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2019 is a wasted season.    We will now get a shitty draft pick.

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  1. Yup wasted season is right ….and for all the guys that hated on us for wanting to tank …..I hope your happy with 4 wins …..its just enough to put us out of the great player pick …so ya it was a waste of a season ….cant even tank right …tough being a Dolphin fan .

    1. Definitely with ya Larry. As admin says, the win has zero benefit

  2. Shit! Now we’re going to win!

    1. Author

      I was at the game live. I left at the 2-minute warning, up 16. Got a text from our read Sean telling me the Bengals tied it. I was so happy. Burrow was in reach. But no. Alas, th Dolphins can’t even blow a 16-point lead correctly.

  3. Bye bye Joe burro. Bye bye Chase Young. Hello boring offensive tackle

    1. If they would have lost I believe they would have been 2nd. After the colossal choke it should have been. The question now comes if Tua is there when they pick do you take him? I think that they could as they still have Rosen as the backup plan to hedge. Worst case edge rusher or oline can’t really go wrong either way.

      1. I’m all in on fitz for another year. Can anyone say he doesn’t deserve the job?

        1. It just feels like a dead end with Fitz. If they are grooming someone along the way or building the team up for when they find their QB sure it can make sense.

          On another note in the chat we discussed that all is not lost here. The team has found players. Quite a few will be sticking around either as starters or backups or ST. Will expedite the rebuild with the more talent found now as the draft isn’t perfect. Would be nice to go through the roster and IR to see who is legitimate for the future. I bet it’s more than we think.

          1. You’re right, and there are some great surprises on the roster. But depriving them of a franchise-changing stud next season will slow their development. That’s exactly what Flores did today.
            Jumping from 15th in the draft to 18th is not a big deal. But going from 2nd to 5th? Monumental difference

  4. Looks like we’ll be at 5th or 6th now. Bengals Lions Skins Giants Dolphins. Or the Cards might get ahead of us too.
    The Bengals will win at home vs Cleveland next week, meaning that there #1 overall pick would have been ours if only Flores played his cards right
    Instead, we got an ugly, meaningless win that we barely deserved.

  5. 5th right now unless giants duck under somehow. Stupid lions can’t win now that’s a kick to the crotch. Zona has a game on Miami winning today. Just watch the patsies lay down next week…

    1. Lions (correctly so) are barely trying. They want Chase Young badly and they did everything right to earn him. Flores, on the other hand, does everything wrong.

  6. Well if they are now picking 5th or 6th …I say trade that pick maybe 4 or 5 back and get ammo like a 1st for 2021 so we can finally after 25 years draft a qb….Tua to me is damaged goods …so trade back and suck for another year lol for Trevor Lawrence.

  7. All starts with Ross. Sets up the team to lose this year but then allows his head coach to say No. a powerful owner who cares about winning in the long run would have put his foot down, but instead Ross lets the inmates run the asylum

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