New Battle Emegres in Training Camp: Stills vs. Ross

Like perfect clockwork, the Dolphins are in the news again for non-football reasons.

Kenny Stills is angry about how Stephen Ross spends his money.

Meanwhile, the Patriots owner spends money in a Jupiter strip mall, and every single Patriot shuts their hole.

How will this one play out?

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  1. Not sure how this will play out but it actually seems Mr. Ross does a lot for racial equality, on the surface at least. His RISE initiative and so forth. But I think people are getting tired of players injecting their personal politics in to our leisure activities. Stills and Ms. Rapinoe for example. It seems this younger generation feels entitled to be heard with little regard for another view that is different from theirs. Anyhoo that is my $0.02. Aside from all this nonsense, I can’t wait to go 3-13 this year! 😃

    1. Author

      Yeah, Stills airing his grievances today does not bother me as much as when he takes a knee during the anthem. The main difference, to me, is on game day, he is on the boss’s dime. Today he’s just using a public forum, not his place of work, to make his statements. I hope it blows over.

      And let’s hope for 2-12 and a better draft pick!

      1. 2-12? Which games are cancelled?
        Ross pimping for the Orange Pustule makes me dislike him even more. I guess its his way of saying thanks for the massive tax cut he received from The Great Divider.

      2. Author

        LOL, my math is so great, isn’t it! 2-14 !!

        1. You are some kind of pathetic fan, wishing for your own team to go 2-14.

          1. And you’re clueless and understand nothing about football and what a 2-14 record would do.

            1. hUr dER
              UdONT nO fOOTbaL

              No fan ever wishes for their team to lose. You guys are pathetic

              1. And again your clueless about how a record affects our draft next year or any year. go away boy.

                1. Again, you are a fucking dumbass. Do you honestly think I follow the nfl and have no idea how the draft works??? Do you honestly fucking believe that? Are you that stupid? Hats a question. Are you honestly hat dumb? You know what’s really dumb? HOPING THAT YOUR TEAM LOSES EVERY GAME. You are fucking pathetic. Play in traffic, drink bleach or become a patriots fan. No real fan wishes for his team to lose. Bad record= Early pick. NO SHIT SHERLOCK. Is the nfl literally the only thing you know about? Is that really the only part of your life where you might know a bit more than the average person? You are a sad individual. We’ve been through enough shitty seasons, I don’t want another one, but if you want them to lose every game, put on a brady jersey and eat an entire asshole

    2. Ross giving millions to Joe Philbin and Adam Gase is a worse crime than giving millions to any politician

      1. Far from it.While bad on the NFL front,life goes on beyond sports. Ross managed to make CNN today.He has RISE, which is admirable while at the same time licking Trump’s balls. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. Prepare for many more protests from NFL players beginning now.And you al know the reason.

  3. The reason(s) most of us legit football fans watch, love and keep returning to the game is because we all love the sport for the sport….players need to play and shut up. Like celebs, no one cares what they think, support or believe it….just act the role you are hired for, play the game you get paid to play-and handsomely I must add-then shut the F up! Don’t care what Stills has to say, believes in, or anything else….put your damn mouth on the field and show the rest of us why you DESERVE your big-ass paycheck!

    1. I care what they think,as do many others. Why should they shut up? Whether I/we support what they say makes no difference-they have the right to speak their minds,just as you do on this forum. I may or may not agree with you but I respect your right to voice your opinion.
      So it sounds like you as an NFL owner would not believe in free speech.

    2. And don’t state ever that I’m not a legit sports fan. I have been long before you were around.

      1. I agree with you Karma….. the players should be able to voice their thoughts and display their beliefs and so should the owner, coach and fans. It’s when one group demands another be silenced that they become fascists and no longer should be considered a legitimate part of the conversation. Imagine if they used that logic in 1941!

        1. Agreed Brian and you’re far more eloquent in your reply.

  4. Say what you like is fine, freedom of speech for all, I just don’t care what Kenny Stills thinks! or Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady, or Steven Ross…
    Freedom of speech does not mean we HAVE to listen to it and make it like it’s most critical to everyone and all should know. Does it make him play any better? Does it make him more important? Football was the place where politics, race, religion, male or female did not matter. Fans supported their team together in the stadium with 80,000+ fans, bars with fans and their homes. That has been one of the forces that brought people together no prejudices….and now that sadly has changed.

  5. Author

    Stills is still at it. I don’t want him to apologize. But I want him to let it go.
    He said today that “If you associate with bad people, then people are going to know about it.”
    Seems like a veiled threat that when Ross hosts friends at his own home, Stills will be there to tattle on him on social media.
    Makes me wonder all the folks who’ve visited Stills’ homes the past few years…and how many times Stephen Ross went on social media and told everyone who was visiting Stills.
    Can’t we just play some ball ?!

  6. Admin, totally agree….Stills gets paid to play football-…the entire team should focus on better play and have the Jets on their radar.. losing to them won’t be fun around here…I’d rather lose to any other teams in our conference but not the Jets. You know they will be coming out to cut the Dolphins apart and the Dolphins need to respond. That’s what they should be concerned about for at least 2 games!

  7. Author

    Also, Stills was critical of Ross’s true intentions in the RISE anti-racism foundation that Ross started.
    Stills said he “distances himself” from that foundation.
    Listen, I question the loyalty of EVERY billionaire who starts a fund. How much do they REALLY support the cause, as opposed to getting a tax writeoff?
    How much do they REALLY feel for the victims, as opposed to just trying to look good for the public?
    So I see Stills’ point there. Just because someone starts a charity to support some cause, I don’t personally believe they are 100% invested in that cause.
    But again, why do you have to be so vocal about your points, to the degree that it distracts the team?
    Maybe Stills wants out of Miami, which i would gave been against until I saw that kid Preston Williams really shine last night !

    1. I have to say that Rosen and Williams played well just enjoy it instead of pointing out how many predicted wins or losses. I am of the mind that finishing last even though you may gain some draft position is never ultimately a good thing. Look at Cleveland. I’d rather this young team impress us and show promise let all of those draft picks put them over the top not rely solely on it. Hard to escape being a loser so be careful for what you ask for…

  8. Mitt Romney and Micheal Cohen said “Trump is a Conman.” Ross is licking the balls of a conman.

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