New CBA Agreement Issues…Could there be a Strike? Redskins to Select Tua?

The new CBA is in the hands of the players now to vote on, and several prominent multi-millionaires (Ooops, I mean players) are balking at it.

Vocal multi-millionaires such as Maurkice Pouncey, JJ Watt, and Russell Wilson are against it.

There are two main changes.  First, the season would be 17 games long (4 or 5 games if you’re JJ Watt, who always gets hurt).  Second, the playoffs would have 14 teams instead of twelve.  Only the TOP seed (not top 2) in each conference would get a first-round bye.   I’m not opposed to either of those provisions, although I prefer to keep the season at 16 games.   A bye week for only the top team is a good idea.

The issue, as always, is salary.   Watt and Pouncey and some others want a larger cut.  Don’t we all?  If your company makes a lot of money, do you automatically get to keep it yourself?   If you have a deal, signed in writing, to earn $5 million per year, then you get that money. If your boss and the company go broke or if they earn 100 zillion dollars, then you still get your 5 million guaranteed.  It’s simply a matter of looking at someone with more money than you, instead of looking at your own millions.  Your own mansion.  Your own sports cars.

Pouncey says he’s against the CBA because he’s looking out for younger players.   Does anyone on earth believe that?   He’s looking out for Pouncey.

The new CBA limits the international games, which is a gigantic blessing!  The CBA will help the Dolphins in a situation where Stephen Ross hurts us.  Yes, please!!  Ross wants to drag us to Europe every year, but the union correctly nixes that.

A drawback of the CBA is it reduces the number of camp practices from 28 down to only 16.  This is only good news for the experienced, well-established teams.  Teams who do NOT have to gel and learn new playbooks, etc.  Tom Brady has used the same playbook virtually his entire career, while Dolphin QBs have to learn a new one annually…and now they will get less practice time to do so.

ALSO—As I predicted months and months ago while the rest of the media didn’t think it was remotely possible…the Redskins are now in the market for a QB and are considering Tua and Herbert.   I was the only person to declare that they would give up on Dwayne Haskins in a second if Tua was available.   We might land Chase Young after all !!



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  1. I honestly think the teams at 2,3,and 4 are trying to trick Miami into coughing up a lot of their picks …its all smokescreen …me ,I hope Miami stands pat and if the qb is there that they want ..take him if not BPA and draft another qb later or even wait till 2021 …they have a lot of holes to fill and have premium picks this year and next and there is no sence giving up all your good picks for a unknown.

    1. Author

      You may very well be right. The Dolphins have a history of being tricked into moving up…just as Neon Dion Jordan!

    2. I would agree… beyond Burrow I don’t think there is a 100% lock for a franchise QB.

      Tua is a great QB when healthy, but he has a history of injury problems all the way back to high school. When you see that happening with QB’s that trend seems to continue when they hit the NFL. So you’re REALLY rolling the dice on his health. Great kid, great QB, just can’t trust that he’ll last a full season.

      Herbert on the other hand has been very durable and has all the skill in the world. But, he has been inexplicably inconsistent.

      And those are the only two even worth talking about in the top 10. There’s other guys like Eason or Love that maybe you take a chance on later in the 1st or 2nd that could develop into a good QB but knowing what we know right now… I wouldn’t even consider anyone else in the top 5 and would give up draft capital to go up and get one. We need too many impact players across the board…. and still two number 1’s next year that we can bundle and trade up if we need to for that QB.

  2. I would like the season to go to 20 games to be honest. The season to me isn’t long enough. It starts too early and ends early. If it was me I’d have the season move up a month or two like start in October. Football is supposed to be a winter sport.

    1. Think about this. Under your plan we would lose all of Sept and that suffocating Miami heat that provides a real home field advantage, provided Ross does not ship the team to England on one of those days.

  3. I am going on record and say Miami trades up to the #1 spot and gets Burrow …they have the firepower and Ross wants him badly and Ross gets what he wants …don’t know what it will take ….maybe pick 5 and 18 and a 2nd rder and Xavier … watch …going to be interesting as we get nearer.

    1. TBH… I can’t say I would be mad at this at all. ONLY if the price is right. I do have tons of faith in our new staff and vision so ima sit back and watch this unfold and drink a couple brews on draft night lol.

      1. Author

        Draft night will be a lot more interesting this year than any other in memory. I’ll definitely open up a live chat that night, and we can all talk about it as it unfolds…

        1. Author

          I wouldn’t mind Burrow either, like you said for the right price. But defense is so much more important than offense this year. All 5 of our wins were due to the offense going off and getting hot and trick plays, etc. The defense didn’t win a single game for us, but they certainly lost plenty.

          1. Depends on the price as they have so many needs. I’d rather sit at 5 see what comes to them and if they don’t like it trade back for more picks if possible. They still have Rosen as a backup plan and could take a chance later on with Love or one or the others. Although if they are 110% sure go for it if it doesn’t cripple them for years otherwise what’s the point.

            1. Author

              Their public approach to Rosen continues to be very puzzling. I think they’re keeping him on the roster to mess with other teams who cannot quite figure out what positions we’re gonna draft

              1. To be honest if anything he’s a cheap backup QB but you never know he may turn out to be good. Because of this they could swing for the fences with hopes someone will be the man. Whether that’s Tua or a QB taken later. You just hope someone turns out.

  4. So I guess the question regarding Burrow would be – What would the “right price” be ?
    To pry him away from the bungles would obviously take ALOT of creativity – and then they Still may not want to give up that #1 pick, especially knowing their sordid history.
    To me, the only 2 QB’s worth making any kind of Mega-trade deals would be Burrow (this year) and Lawrence (next year). Keep in mind that the fins have the most picks this year, and are tied for the most next year, currently.
    And if either of those 2 QB’s winds up being the next Tom Brady (from a rings standpoint) – then what is the “right price” – for a QB of THAT caliber ?

    1. The problem is that there is no guarantee and if you miss there will be nothing left. The risk is huge but at the same time if you hit you will be a contender for years to come. I’d still rather have them sit at 5 if you start making offers you may only be competing with yourself raising the price for no reason. If someone swoops in so be it draft Herbert or someone else. You then have him and Rosen to hedge your bet. Plus you don’t lose picks and can still build the team up. Worst case go all in on a QB next year once you have a solid foundation around him. If Tua didn’t have the injury Q surrounding him it would make it a tougher decision since they are already at 5 this year next year they may be in the teens making it harder to trade up.

      1. Author

        True true. The “no guarantee” makes the whole draft terrifying and fun at the same time. I’ve been studying a lot of comparisons about Burrow and Tua to guys like Sam Bradford, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder and other “sure things.”
        But the truly successful QBs have been under the radar. No one heard of Mahomes on draft day. Look at Tom Brady. Nick Foles? Champion QBs are often “found” with a little digging and research, rather than being the guys right in front of you. That’s always the crapshoot

        1. I think that you are dead on there are very few sure things so why blow your draft chasing one. Take a shot sure even move up a bit if the price is ok but don’t sell the farm on a crapshoot. They could trade back and get Love who may turn into Mahomes it’s happened before but at least if he doesn’t you don’t kill your future on one transaction.

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