Mystery is Solved: Laremy Tunsil Fell Down in the Shower. Meanwhile, Adam Gase Praises Tannehill Again.

Now we know why Tunsil missed the game.

Who the hell showers BEFORE a ball game?
Who the hell showers an hour BEFORE a ball game?


I’ve been studying Adam Gase’s ongoing press conference, and it’s becoming more and more apparent that he just doesn’t get it.   He blames the offensive line entirely, and doesn’t see any flaws in Tannehill.  When the defense is running straight at Tannehill AND HE JUST SITS THERE AND LETS HIMSELF GET SACKED, Gase just said, literally, “There’s nothing we can do about that.”


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  1. admin, Ive been trying to find the post game press conference online anywhere. I cant find it. Can you post a link please?

      1. they must have just posted it. Ive been checking the site since yesterday. Or they buried it possibly b/c of the tannehill comment. Thanks bro.

  2. 5 years ago I proclaimed that TannePuke stinks. EVERYONE argued. Now….everyone agrees!!

  3. “Judge me by my wins and losses.”……Ryan TannePuke

    1. This is a very interesting article. Perhaps, finally, the South Florida fans are trying to send a message to Ross. I read another article that said fans at the Titans game were chanting “we want Moore.” It would behoove Ross to listen to his fan base- for a change.

  4. Watching Monday Night Football is so saddening I watch Real quarterbacks scramble out of the pocket in the pass rush .it’s ridiculous even Jameis Winston is effectively doing that when pressured. I think Tannehill reads his progressions from the top of the field to the bottom when he should be reading from the bottom to the top especially when there’s a blitz. It’s like he’s always looking down field when he gets sacked has everybody else but me noticed that? I just dont get it.

    1. Only about 50 more players / coaches and Administrators and one owner to get rid of and we may have something to turn around!

      Omar Kelly in the Sentinal has a great write up titled “Dolphins’ offseason was a bust, purging roster is a starting point”

      He goes on to point out the obvious:

      “This is the point in the season where the fan bases for mediocre NFL teams realize that all those “brilliant” moves the team’s decision makers made in the offseason didn’t do much because their favorite franchise is still a mess.”

      So basically Tannabum sucks! That’s what he is saying and what we are seeing.

      Tannabum may be worse at evaluating talent then Ireland and guess what? He will be back bringing in talent via free agency and the draft once again so don’t get to excited that they let the Turnstile Twins go today because they will be getting replaced by players just as bad (best case scenario) probably worse (realistic scenario)

      1. I’m not a Tannenbaum fan but NOBODY’S as bad as Ireland….

      2. All I know is that Dallas Thomas is FINALLY off our Team. Thank GOD!!!!!!! How many were asking how in the heck was he still on our team after how he played last year. This is a text book of addition by subtraction. YES!

        1. It’ll be a much bigger addition by subtraction when TannePuke gets cut.

    1. The symptoms he pointed out is nothing new. Tannehill is what he is, and that is a wide receiver trying to be a quarterback. Tannehill wasn’t some special prospect coming out of college. At the number eight position in the 2012 NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins picked a wide receiver who had been converted to quarterback….WHILE HE WAS IN COLLEGE! Tannehill wasn’t groomed for this role since say, peewee league or elementary school. We have seen all we’re gonna see outta Tannehill at the position of quarterback, and as far as that goes, I’ll say, it’s not his fault!

      Next NFL draft, don’t screw it up Dolphins!

  5. Author

    The S.I. article is good and accurate. It’s obviously written by a guy who doesn’t cover the Dolphins much, because he was only now discovering Tannehill’s main flaw (lack of escape ability). Adam Gase continues to bemoan the fact that Tannehill was getting destroyed every single time he called a straight-dropback play, but he takes no responsibility for continuing to call it!! Can you imagine how happy Billy Turner must be right now!

    1. While watching the Dolphins against the Titans, Tannehill called an audible and I said to my buddy that Tannehill should not be calling audibles, and my buddy ask “why” and right on time. Tannehill got sacked. I said to my buddy “that’s why, Tannehill still doesn’t know how to read defenses and he’s terrible at changing plays.”

      You’re right Admin. If Gase is disgusted with Tannehill getting his butt spanked every time he calls a straight-dropback play, then Gase himself is not studying game films. If he did, he would cringe every time Tannehill drops back to attempt a forward pass anywhere that’s within a five to ten yard width in front of him.

      Against the Steelers, Gase better call for sideline throws and run plays often and heavy. I wanna see draw and screen plays like us Fin Fans have never seen before. The Fins may lose again, but I can stomach that if they at least lose with some dignity.

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