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As I said when this was first reported last month, the NFL is placing the Dolphins in a major disadvantage this weekend.  The Dolphins-Raiders game was moved from Sunday to Saturday, and less-informed bloggers and reporters were spouting how great it is to have a prime time game.   Uhhhh, nope.

The Dolphins just played a game Sunday, and now have to travel on Friday.  Given the union rules for mandatory days off, that means the Dolphins only get one classroom day and one full practice to get ready.

The Raiders don’t have to travel, so they get an extra practice.  PLUS–and this is more important–the Raiders played last Thursday night, so they can work in 3 extra practices that the Dolphins don’t get.  This is vital this time of year, when half our offense is ailing.   It’s not like our guys have torn ACLs.  An extra day or two does not cure an ACL.  But the injuries are nagging, where an extra day is vital.  The Raiders might get Derek Carr back because of those extra days, whereas the Dolphins got their days cut short.

Anyway, this is all moot if the Dolphins come out and run through the Raiders’ bottom-dwelling defense.  It will all be forgotten.  But if the Phins look sluggish and tired and unprepared, we’ll have to wonder if it’s fatigue.  Let’s hope not.   I think Flores has them so mentally tough lately that they can win without Gesicki and the others if they’re unable to play.   Whatever Flores said or adjusted at halftime in the patriots game worked well.   Just need to keep it up !

By the way, remember the Chiefs game when Mahomes hot that long bomb to Hill for a 44-yard touchdown?   That was at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, and the Dolphins defense has not allowed a touchdown since then.   (I’m not counting the punt return later that game).

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  1. But…This works to Dolphins advantage in week 17, we will have an extra two days of rest on the Bills (who play this Monday ). So if we can run run run against the Raiders and pull out the win, maybe we can our rest our injured receivers who still might be iffy..We likely will have to beat the Bills to get into playoffs, so it will be interesting to see what the coaching staff elects to do.

    1. Author

      Very true, Flyer. I guess my point is that the NFL switched us into a Saturday game with only 3 weeks’ notice. At the time, they thought the Raiders were a playoff team and wanted Miami-Oakland in prime time. But the Raiders have lost their games since then, and they miraculously beat the jets.

  2. Author

    Check out this Raiders web site’s commentary on our Lynn Bowden:

    I wonder if that might fuel Bowden. Jon Gruden seems to be saying that “Lynn is only playing because other guys got hurt and Miami was desperate.” He’s not very complimentary at all !

    I compare that to what Belichick said about Isiah Ford before Sunday’s game. He said Ford was a fine player, but the Patriots just didn’t have room on the roster to utilize him. Imagine if Bill had said, “Miami only signed him because everyone else was hurt.”

  3. I can’t even remember the last time the Fins were at home on a short week it just doesn’t happen. Meanwhile the patsies have it every year. NFL doesn’t give the Fins any breaks…never mind all of the bad calls.

  4. Josh Rosen is now 49er. 4th team in two years. Poor kid.

  5. Author

    For the Saturday Night game, I may not be able to be there live for a chat, but it’ll be open if any of you guys want to discuss us beating the Raiders!

  6. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the new Don Strock!!!! Go Dolphins!!!!

  7. Holy cow, what a game! For the record, I was not a fan of pulling Tua, but I AM glad that Flo has the guts to do what needs to be done. Fitz almost getting his head ripped off and making the throw will go down in Dolphins history.

    1. Yes totally agree very gutsy and props to Fitz. Two headed monster!!!

  8. We need Trevor lawrence next year, not.

  9. You can’t really judge a QB until at least year 3 so I am really hopeful that Tua keeps progressing and we look back on the pick as one of the best picks we’ve ever made. Having said that, and I am sure I will get blasted for this… but if we had taken Herbert I think we are legit super bowl contenders right now. At this point in his career Tua just can’t be counted on to carry a team offensively which we need with all the injuries/opt outs at receiver and the lack of a true star RB. And that was evident tonight. He’s still waiting for receivers to be “Alabama open” deep instead of “NFL open” and it’s so frustrating at times to watch.

    But great win tonight, and Fitzmagic once again earned his nickname. I think we are a year, maybe two from REALLY being a threat to win it all and only if Tua can progress significantly.

    Herbert however, I think we’d have had a shot right now (a long shot maybe… but a shot).

    1. Hey Mike so who is Tua throwing too? Keenan Allen? Mike Williams? It’s garbage right now. Let’s be real here sure Fitz comes in but over a game he’s dealing with the same shit. No different than Tanny and he was turfed because he was so horrible but but but now he’s magically ok with Tennessee? Enough with this garbage sure right this second Fitz is better but if he played all game he may have thrown 2 picks and game over. I’m happy he came in it was a nice change up but not long term. Get some players back and Tua will be fine. Please enough with this BS…..let’s bring back Henne and all of the other loser backups.

      1. You’re right FLYERFINFAN, I was thinking some of the same things you said. The blocking was barely existent for Tua. I’m not saying that Tua doesn’t need to throw the ball a little quicker, he does, but one can’t overlook the fact that the Dolphins are truly a team that’s being held together by spit, bandages, and strings. But we are marveled at them because despite that, they keep winning. Kudos to that Dolphin D, those bend but don’t break boys keep making us all proud.

        Like Micheal Iriving said after the game last night, Flores should be first in line now for coach of the year consideration.

      2. My argument had nothing to do with Fitz. I have no issues with you disagreeing with me but at least keep it around the point I was making. At no point did I say Fitz should be the starter.

        Completely agree on Flores being the coach of the year by the way!

        1. Sorry Mike if I sounded harsh but I’m tired of our fans continually blasting our QBs. Especially a rookie who has the majority of his skill players out. It’s hard to be consistent no matter who the QB is. Remember earlier in the year when Fitz blew some games because he was forcing it into covered receivers? Look at Herbert’s record while not all his fault some of the ints that cost them some games sure are. Flores has said that ball security is his main priority and for the most part Tua is giving him that to go with a solid D. I rewatched the game and there was numerous plays where no one was open especially downfield. When he has thrown deep guys like Jakeem have dropped them. I believe that once they get some WRs back things will steadily improve. In the meantime bringing in Fitz midgame as a changeup I’m all for.

          1. Author

            Good points. Ball security has been great. Jakeem has one “catch” where he bobbled it 15 times and cost us that drive. Even when he makes a catch, it costs us. I don’t get him lately. But if we get Albert Wilson back next year, paired with Jakeem…watch out !!

          2. No need to apologize, we’re both passionate Dolphins fans with a differing opinion… I can respect that. And I do agree with you 110% we do not have a very good receiving core with Vante banged up and not playing, Hurns and Albert Wilson opting out we’re having to start guys that really should not be WR1-3 for most teams. So I get all that and agree. And I also hope I am completely wrong in my concern that we made the wrong choice with Tua and Herbert. But when I watch the two play I see an elite QB in Herbert at the start of his career along with some of the bone head throws that go along with being a rookie…. and with Tua I don’t have that same confidence and games like last night emphasize that to me.

  10. Author

    FFF has a good point about “what if” Fitz played the whole game. I suspect a gunslinging interception or two in there that might have affected the outcome. So for me, starting Tua and using Fitz if needed is the way to go.
    Like the Broncos game, we needed a spark and we got it. Sooooooo many stubborn coaches refuse to make the very tough call (even when it’s correct) to bench a QB. I give Flo so much credit for doing it. That’s a strong leader right there.

  11. CRAZY LUCKY win. I agreed with Flo in benching Tua. Fitz doubled Tua’s productivity with only 13 attempts in short time. Tua should have been smoking the Raiders secondary.
    I agree that rookie Tua needs more time, but i must confess I don’t like what i saw. Just like the Broncos game, it seems as if he cannot see down the field. He cannot stretch the defense. Playoff teams will employ the same defense on Tua. His one TD pass was a short dink to Gaskin, Gaskin did all the work.
    Is Tua too short? is he afraid of getting hurt?

    1. I think as others have already pointed out in my own criticism of Tua a lot of if is the lack of talent around him at the skill positions and play calling….. BUT… the Raiders defense has been so bad it got their DC fired. They’re ranked 29th in the league in points allowed…. and yet we could not do anything against them. You expect “more” from a franchise QB even with a depleted team against a bad defense like that.

      1. Mike, I agree that better receivers would help Tua. And i like your take on “Alabama open” versus “NFL open”. But he did not make many attempts down the field against a very bad defense. That is my concern. That it might be a bug of Tua’s

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