New England Back On Track is Bad News for the Dolphins

With New England’s impressive win, they are back in first place in the AFC East, with the Dolphins now in second place.

The Buffalo Bills laughably find themselves tied for first, thanks to the Detroit Lions giving up after one quarter last Sunday when Buffalo came to the Motor City.  Seriously, how terrible must the Lions be to lose to Kyle Orton?  Orton even threw them a gift pick-6, and Detroit still couldn’t get the job done.  All this to say, the Bills are absolutely not for real, and they’ll be lucky to finish at 5-11.

But the Patriots are for real, yet again, and that’s bad news.  The Dolphins have a tough stretch of schedule coming up, starting with the Packers this Sunday.  Meanwhile, the Pats get an easy win vs. Buffalo.  Realistically, the Dolphins will probably find themselves 2 full games behind New England come Sunday night.

Skip ahead another week, and the Pats get a prime time game at home (they don’t lose such games) vs. the lowly Jets, while we have to go to Chicago.  It could be end of season right there.   More than likely, we’ll be 3 full games behind New England at that point, and then the division will be out of reach.  We’ll start talking about Wild Card possibilities, but the same thing happened last year, and we didn’t produce.

The only chance is to surprise us fans,  and surprise the media, by defeating the Pack and the Bears.  The Dolphins need to prove to themselves that they are a strong contender, and the time to do so begins Sunday.

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  1. This game seems winnable to me. Maybe I’m biased toward the Dolphins, even though we’re the underdog.
    Clearly the Packers are not invincible. They’ve only won 60% of their games. If their trend continues for the season, that’s only 9-10 games. In other words, thus far they haven’t been constantly amazing. Yes, their win last week was impressive against the Vikings – and that’s an indication that the Dolphins have to play at the top of their game from start to finish in order to win.

  2. I just check ESPN’s power rankings – not sure why I even bother anymore. Anyway, I’d love to find out how the Dolphins dropped two spots, considering they had a bye last week. In the description, they mentioned that we’re playing the Packers. So what? I thought the rankings are supposed to reflect the past week’s performance. Oh well….

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