Miami Dolphins Offense Shows reasons to worry as Philbin’s inept coaching shines

It’s no secret that Joe Philbin is the worst coach in the NFL.  During Saturday’s game at Carolina, he proved it once again.

Rather than than accept a second and goal from the Carolina 2-inch line, Philbin instead made a move to give the Panthers the ball at their own 20.

Philbin keeps his mouth shut, and the Dolphins go up 21-0.  Philbin tries to be cute, and we lose the game.

A confident leader, or a confused old man who simply does not know basic football strategy?

Sadly, his rationale had nothing to do with this being a meaningless scrimmage again; instead, Clueless Joe thought it was the right call.  Dolphin fans are very accustomed to this.  Carolina fans simply said thanks Joe.  It’s not a horrible risk if you’re trying to get the six points and it’s 4th down.  You have nothing to lose.

But if Philbin didn’t challenge, we had 2nd and inches…and more than likely get the six points anyway.

Even if you DO wanna consider a challenge, at least watch the replay BEFORE you throw the red flag.  BEFORE.   You can watch the play and watch Damien Williams obviously fumble the ball.  We all saw it.  Joey P didn’t. We were about to get away with murder, because the refs didn’t see the fumble.  But Joey decided to help the refs.

Philbin joked about his decision and said he has to learn from his mistakes.  But he never does.  Defensive timeouts.  Thinking Caleb Sturgis can hit 50+ yarders.   Calling pass plays on third and inches.  Philbin has made the same errors for years, and never learns.  And the saddest part is that Stephen Ross doesn’t require him to learn.

Why should Joe Philbin learn basic football strategy when his boss gives him millions and millions of dollars, win or lose?

The funniest line of the weekend came from the Herald’s Adam Beasly, who said Philbin’s mistake was “out of character.”   LMAO.

Apparently, Adam has never seen a Dolphin game.  Philbin mistakes are a dime a dozen…not out of character.  Dolphins Truth will pat itself on the back here for bringing our fans honest analysis.  The Herald writers just say nice things about Philbin.

Yeah, Adam.  Philbin is pretty much a perfect coach and this is his first mistake ever.  You just have to laugh at that nonsense.

A lot of writers and Dolfans are raving about the first-team offense.  Last week we got a touchdown.   This week we got two.

But there are major problems.   The O-line can’t open up any run blocking.  Our backs are getting dumped for losses just as often as they gain.

Tannehill got nailed from behind and fumbled.

Matt Moore got nailed from behind and fumbled.

Tannehill’s long passes still aren’t accurate.

Both last week and this week, we only scored because the opponent defense gave us a free first down inside the five.  AND we had to go for it on 4th down.  Counting last week in Chicago and Saturday at Carolina, the first team offense ran 14 plays inside the 10 yardline and got only two touchdowns.  TDs are nice, but going for it on 4th down is not a realistic regular-season scenario.   If these games counted, Philbin kicks a field goal in both instances.

The turnovers are killing us.

Josh Freeman’s interception is possibly the worst pass I’ve ever seen in my life.

The spread formations are getting far too frequent.  It won’t take defensive coordinators long to counter it.

Long story short:  Our offense is not dominant, and its problems can’t be hidden.

Our defense looks strong so far, but not dominant.  The secondary is banged up but still held its own. Jamar Taylor actually played well in my opinion, and I’ve been his biggest critic.  We’ll monitor Taylor’s injury and keep you posted.

I haven’t seen any of the 2015 draft choices on either side of the ball do much of anything, and that could be troubling.   These kids have to be better than the guys they replaced, and I’m not seeing that yet.



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  1. @Admin

    I certainly feel your pain! The OLine still cant open any running lanes or protect Tannehill for more then 2.5 seconds on most plays. Our guards suck and its unfathomable that the Dolphins haven’t done ANYTHING to correct that.

    If we can’t run the ball and just line up in spread formations all year its going to be a long losing frustrating season!

    The Defense showed some grit we haven’t seen in sometime with that goal line stand and we defiantly haven’t seen many big gainers up the gut which was a staple of last years collapse which is a positive sign. As for the secondary? The jury is still out and it remains to see who will still be healthy come the regular season.

    I have only attened one practice this year but Tanahill threw three really nice deep balls that I saw and his throw to Camron that would have been a TD if he had pulled it in was right on the hands. I don’t think Brady could have put that ball on him any better.

    But no matter what, as you pointed out were going nowhere with Philbin as our coach. Even if we do make the playoffs how is Philbin going to match up to the top 11 coaches in the league?

    Did you hear the exchange before the game between Philbin and Rivera (I’m not saying Rivera is a great coach. IMO he is competent though) Philbin sounded like he was miles out of his depth stammering around like an idiot and then the game started and he confirmed as much!

    Very frustrating but at lest football is back!

    1. Author

      “Did you hear the exchange before the game…”
      I definitely heard that and I thought the same exact way you did. I can’t believe someone else noticed, and that is a sign of what good Dolfans my readers are. Philbin is so outclassed and outcoached each week, and we sort of see this in his personality when he was talking to Rivera. They were basically just saying “Have a good game and nice to practice with you this week.” But Rivera was doing the talking, and Philbin was just like “uh huh. Uh, yeah. okay.” I know this is exaggerrating, but it truly looked like Philbin forgot that the Dolphins and Panthers had practiced together all week. Philbin was lost in a friendly conversation…just imagine how lost he is during real important mid-game conversations.
      I think Philbin is comfortable and confident talking to reporters after each Dolphin loss because he doesn’t think reporters know anything and Philbin, therefore, thinks he is the brightest football mind in the room. But when he gets around other people and coaches who DO know football, even Philbin himself knows his limitations, and his confidence just disappears and the stupid decisions appear…

  2. Looks like Joe is in mid-season form already. *sigh*

    1. Author

      *Sigh*, indeed.
      Did you guys notice how Ron Rivera took his 3rd string QB aside and taught him the rule about going out of bounds with the ball? He actually explained a rule to a young player. Has anyone ever seen Philbin do this? Ever?

  3. The OL has been the brightest spot of the preseason. Everyone is raving about how Dallas Thomas is playing. Just saying.

  4. @Anthony

    ….and they say what a good coach Philbin is and how out of character his being dumb is

    As for the OL they its doing well because Tannahill isn’t laying on his back much but they overlook the fact that he has about 2.8 seconds to throw the ball (He had plenty of time on the strip sack though. He just held it to long) on most plays and on half the running plays the other night the runners were hit in the back field or at the line more often then not.

    When you can’t run out of the backfield it really hurts this offense because the only thing they seem to do other then that is get in the spread formation and throw it 3 – 15 yards (usually closer to 3yards) and good coaches can game play that away!

    1. Author

      Yeah, the super-quick passes are making the line look good. It’s like how New England beat Seattle in the Super Bowl. Best pass rush in the world can’t get to Brady if he dinked and dunked it all day long to little Julie Edelmann. That is the way the modern NFL offense has evolved. But when it’s time to run the ball, you see how bad our line is.

    2. Miller averaged 5.1 yds /carry out of the backfield with this OL. Very good numbers.

  5. Author

    And I’m sick of hearing how great Damien Williams is. The guy fumbled the ball, untouched, out of the endzone.
    Last year in the second Pats game, he dropped an easy touchdown. His running is adequate, but his mistakes are huge killers. I’d prefer to see Gillislee and James get some more snaps. Willimas is a walking disaster.

  6. So why does idiot Ross keep Philbin when he is so clueless?

  7. Guys…. let’s not get all negative… it’s the PRESEASON… I’ll be the first to bash Philbin & the OL but let’s just see how things pan out.

    1. How can you not be negative when we haven’t won a playoff game this century and we have clowns running the circus?

  8. @Anthony

    That just about nails it!!!!!

  9. Win or lose can’t even enjoy a dolphin game unless ya just have to have a lot of heart for the dolphins bull shit coaches and players regardless of this or that or what the hell or why did ya do that for play. Are ya ready for some football……dolphin style of play? Go get em flipper!!!!

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