Man, it’s been a slow summer…

There’s been nothing but nothing to write about.  Not even a rumor.

But like I’ve said for years, this time of year, no news is good news.   If there’s a Dolphin story in June or July, it usually only means someone got arrested or else someone blew out their ACL.

By the way, Dion Jordan got suspended again in May.    Jonathan Martin quit.   Now there’s a couple of impressive Dolphin draft picks, eh?

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  1. To go along with our current bust,Charles Harris. I keep seeing TannenBUM on the ESPN NFL Today and it is sickening that they give that absolute failure a contract. guess the bar is pretty low but at least Dianna Russini is an upgrade over Wendi Nix.

  2. Author

    I had to google those names myself! I will miss Lauren Tannehill

    1. Admin calls it right…whenever a Dolphin is in the news in the off-season, it’s bad news.
      Poor kid. Was he a practice squander?

      1. Signed off of Carolinas practice squad. 7th round pick in 2018.

        1. Yeah feel bad he was probably heading to work out or something as it was early morning. Tragic I hope he can lead a relatively normal life after.

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