Most Frustrating Issues about the Patriots’ Win

When Pete Carroll handed a free Super Bowl to the Patriots a few years ago, Dan Quinn was standing right next to him.   Of all the people on earth who would learn from Carroll’s mistake, you’d think it would be Dan Quinn.  Wrong.

From that fateful moment, you would think that Dan Quinn’s over-riding motivation in life would be, “If I ever get a chance to win a Super Bowl, I vow to never make the same horrendous mistake as Pete Carroll.”    Quinn not only made the same mistake once.  He made it twice.   In the 4th quarter, no less.

He had a 16-point lead with 7+ minutes left, facing a 3rd and inches.   He allowed a pass play.

He also had an 8-point lead with 3+ minutes left, inside of chipshot field goal range.  He allowed a pass play.

If Quinn would have learned from the Pete Carroll fiasco in either of those cases, the Falcons would be world champions today.   Instead, you know what happened.

To me, those insane play calls were the most frustrating part of the Super Bowl.  But there are more.

The old saying is that if you “play not to lose, you lose.”   Somehow, calling a rushing play became synonymous with “playing not to lose” so much, that certain coaches bought into it.  Carroll and Quinn certainly did.  They feel that ramming a ball down the opponents throat is playing not to lose, so they call passing plays in the most obvious rushing scenarios ever.     You have a 16-point lead with 7+ minutes left, needing only inches to keep the clock moving?   You call a rush.   That is not playing to lose.   That is winning a Super Bowl.

It’s frustrating that we now have to watch Edelmman’s “miracle” catch, as they are calling it.  Instead of calling it like it truly was:  He saw the ball resting on some dude’s leg, and he grabbed it.   Luck, yes.  Miracle, huh?  We’ll have to watch that play a million times, when it should be Brady’s pick 6 that we remember as the play of the day.

It’s frustrating that Matt Ryan reverted to his choke label, turning in a terrible 4th quarter when everyone in the world was watching.  He had a reputation for choking in the big games, and boy did he prove no one wrong.   The sack-fumble was first, and that one hurt.  Ryan was absolutely oblivious, fading back as if he thought a pass rush was against the rules.  Yes, the lineman missed his block, but guess what?  Linemen miss blocks all the time.   You have to always expect it in the back of your mind.  Ryan expected nothing.  And because of his fumble and Dan Quinn’s pass play, the Patriots suddenly only had to march 30 yards.

The second sack did not result in the a fumble, but still Matt Ryan choked badly.  How could he not expect the rush?  How could he not throw the ball away, or at least lunge forward to keep the team in field goal range?  These were both incredible mental errors from Matty Iceberg, and his team lost because of it.

It’s frustrating that the Falcon defense gave up 5 touchdowns (if you count the two-point conversions as TDs that New England had to score) in the last 17 minutes or so of game time.  They shifted into a mini-prevent defense, and it showed.  They also were exhausted from being on the field all day, and by the time that overtime came around, they were dead.  In all my years of covering the Patriots, I never saw an easier drive than the overtime TD drive.

Listening to Patriots fans today is no picnic either.  These morons actually think their team earned the victory, instead of realizing how incredibly lucky they are to have faced two of the most stupidest coaches in sports history in their last two Super Bowls.   Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer simply gave away championships, and there are no two ways about it.

Am I missing anything?  What are you guys frustrated by?

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  1. I couldn’t of said it any better …its mindboggling…all Atlanta had to do was hand the ball off because they were already in FG range but nooooo…then Patsies would of needed 2 scores and there wouldn’t be enough time to do that …bonehead decision …after that I thought I was going to puke I have to listen to N.E. fans the next month …or has brady

    1. Author

      Frustrating, because Atlanta ran it on first down and lost a yard…STILL in field goal range, however. but offensive goat Kyle Shanahan said, “So now we had to pass it to get back into field goal range.”
      They were already at the 23 yardline !!! It just shows you how stupid coaches can be. So little of this loss is because of the players. It was inept playcalling that doomed Atlanta.

  2. Yeah it was a lesson on “what not to do” when you’re up by 16 points in a championship game. I only hope our beloved Dolphins coaching staff was taking notes and hopefully learned a little more about a division rival. Oh well maybe 10 years from now, when Brady is doing broadcasting, our beloved team will win another super bowl.

    1. @Admin

      We have talked so much about this it seems like were beating a dead horse here! However it seems fashionable to try to play trick football now in the NFL. You hear it all the time about how teams disguise their defense and disguise their receivers routes.

      It’s all BS line your guys up and lets see who makes plays. That sounds old school but the teams that do that seem to have more success.

      The Cowboys come to mind. Baltimore comes to mind (although they weren’t to good this year) the Patriots certainly come to mind. ect.

      These coaches (gase included) think they have to outsmart the other coach but that is rarely the case on game day. Out coach other coaches every day of the week getting your guys ready to play and on Sunday go out and run for the 3 yards when they know your going to run and beat them!

      How many times have the Patriots had 3rd and 1? A ton right? Who here knows what play they will run every time on 3 and 1?
      Everyone of us know its a QB sneak
      I think the Patriots convert everyone of them.
      They arn’t tricking anyone they simply go out, play their game and beat you.

      If Atlanta had done that they would be SB champs but they didn’t because they have bought into the Lime Light of trick coaching thinking thats how Shula and Belecheck became great coaches!

      What a joke!

      1. Author

        Been saying that for years, my friend. 3rd and one and Brady will sneak it.
        In the Super Bowl, it stings even more because the Falcons didn’t even need to gain that yard. They simply needed to kill clock. Time was the Patriots’ enemy because the Falcons weren’t their enemy at all in that 4th quarter.
        The strip-sack-fumble with 7 minutes left is the play that haunts more far more than the later series when Atlanta was at the 22.

    1. Author

      Brian, I am interested in your thoughts on this. You and many others have commented about the whole Goodell-Brady subplot in all of this. Personally, I didn’t care one bit. Roger Goodell suspends players all the time. For various reasons from drug usage, crimes, deflating footballs of course, domestic violence, etc. There were many players on many teams over the years who won Super Bowls after being suspended. To me it’s no big deal. The Patriots used illegal balls, and Tom Brady destroyed his text messages to the team’s ball handler. He sat out his suspension and came back. I honestly don’t see any drama or anything here. What’s your take on all this intrigue??

      1. @Admin

        For me the This is just like the Wells report. If you read the wells report there isn’t any “evidence” of someone violating league policy or committing a crime yet capital punishment was forced on us for circumstantial “facts”

        Same with deflategate.

        Now you will read into the report whatever you want usually based on your opinion of NE but the fact of the matter is that the report states clearly that Brady SHOULD have known because of his proximity that the balls were under inflated.

        Again completely circumstantial to fit the Front offices narrative

        I’m not saying wrong or right in eather case but in both Goodell did what he wanted and with a heavy hand in the absence of REAL proof of REAL wrongdoing

        For me this was as close as we can get as Dolphins fans to SOMEBODY sticking it to Goodell if only for a moment.

        It felt good

        Goodell helped Philbin gut our team and probably influenced Ross into a lot of dumb decisions his first several years

        I can’t stand him because of that and although on most day NE is the enemy they weren’t for me on SB Sunday!

  3. Falcons ran it only 4 times after the score was 28-9 two minutes left in the third quarter… unbelievable. Good luck 49ers…

    1. Author

      I wasn’t aware that the actual number was only 4, and now I am even sicker. Thanks a lot, Flyer!!

  4. Lots of Monday morning QB’s here. Its only a mistake when it doesn’t work. Hindsight is 20-20.

    The Falcons didn’t get to the SB by going conservative. That’s often a mistake!

    1. Author

      It is absoltely a mistake very often. But not in this case. When you lead by 16 with 7 minutes left, facing third and inches, you do not attempt a long bomb.

      1. Maybe you should coach the Falcons?


        1. A kid playing madden football would have ran the ball…

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