NFL Drags Along With the Draft still Weeks Away

As I’ve pointed our before, the NFL is missing a golden opportunity to create some buzz, if only they would release the 2017 schedule.

Instead, we plod along with nothing to talk about except the 15,000 different mock drafts that are out there.

Oh, and as reader Sean pointed out, Kenny Stills did an arm-wrestling tournament in Vegas that was against the NFL’s gambling protocol.  Expect a minor fine to be forthcoming.

In other news, LeSean McCoy of the Bills called Kiko Alonso a bum.   I can just picture the Patriots sitting back with their rings and watching this nonsense unfold.

Man!   It’s a slow week in the NFL !

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    1. Author

      Dion has a chance to excel in Seattle, and then I’ll regret getting rid of him a few weeks ago. But my best guess is he’ll just be a body to take abuse during summer camp and preseason games.

      1. He likes the weed or whatever his choice too much I can’t see him turning this around even in Seattle.

        1. Author

          I think it’s legal in Washington state too.

        2. I don’t think weed is his drug of choice.

  1. Did anyone else see Jarvis Landry predict a sweep of the pats next year? Could he have said anything dumber?

    1. Author

      The only good thing is that he’s now mouthing off in the off-season, when he can’t be penalized. It’s more tolerable than when he mouths off in the games or humps the goalpost to cost us 15 yards.

    2. He’s a MORON and Gase has NO CONTROL over his team!

  2. Landry is the heart of soul in Miami! And his play backs up his talk.

    1. Author

      His play also gets us penalized. And if the refs would have noticed him remove his helmet on the field and slam it to the ground at the end of the second Bills’ game, he would have cost us a win. LUCKILY, the refs didn’t see him do this.

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