miami in some way but I think he had sour grapes by losing out to Gase.

    1. Turns out Campbell did not lose out to Gase, we did.

  3. Author

    Also saw the latest rumor of the Dolphins giving up Tua, 2 first-round picks, plus Xavien Howard for DeShaun Watson. Remind me again about Watson’s Super Bowl wins? His MVP awards? Anything?

    1. Yeah as much as I’m not on team Tua, throwing in X is way too steep a price for me.

      1. Author

        Agreed for sure. It’s too early for me to jump off team Tua, but I’m not gonna defend him for 10 years like many Lion fans defend Stafford or falcon fans defend Ryan. They’re good dependable QBs, but they are not elite superstars.

  4. Supposedly Stafford will be moving on from Detroit… I’d be very tempted to explore that… Would immediately make Miami a contender in my mind for MUCH less than Watson due to his age and would allow Tua to continue to develop which it’s clear is needed. Thoughts?

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