Not One Single Positive From Any Dolphin Sunday

So many ways to sum up this disgusting loss, but I’m going to throw this one at you…

Midway through the 4th quarter, the Jets went to their 2nd and third string defense, so they could rest their starters.   The announcers noted some brand new Jet linebacker signed just a few days ago.   I don’t even remember his name, but he’s only been on the Jets for a few days.   His first play he made the tackle.   His second play he got a sack.

Unknown linebacker , brand new to the team.  Makes some plays.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins sign about 20 linebackers a week and won’t let them play at all.  This is troubling.   We keep signing players who are not able/ready to play.   We keep drafting players who do not make a difference.  I’ll have more on this during the week.

But for now, suffice it to say that every single Jet, including guys who don’t even know the playbook and don’t even know their teammates’ names, out-performed every Dolphin.

Jay Cutler played like a pig all day long.   He overthrew everyone on every occasion.   DeVante Parker still hasn’t learned to fight for catches and for extra yards.  Jarvis Landry still hasn’t broken a single tackle all year.   Our defensive secondary played like they always do, and you know what that means.  The kicker missed an extra point, and the punter threw a horrendously underthrown ball on a fake punt that should have never ever been called.  Jakeem Grant kept catching punts inside his own 5 yardline, and then when he finally started to run with one, he fumbled it.  Jay Ajayi kept running into the men who refused to block for him.   Mike Pouncey proved how overrated he is, getting manhandled all day long by the unknown bums on the Jets’ line.

And while all this was going on, Adam Gase was overmatched and out-coached every step of the way.   I don’t blame Gase as much as I typically do, because today, the players themselves blew this game to a vastly, vastly inferior team.  Gase didn’t overthrow the ball all day and Gase didn’t forget to block for Jay Ajayi.   Gase didn’t jump offsides twice in a row nor throw interceptions.

Did I mention how terrible Cutler played?

And to throw salt in the wound, the overrated JJ Watt just allowed Tom Brady to coast down the field for a Patriots win in the final seconds.   The Dolphins season is over.

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  1. “This team is better than last year”. I laugh EVERY time I read that moronic comment from so many clueless “fans”. I said 7-9 and that INCLUDED beating the Jets 2x.
    This team is laughable.

    1. To be honest they should have been better. But when you factor in Tanny going down as right now he’s far better than Cutler mainly due to rust and knowing the offence better, losing LB’S left right and center and the shit schedule with the hurricane making it even worse….well all of that hasn’t helped. Even in a perfect world 10-6 would have been tough so 7-9 wouldn’t shock me could even be worse if they can’t snap out of this funk…

    2. Author

      Except kicker, I cannot think of one single upgrade we made to 22 diffferent starters. Not one

  2. The team simply didn’t show up. Maybe spent too much energy protesting but can’t use that as an excuse as every team did this.

    The D line actually played ok so let’s give them their due. Run D pretty good. LB and secondary atrocious. Secondary actually beyond atrocious yet they sit Tank. At least give the kid a chance what can you lose? Brees will disect this group as he’s heating up now. They all seemed brain dead….

    I’ll give Cutler a pass as he simply hasn’t been here long enough. He’s off no doubt but his oline and receivers didn’t help. Blocking was horrible so Ajayi had no chance which then hurt everything. Either way embarrassing probably the worst game in years even worse than that browns game last year.

    The only thing I wonder is how much all of the distractions have hurt them. No excuse today but this must be affecting them and now have to fly to London.

    Makes me puke NE should be 1-2 all they had to do was cover the endzone. Even that DB just push the WR out of the endzone instead he flies over him with his arms flailing …that was truly ridiculous.

  3. Gase totally overmatched! He is the same as Philbin, one dimensional. Except he runs every play. The Jets consistently brought 7-8 in the box and yet he still ran. The Jets know he always runs on 2nd down and each 2nd down run netted no yards. He has 3 really good receivers and does not use them, this also happened in LA. You need to be able to analyze your opponent and attack them where they are weak, not have 1 game plan or aspect of the game that you do well and keep forcing that even though your opponent has obviously prepared for it. Season looks very grim and, in my view, it’s all on Gase.

    1. Author

      You guys know I lambaste Gase’s play calls each time he deserves it, but today was the players’ fault, mostly Jay Cutler. He couldn’t throw on the run and overthrew guys all day long. The play calls were not great, but they were good enough. At some point you need Landry to hold onto a ball and Parker to fight someone for a ball

  4. The Dolphins and their inept owner spent all their time choreographing their National Anthem chorus line instead of preparing for the game. They got what they deserved.

    1. Author

      Excellent observation. Very true. Ross stuck up for the protesters on his roster. They thanked him by getting shut out. (Almost)

    2. Haha chorus line now that’s funny…as well as infuriating!!!! If they can’t figure out how to cover a receiver none of this will matter…

  5. Author

    Michael Thomas was crying while discussing the President’s comments about protesting. Thomas was hurt by Trump’s words, but didn’t care too much about Jets’ actions.
    That proves beyond shadow of doubt what some Dolphins care about.

    1. Trump basically said don’t kneel during the anthem as it’s disrespectful. He never said that they can’t protest or anything. Locking arms and stuff is perfectly fine. Unfortunately I’m not sure if people understood what he meant and he should clarify this to nip it in the bud. At the same time the protesters are getting all upset for the wrong reason… need to communicate!

      1. Trump is in no position to talk shit about anybody or any football player who kneels. This is the same asshole who is under investigation for colluding with members of the Russian government in this country’s presidential election.

        1. Author

          Ross stuck up for his players 100%, and they responded by laying an egg for him. He really needs to shut up and stay away. Other owners inspire their team. Ross makes his team look forward to their next check.
          Look what the Jags owner inspired them to do today. And the Bears owner. Redskins. Even the crappy Saints.

          1. Who cares if Ross stuck up for his players, if you’re the owner of an NFL team that’s what you should do. Jerry Jones does it all the time and he gets blasted in the media for doing it. Gase is way over his head in trying to be a head coach in the NFL and screwing over Matt Moore the way he did with Cutler is going to come back and bite him in the ass.

            1. Author

              I have no problem with Ross sticking up for his men for once. My problem is that the men didn’t care enough to show up in NY.

              1. Author

                And Michael Thomas crying because Trump called him names. THAT bothers him but losing to a j,v, squad didn’t.

                1. I don’t care if Micheal Thomas thru a tantrum like a five year old in a supermarket. You, Admin, have a habit of signaling out a player and excoriating him about something irrelevant which had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. It’s up to the coaching staff to have their men ready to play and do it with a sound game plan. Gase knew Ajayi wasn’t physically ready to be the main running back the whole game because he let him sit out a coupla practices last week. But did he get Drake and Williams ready to take the load?…No! And that had nothing to do with how distraught Thomas is at what Cheeto Man said.

                  1. Author

                    I’d like to think that Trump’s stupid comments on Friday did not affect any Dolphin on Sunday, but we just don’t know. The comments certainly affected Michael Thomas, and that is a fact. Did it make him play worse? Probably not. Better? Certainly not.
                    Jay Cutler missed guys all day long had nothing to do with protests. He’s just bad !

                    1. Give it up man. You seem to be affected by Micheal Thomas being affected which is a moot point if he was.

  6. Gase is NOT head coaching material. Refusing to kick a field goal and creating some kind of momentum when your team has zero points is stupid as hell.

    Cutler is NOT worthy of quarterbacking another NFL team. He takes too long to start a play, and he doesn’t get the ball out of his hand quick enough.

    The Dolphins secondary suck, suck, SUCK!!!! Those guys couldn’t cover a new born baby in a king size comforter.

    1. Author

      Agreed on all your points. Although I’m not too hard on Gase tonight since Cutler blew this game. Defense can only stop them so many times when they are on the field like 57 outta 60 minutes

  7. I’m not sure if they are simply not trying the deep ball because the WR’S are covered or he’s not seeing them? Hard to tell on TV but you need to loosen up the D once in a while. Sometimes the pass needs to be used to set up the run.

    1. Author

      My guess is he is not looking or seeing them AND he is giving up too soon. Stills not open right away? Give him another second instead of dumping it to the RB for two yards.

      1. You may be right. At the start of the second half Stills came out of his curl route and was open but Cutler had already fired it into the ground. Part of this can be rust so let’s see how it goes a little longer before breaking his balls.

        Quite possibly it would have been better to play Moore until Cutler shakes the rust but how can he if he’s not playing? Gase obviously believes that Cutler is the better player and hopefully for the Fins sake he’s correct. This is exactly why it wasn’t great when Tanny went down they were better with him even with his flaws….

        1. After watching Cutler throw Air Mail for 3 quarters, Gase should have given Moore a shot.

          1. I can’t disagree with this I was wondering if they’d throw more into the game in the 4th to see if he can spark the team. Not sure that it would matter as they were all brain dead.

            Tunsil admitted that they didn’t practice well this week which translated into the horrible effort. Cowherd made a point that every emotionally invested team lost on Sunday the Fins were one of them wearing their kap tshirts and wasting energy. Quiet teams like the skins, titans and jags meanwhile played awesome….

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