Notes and Thoughts on Preseason Game 3

I wish I could trust our coaching staff to know the right move as to who should be our week 1 starter at QB, but not a single person on this staff has any experience choosing players, starters, personnel, etc.  Jim Caldwell might have been quite helpful in this regard, but we all know he’s gone.  So now it’s up to the gang of inexperienced assistants, and they are in a lose-lose situation.

If Fitz starts and excels, then we will have wasted a 2nd round pick to bring Rosen in.  If Fitz bombs and we go with Rosen, then why have we wasted millions of dollars signing Fitz in the first place?  Same thing if we start Rosen.   What if he plays adequately, we win 5 games, and we end up with the 5th or 6th draft choice next year.  We seem to have no plan.

And what if we DO have a plan?  Do you trust the gentlemen who did the planning?

Onto another topic…I gave this a lot of thought, and I believe it’s time to cut Kenny Stills.  The distractions he causes simply aren’t worth his average-at-best production (and his salary).  He’s still young, but he’s also learning a brand new offense, so his “experience” with the current offense is nil.   I’d love to read about how he’s tutoring the new WRs instead of reading what music he plays in the locker room.   I’d love to see close-ups of him when he makes a touchdown, instead of kneeling down during the anthem.  I’d love him to mind his own business when someone donates money to causes, but instead he publicly brings negative attention to the team…for 3 straight years.   I think it’s time.  It won’t shock me at all if he’s gone.   But they’ll wait until after pre-season, just in case we can get a 6th-round pick for him in the meantime.

And just for a minute, let’s ignore Stills’ protests and music, etc.  I feel our best WRs are Grant, Wilson, Bryce Butler, and the new kids Isiah Ford and Preston Williams.  They deserve a shot.  Even Allen Hurns from the Cowboys has stepped up this August.  You all know how I feel about DeVante Parker.  I’d cut him in a second, but we know management loves the guy and he will remain with the team.  Logically speaking, then, Stills is the odd man out financially.

Speaking of WRs, I was pleased to see that Jakeem Grant got an extension.  Adam Gase was just beginning to use Grant more and more last season when he go hurt, and I think there’s more to come.  The guy can play.  If he and Albert Wilson are both healthy, they offer a very exciting and formidable tandem that is unlike a standard WR duo.  They aren’t really long threats, but they don’t have to be.  They just have to catch the ball in a little bit of space, and take it from there!

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  1. Flores said he wants Stills to just catch the ball and help his team. LOL

  2. START JOSH ROSEN. We got him for free…we’re supposed to stink anyways.

    He’s looked pretty sharp! I love Fitz, but he’s not our future. Rosen MIGHT be. If he tears it up with a bad roster, then build around him and move up.

    I hate thinking we are waiting for the kid from Alabama….I’m just not sold on Alabama QB’s. Let’s see what we have with Josh before giving up on him.

    1. I think this is the plan. You might see Fitz play the first 4 games, all against playoff teams with good defense, then enter Rosen.

  3. “Fitzpatrick has verified on the field in August why he is on his eighth team in 15 seasons. In three fake games through halftime Thursday he was 10 for 25 for 73 yards. Rosen through Thursday’s game is 28-of-45 for 352 yards, and has directed seven scoring drives — four of at least 60 yards. +1 of 99 yards last night.
    Fitzpatrick stayed in to open the third quarter Thursday and looked great. Sharp. He was 7 for 7 for 90 yards and a short scoring pass to Mark Walton. (That made it one good series in eight for him.

    Read more here:

  4. I say start Rosen in Week 1. We spent a 2nd & 5th for him-not to sit on the bench. The other train of thought is to sit him the 1st 4 games against tough defenses-to save his life b/c Fitz is expendable-and start him after the bye week in Week 5. By then,we will be 0-4 and on our way top a top 3 draft pick and hopefully the 2 rookies starting on the OL will have figured out which way is up.
    No doubt Stills stays.

    1. Yea I think starting Fitz earlier and then going to Rosen might be a better idea. The kid is learning his 3rd offense in and has barely been in the league for over a year. I don’t think we need to rush him and we have nothing to lose. More important he doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy who needs starts where last year he played most of the year and stunk. He should take a couple of weeks to learn how our offense works in the regular season and then we can evaluate what he has.

  5. I only put Rosen in if the oline is decent to start the season. If it’s adequate start him!

    1. Author

      I think too much is made about having an all-or-nothing offensive line. Sometimes, and adequate line is enough. But if your line is adequate (or even below average), you need for your playcaller to understand that. This was Adam Gase’s biggest fault. Yes, even a worse fault than calling pass plays on 3rd and inches.
      Gase consistently called plays as if his O line were 5 All Pros. He expected them to be perfect against any and all defenses. He demanded that his 5 men block 8 rushers on blitzes. He never called schemes to help his weak line…instead, he called plays that exploited his own team’s weaknesses.
      I can live with a so-so offensive line as long as we mix in some rollouts and max-protection packages.
      No more 5-wideout calls when we need an inch. You can’t blame Jessie Davis for giving up a sack when Adam Gase asked him to literally block 3 different men coming at him.

      1. But is this oline even adequate at this point? I think they need time to gel. I hope it happens by week one but we need to be realistic…

        1. Author

          That is the million-dollar question. They look pretty bad so far, but then again, every single one of them has to learn a new offense and that takes time

          1. Exactly and maybe they will improve enough by game 1 especially with Tunsil in there but who knows. I bet that’s why they haven’t made the decision yet. Why kill your rookie who still has a chance to be the guy???

      2. No. Gase was ill prepared. Tunsil said they did not prepare for stunts. Enough said!!!

  6. Author

    Chiefs backup Chad Henne is out for the year, so they just signed…Matt Moore.

    1. Pure comedy one Fin to another…I wonder what Matt would do in that offense.

  7. Author

    Ray Lewis is on the new season of Dancing With the Stars. Let the murder jokes commence…

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