Live Comments and Chat during Dolphins Jaguars game

We’re experimenting with our new live Chatroom, and the link should be on the far right of each page.   Should start around around 4:15 if anyone cares to join.

It requires an initial Sign Up, so just enter a user name and password.   You don’t need to list your email address or anything like that.

The chatroom isn’t complete and might have a glitch or two, so feel free to comment on this article in real time.

Meanwhile, The Patriot offense rolled over Pittsburgh last week and is now decimating the Bils.  They look more unstoppable than ever.    They brutalized two of the best defenses in the conference.

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  1. Author

    Chat not quite working. Dolphins D forgot to show up again. Terrible first drive. Just awful

    1. I expected better than this. I thought the team was disappointed with their performance last week. This is not redemption.

    2. I mentioned last week how Philbin keeps electing to kickoff after winning the coin toss with the same result almost every time. The defense is very rusty and slow starting every game, so electing to put this defense on the field first is not a good move for this team.

  2. We’ve got major issues if we can’t beat the Jags by at least 10+ points.

  3. Welcome to 3rd down on what was a nice drive.

    1. Philbin looked way too satisfied to have that 3-pointer; but that’s nothing new.

  4. WTF is going on here? Is it our defensive coaching??

  5. Is anyone able to get on chat?

    1. No – chat’s not working for me either.

  6. Author

    Not the coaching….just some sloppy playing. McCain getting burned in coverage

    1. Hm. Well that’s pretty darn sloppy then.

  7. Author

    We are LUCKY to be only down 10-3

  8. Author

    Sorry about chat. I know you guys can’t get in. I switched to Chrome browser on laptop and finally worked for me.

  9. Author

    Are you able to get in chat and type message, but then not see the messages?

    1. When I click chat from my Chrome browser I get a continuously loading circle icon.

    2. I’m good with my fin fans on here if can’t is not working. 3 and out. Bortles and Jags looking like they WANT to win. Kong Suh catch the plane? Or is his still in Miami. Hasn’t showed
      up at stadium yet.

  10. Author

    Tannehill looking awful. Lol at Steve Tasker said Tannehill is ACCURATE?????

    1. Yeah, not sure what he means or where he’s getting that.

  11. Author

    On the right side of the chat window, there’s a little globe icon or two. One of them should get you into. Dolphins truth chat

  12. Author

    Did we actually just force a punt??

  13. So much for all of that blabber (both the players & coaches) about starting better than they did last week VS. the skins !

    1. Author

      Great point AJ. Hey, try to join the chat

  14. Anyone else think this offense looks less explosive than last year? I mean I don’t see any push up front and we don’t really have a legit deep threat (stills isn’t doing much)

      1. I really hope suh gets up and is fine but if he doesn’t this is exactly why I hated the signing. You can’t tie up that much money on one person in the modern day NFL unless it’s a QB.

  15. Try to get on chat but the icon just spins and nothing happens Using my iPad but don’t think that matters.
    Are my eyes deceiving me or do they look like they are getting paid a ton of money for playing like crap!

    1. Author

      Yeah, sorry. This chat doesn’t work with i-devices. I tried fixing it yesterday

  16. I can’t get on the chat with my iPad either, and no, your eyes are working fine, the fins ALWAYS play down to the crappy level of their opponents, ALWAYS. You can bank on it !

    1. Author

      Yep, the worse the opponent the worse the Philbin

  17. Why would Philbin blow that time out and not take the 10 seconds instead?
    Missed field goal….

    1. Ok- Just shoot me now. No I’m going to drown myself. But I’m going to put bleach in my veins first, bec that pain is less than watching this mess!!

    2. Author

      Those ten seconds runoff would have helped us, and hurt Jax. So of course Jphilbin does the wrong thing

      1. There was no logic to that decision to burn the timeout instead of the 10 seconds. What could Philbin have possibly been thinking?

  18. Quesy Joe always does the wrong thing, and like I’ve read elsewhere, the team usually takes on the personality of its HC, which (in short) means were Screwed !

  19. Thank god management gave tanny a nice contract he’s all we got lol

    1. Stone burner!!!! I will say Tannehill did a nice job on that.

  20. Author

    Yes, great pass. And a smart catch squeezing it tight on way down

  21. But it’s still hard to not keep thinking that its the Jax (Effin) Jags we are playing here, not some great NFL powerhouse.

    1. Author

      Yep, Blake bottles looking like Brady

      1. Clorox is my bleach of choice so you know what I injected.

    1. Penalized more yards than a football field. My son went to Marist so nice to see a small college produce two players. Of course, Myers just booted 3 Pts for the lead. But the bad is totally on the Dolphins.
      Can you say we lost to the ….Jags? Bortles and his team out played us, out smarted us.
      I might add Draino to the IV-just to make sure.

  22. I predict a 5-11 season and a philbin extension

  23. No run support, a myriad of penalties, no pressure on a qb whose team gave up five sacks week one, and as usual suspect coaching but I ‘ll have to listen to a a bunch of morons who call themselves football fans blame the qb all week.

    1. Author

      Gang, we have a lot of blame to go around this week, but Tannehill is oblivious in that pocket. A few blindsides are not his fault, but those bulrushes up the middle where his feet are cemented to the ground kill us. A LOT of that is coaching’s fault. Good things happen when he rolls out. But when he stays firmly in the pocket and cannot squirm around a rusher to get himself more time? All him.
      But many non-Tannehill blame is coming tonight as I watch the tape and give blame where it’s due. And yes, the o line will be on that list…and the guys who didn’t get our O-line any help in the offseason. Why get us a new lineman when we can draft a benchwarmers in Round One

  24. Should have some money to spend next year because there is no way you can justify giving Vernon a 10mil plus contract. Pass rushing being at a premium or not he is simply not worth it. Belicheck would demote him for dumb ish he did today.

  25. Think about this- this is only the 10th game Jax has won in its last 50! Seriously, how do we lose to this team?

    Here’s how- an unbalanced, pass happy offense that keeps the QB 5-6 yards right behind the center like a sitting duck- no roll outs, nothing.

    A defense that still can’t stop the run early in games, can’t get pressure on the QB, and a secondary that gets called for cheap penalties away from the ball.

    Is it just me, or is this the same exact team we’ve seen for 3 straight years- as long as Philbin and Coyle have been here. What have they done to deserve their jobs? And let’s throw Lazor in there too. He was nothing but a QB coach in Philly, never called plays, nothing. Where is the high powered, up tempo offense?? Scoring 20 points a game is going to get you 7-9 every year.

  26. I’m all for boarding the fire Philbin bandwagon. I’m at my wit’s end with his terrible game management and Coyle’s atrcocious defensive gameplans. He hardly ever schemes to take away a team’s best offensive player.

  27. Vernon should go next year or trade him this year for anything. He’s doing nothing with one on one blocking and that was just the most riiiitarded shit I’ve ever seen at that time of the game.

    Anyway I’m not going to completely lose it next week is the key to the season we knew this before it all started. If you can’t beat the bills at home you are done. Just have a shot boys…

  28. Tannehill never performs in the 4th quarter. Comeback wins are non existent . Bottles did what he had to do and Tannehill didn’t. Just sayin.

  29. It’s kinda hard to do anything in the 4th quarter when you’re running for your life up against 2nd and 20 every possession of that quarter due to holding penalties like he was yesterday. You might wanna actually watch the game to see what happened before you comment. Just sayin.

  30. Yeah James probably had his worst game of his career and Albert keeps going down. Surprisingly the G’s have been decent.

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