Not a fake story FOR THE oNION OR wEEKLY world news: Dolphins get rid of Will Davis but keep Jamar Taylor

Will Davis, who we so desperately need at cornerback, has been traded for a draft choice to the Baltimore Ravens.

Mark your calendars for December 6th. ¬† That’s when Baltimore comes to town, and I predict Davis will go off on us. ¬†Just like Odrick did yesterday.

By the way, does anyone know who Dan Carpenter, Richie Incognito, and Marcus Thigpen play for and when they are coming to town?

Meanwhile, while the Dolphins continue to get rid of Pro Bowlers and other young players with potential, they decided to keep Jamar Taylor, God knows why.


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  1. Actually, I don’t need to mark my calendar on Dec. 6th, because by then, we will all be hoping for the fins to keep on losing to ensure Finally getting queasy Joe Fired, to get better draft picks for the new staff, and easier schedule next year, etc.

  2. This trade made no sense unless you are already thinking about draft picks for next year. That’s philosophically very different from the plan we had for this team coming out of the preseason.

  3. I’m thinking the Bills are practicing this week with fire coming out of their helmets and Rex has become a T-Rex on steroids and they are looking for redemption! They are not losing two in a row to division opponents. Just call in the loss, save them the trip, hotel and jet fuel down to South Fla.

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