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A picture is worth a thousand words…



…Or in this case, a picture is worth 31 unanswered points.

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  1. Like salt on an open wound. ๐Ÿ˜ On an unrelated note, kudos to Jason Taylor for 2017 Hall of Fame.

  2. Author

    Yes, Taylor’s induction has been overshadowed by the Falcon fiasco. #99 is clearly deserving.

    Still scratching my head at Terrell Davis getting in so easily. He only played 4 full seasons. Yes, he was outstanding in that time, but do you deserve the Hall of Fame for playing 4 years?

    1. I did not know Davis’ career was so short. Maybe he holds some NFL records? On another unrelated note, someone stole Brady’s super bowl worn jersey. Goodells revenge! ๐Ÿ˜

  3. Loved Taylor but he should never have went to the jets anywhere outside of the afce no problem but he picked the worst. Will always be salty about that. Otherwise great football player.

  4. So get this shanahan isn’t hiring an OC calling all his own plays. Over under just went way down if he continues on his pass happy order of business. He reminds me of laser good thing Fins were smart enough to turf him….

    1. Shanahan vaulted the Falcons offense to #1!

      Of course he should call his own plays.

      Sure he’s made some mistakes but heck, who hasn’t?

      He’s an offensive genius and well deserving of a HC position.

      1. Author

        LMAO, a “genius” does not hand out free championships to the opponent like Kyle S did.

        1. Now that really gets a very “lol.”

        2. It’s funny how an “offensive genius” called plays like a complete imbecile in the fourth quarter of the Superbowl.

  5. Author

    A couple of articles today dissecting all the numerous Falcon mistakes. On the strip-sack play on third and one, here’s an article talking about how wide open some guy was on a deep route. But number one, the guy is NOT that wide open. Number two, watch the RB on the bottom of the screen. Now he IS wide open for an easy screen pass. Atlanta needed one yard. The problem is not that Matty Choke didn’t see some guy downfield. The problem is they called a pass in the first place. Anyway, here’s the article to pour more salt in our wounds…;_ylt=A0SO8wZpppxYLzkA_eZXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByNWU4cGh1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–

  6. Yes, Admin, especially the way Atlanta’s punter, Bosher, was kicking the ball. Just punt the ball if you can’t run the ball for one yard and make the Patriots go on a long drive to score or stop them and force a punt back to you. I mean, it’s just logical play calling and execution, not Rocket Science.

  7. Author

    Adding a Dolphin-related insult to the lingering injury, the Falcons today fired former Dolphin great Bryan Cox as their linebacker coach.
    Obviously, Cox is the scapegoat for Dan Quinn allowing pass plays when he only needed to take a knee on numerous occasions.
    The Falcons could not fire Kyle Shanahan, who already left town. But even if Kyle hadn’t quit the falcons, I doubt they would have fired him. For some reason, Quinn, Kyle, and reader Jay still think he called an excellent game.

    1. So do you think the Dolphins will even want to talk to a LB coach who actually has experience as a play and then as a coach on a SB caliber team?

      I doubt it!

      But I’m sure the Jet’s and Bills will!

      1. Author

        That was the first thing I thought of. How nice would be be to see a homecoming for Cox, who could teach our LBs a thing or two about toughness and grit.

    2. You want the guy who orchestrated the #1 offense in all of football, fired??

      What a friggin MORON you are!! LMAO!!!

      1. They weren’t number one last Sunday, were they Jayjay?

    1. Author

      The regular counts as much as the Pro Bowl. Last Sunday was the only game that counted, and you saw what Shanahan did.

      1. Nah, winner of the pro bowl doesn’t go the SB,
        MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

        1. Author

          The winner of the “best regular-season statistics” doesn’t get to automatically win the Super Bowl, brainiac. Gets what reward now? Nothing.
          The only stat that matters, ever, is “Most points scored in the last game of the year.” Arg, where is Brian M when I need him to educate Jay?

        2. Jay a ten year old madden video gamer could have produced just as well as shanahan with that talent. Plus they would have been smart enough to run the ball and take an easy FG. Shanahan gave away a super bowl which is very hard to do with that kind of a lead.

          1. Ya have to be very good just to get into a SB….as any Dolfan fan should know!!!

  8. First time Jay has actually won an argument here. The Falcons had a record setting offense, 3 bad play calls don’t erase a career of success. If you guys really think it does you must suck to work with. Your literally tearing someone apart for one mistake. A big mistake no doubt, but still just one mistake. The Falcons dropped over 30 on the Seahawks and packers so I’m pretty sure he did a good job in those playoff games. And to say the best offense in the regular season is the same as winning the pro bowl is just dumb. The Falcons offense got them to the super bowl. Last I checked thats still a major accomplishment

    1. @Zach

      EXACTLY!! Losing a SB in OT to the Pats is something to be proud of not ashamed!! The Falcons had a great year!

      Lots of total dummies on here starting with admin!!

    2. admin suggesting Shanahan should be fired for taking his team to OT in a SB is TOTALLY MORONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      admin is a perfect example of why they should give basic intelligence tests before allowing idiots like him to buy a computer!!!

      1. Author

        LMAO, once again, as usual, at Jay. Since when does “taking your team” count for anything? You have to deliver the result, not just get there.

        1. Realize that Gase would have to improve 10 fold to “take his team” to the SB!!

          YOU STUPID MORON!!!! LMAO!!!

          1. Author

            Yes, I agree. Gase needs to improve very vey much. I write that every single week when Gase makes identical mistakes as Shanahan. Glad you’re finally on board.

    3. Author

      “3 bad play calls donโ€™t erase a career of success.” “Bad calls” is too much of an understatement. You’re not acknowledging the immense severity of when the errors occurred. It was the Super Bowl. The World Championship was on the line, not a contest to see gets to get call themselves #1 Regular-Season Offense. Quinn-Shanahan call a running play, and they are world champions. They didn’t grasp that concept at all. Plus, it didn’t help that Shanny miscalculated and thought that it would be a 50-yard field goal if they snapped it from the 22 yardline; in reality, it woulda been only 39. You and Jay call that forgivable; I do not.

      1. So why don’t you coach the team, Mr Absolute Perfect?


        1. Author

          If I did coach a team, I wouldn’t make mental errors on par with the gargantuan mistakes that Pete Carroll and Dan Quinn made. Quinn especially… he not only eyewitnessed Pete Carrol giftwrap a free Super Bowl for the Pats, Quinn did it himself 2 years later!

    4. Author

      The Dolphins dominated every single offensive stat in the mid-late 80s, but earned no titles. The BIlls’ offense owned the 1990s, but again have no title.
      But yet, readers like Jay and Zach heap praise on them simply because they had nice regular-season stats. I choose not to praise teams that lose. I stand by my fact: Having a nice offense in the regular season earns you the same championship as does winning the Pro Bowl. It’s worthless and meaningless.

      1. @admin

        Whats really worthless and meaningless is YOU!!

        Not to mention really stupid!!

  9. On January 18, 2015, the Atlanta Falcons hired Shanahan as their new offensive coordinator. After going 8-8 in 2015, the Falcons’ offense under Shanahan was the highest-scoring offense in the league in 2016 and earned an 11-5 record, a division title, and a Super Bowl LI berth Shanahan was named the NFL Assistant Coach of the Year for the 2016 season.

    1. Jay, no one doubts that Atlanta had a nice offense in the regular season. Why do you doubt the result of the super bowl?

      1. nice offense? The #1 offense!

        doubt the results of the SB? What are u talking about?

        Falcons lost in OT.

        1. No. Falcons lost in OT because their assistant of the year called pass plays instead of taking a knee.

          1. There were lots of reasons they lost the game. You happen to pick one!

            And are you perfect?? LOL

        1. Extraordinary regular season offense

          1. A ton of points on the Pats is extraordinary too!!

            1. Author

              As usual, we’re all laughing at Jay. The Falcons offense scored 21 whole points on New England. Jay considers that a “ton of points”
              No wonder Jay praises Joe Philbin so much.

              1. Yes, and even the Dolphins Offense scored 24 against the Patriots IN NEW ENGLAND. Falcons only scored 21 against them in a neutral field.

              2. We’re all laughing at your stupidity….and lack of football knowledge.

                Tell us again how J Martin and Incognitabrain are “best friends” LOL

                1. Author

                  Because they both swore to it, under oath. And they shared 3,217 texts back and forth. Next question?


                    1. Author

                      He used playfull threats and racism…just like Martin did to him. Go google the texts that Martin sent to Richie.

          2. Author

            LOL Floridan. I’m glad you’re wise enough to see the difference.

    2. MORON admin wants to fire the assistant coach OF THE YEAR!!

      TOO F’N FUNNY!!!

  10. Admin you said the same shit about gase because the Broncos didn’t win the super bowl and you were wrong. You can hate on his play calling all you want but the players on the team believe in him, other teams respect him, and he got the Dolphins to the playoffs. You’ll be wrong about shannahan as well. He made a really dumb mistake, but I stick with my point that one mistake does not erase a career of success. And to act like it’s all his fault is dumb. The Falcons defense gave up 19 points in the 4th quater. One drive the pats went over 90 yards so to act like it’s all the offensive coordinators fault is just false.

    1. Yeah, if Julian Edelman doesn’t make that ridiculous circus catch, the Falcons win.

      But admin cant help but be a STUPID MORON!! LOL

      Its no wonder he got kicked off Phinsiders!!

      1. Author

        Wrong, as usual Jay. If Edeleman didn’t make that catch, then Brady still wins, easily. Edelman’s catch came on a first down. If he drops it, then Brady easily just starts all over again on 2nd down. The clock woulda stopped with 2:30 or so to play. Plenty of time. Brady wasn’t gonna be stopped once Kyle Shanahan kept handing the ball to him. The Edelman catch was only about 23 yards. If he misses it, they regroup and walk over Atlanta on the next down instead.



    2. Author

      Zach, because of Gase’s playcalling, we blew a 17-point lead to the Cardinals in the 4th quarter, a 14-point lead against Buffalo, and another 17 against the 49ers in the 4th quarter.
      Gase consistently called for pass after pass after pass, all of which took no time off the clock.
      Big leads do not evaporate because you score too many points after you have the lead.
      Big leads disappear because you throw incompletions and/or turn the ball over.

      1. @admin


    1. Author

      Yes, RIP. He was never a superstar, but a very loyal and useful player in his role.

  11. Dan Quinn, Shanahan, and the Atlanta front office have done a fine job in free agency and the draft acquiring young talent and mixing it in with vets to turn the team into a contender their short-comings where on full display in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl 51. That was the hands down worst late game clock management in any Super Bowl in recent memory. Hell, three bad play calls? Those three calls meant anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes difference on the game clock, at least seventy to eighty yards in field position, and not to mention an 11-point swing in the game score. The Falcons players should have been fuming at their coaches in the locker room after the game. Especially Devonta Freeman. And if you’re gonna call an unnecessary pass at the 22-yard line in that situation you must make sure the qb knows that he can’t take a sack there. The admin is wrong a lot but he’s 100% correct on this one.

    1. No one is saying they weren’t the worst calls ever. I’m just saying you don’t fire someone who led a record setting offense because of 3 bad play calls.

      1. At least one of those was on Matt Ryan. 3rd down in FG range any QB knows not to be sacked no matter what. Throw it away.

        Ryan is a veteran QB and knows that. He’s been playing QB all his life. It doesn’t have to be communicated to him, so the 3rd down sack is strictly on him.

        1. Author

          Jay is wrong as usual. Ryan didn’t get sacked on third down while in field goal range. On third down, he threw an incompletion to stop the clock.

      2. Author

        Zach, maybe you’re right and maybe I was too severe in firing someone like that. However, you’d be banking on Shanahan learning his lesson next yer and coming back even better. I don’t see it that way. The guy is still arrogantly saying that Letting ‘er Rip was the correct call. it’s not his calls that were bad…it’s his attitude and the way he’s wired. You don’t fix that in one off-season.
        I would cut ties with him to show the players that he is is responsible for a loss will not be around to cause future losses.
        When Houston blew a 31-point lead to the Bills in the playoffs in the 90s, the coaches were fired the next day. There is precedence for what I’m saying. that’s all.

        1. I just disagree with that. We agree it’s the worst calls ever, we agree the guy should admit he screwed up, we just disagree on whether he should of been fired or not. That’s fine everyone has their own opinion no reason for it to became an insult contest between u and Jay lol

    2. Author

      The admin is wrong a lot but heโ€™s 100% correct on this one.” Ummm, thanks I guess!

  12. @admin

    Why do you think you were kicked off Phinsiders?

    They told me you were brain dead! LOL

    Gotta agree w/them!

    1. Author

      LMAO, they told you that, huh? They remember 6 years ago when I criticized Mike Sherman hiring his own son-in-law to manage the QBs?? They remember the exact screen name I was using at the time?
      In case anyone still believes one iota of anything from Jay, he is making stuff up as usual.

      1. Yes, they know you. They know you operate this website.

        I’ve been on Phinsiders for many years.

        1. Author

          Then what screen name did I use that they canceled, liar?
          Also, I’m still on there also with several different alias screen names. Nice try.
          Don’t you ever get tired of being proven wrong?

          1. If anyone gets tired of being proven wrong its you, MORON!!

            1. Author

              I DO get tired of being proven wrong. I hate being wrong. So whenever you prove me wrong for the first time, then I’ll admit it.
              You, however, still make up nonsense about Matt Moore is the answer and Joe Philbin is a better coach than Bill Belichick.

              1. You’re ALWAYS wrong! And a F’N low life liar!!

                1. Author

                  Name me one time when I’ve been wrong? And please don’t bore us with your tall tales of Richie Incognito.

                  1. Well, you’re never really wrong. I just disagree with you because I like to make controversial statements.

                    1. That was admin posing as me

                      MORON!! LOL

          2. So….you have aliases on this sight too…..agreeing w/yourself!! LMAO!!

            1. Author

              Huh? I manage this site. I don’t need an alias to sneak past the Admins because I’m one of them. Phinsiders is a whole nother topic.

              1. Cmon you already admitted you’re a POS sneak!!!!

  13. Joe Philbin is a better coach than Bill Belichick?

    LOL liar!!!!

    1. I’m kool Zach…..just exposing this POS for what he is.

      An administrator with aliases? POS!

      1. Author

        LOL. Zach asks Jay to cool out with the insults, and Jay replies with “POS”

        Poeple often ask me to ban him from this site, but I don’t. Sometimes, he’s a knowledgable fan, and he certainly gets readers active in the comments section.

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