Only 2 months until Pre-Season

So we’ll be a taking a bit of a hiatus for the first few weeks in May.

I’ll leave everything up and running so you guys can talk about all things Dolphins.

It’s encouraging to see that we’re all on the same page about Josh Rosen having some potential.   Some are more enthusiastic than others, but at least the enthusiasm and anticipation is there.   It’s been quite a while for that.  No one is saying “Rosen and Fitzpatrick both suck.  We should traded away the farm to draft Kyler Murray.”  It’s nice that we all seem to agree.

Enjoy, and keep on chatting…

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  1. Give it a few days admin we’ll be right back to our usual selfs…

    1. Author

      If Rosen wins 7-9 games with our awful defense, that’s an obvious great beginning and perhaps we don’t need to draft a QB next year. And if he blows many games for us and we end up with 2 or 3 wins, then it’s obvious we should take a new QB next year.

      But what worries me most is if we have a so-so year. Say we won 5 or 6 games. Do we pull an Arizona and dump Rosen for the next big thing in the 2020 draft? Or ride it out with him like we did with Tanny? I don’t trust our front office to know what to do…

      1. We have to give this new regime a chance to see if they can get it right. The oline is still a bit of a mess unless they hit in the draft so it will be tough to determine how well the QB play is…or even the offense in general. Either way a good benchmark will be our eyes as we know what Tanny and the rest looked like with a crappy oline. Wilson and Grant should be back to add some pop to the offense and hopefully those rookie TE’s improve after a year of learning on the job. RB should be better as well especially since they’re adding a FB.

        I can see our D being a little better with better coaching, less injuries and some rookies with more experience now. Howard is a true shut down CB but someone needs to step up on the other side. Minkah should be better after all of the shuffling around. LB’ers will be more experienced and the rookie DT’s will have a year under their belts. If they play a 3-4 that will diminish the loss of Wake and Quinn. Harris of course will have to step up so that’s a coin toss.

        1. Sorry wasn’t logged in FFF posted…


          1 quote from this article:”Rosen is head and shoulders better than Tannehill,” the executive said. “He was a quarterback since Day One. With Tannehill, you were trying to make him a quarterback.”
          And another,▪ ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay: “He would be ahead of all the quarterbacks in this draft, looking at my grades for Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock.”

          FOR THE 62nd pick and a 5th rounder!

          1. Keep in mind that by dropping back they received a second round pick next year so the end result was actually less…

  2. I’d rather have Rosen onboard now than Fitz and fales hoping to find a QB next year. They can still draft another next year if they aren’t convinced and have two options. The guy is cheap enough to do that but ultimately it would be fantastic if he shows enough promise this year.

    I think that the keys to this coming season are the lines. Will they be improved? I think if they play more 3-4 on D that will help especially with the personnel. Oline is still a ? hard to say if it will be better but can it get any worse I doubt it. Injuries played a big part but if James isn’t replaced properly that could spell trouble…

    1. Author

      BOTH lines seem weaker to me, but it’s rebuilding, and getting worse before better can be expected. Dumping Wake and Ju’Wuan and Quinn and even Suh gave us a ton of new money to spend on FA linemen. But who’s out there? A bunch of journeymen become available in June, but we have major holes among the starters, compounded by the fact that we have no depth or backups. We need a lot of bodies.

      1. I don’t think they’ll sign any aging vets only guys that are young enough to contribute for 3-5 years. Most of the vets signed in the past didn’t even make it through their first year so what’s the point anyway? I guess sometimes you hit but most of the time they’re injured. It will be interesting to see if they do fill a few holes or just let the young guys roll….

  3. Rosen sucks, he is late on all his throws, he cant read defenses, he is not a leader, and gives inaccuracy a new definition. We will never win with RosenHILL. There, I did it first!!!

    1. Lol. Yeah and don’t forget No Pocket Presence!

  4. I believe that these coaches will run the ball and if effective keep running the ball which should help the oline and QB’s. The signs are there by drafting another FB and RB. Unlike Gase who couldn’t stand the running success as it took away from his brilliant passing game…

    1. I dont think that Gase was even that sophisticated to say that he preferred passing to running. He was random and consistently inconsistent. Run on 3rd and 15, pass on 3rd and 1. Throw when his opponents couldn’t stop the run and run when there was no conceivable secondary. No, I believe Gase had a spinning wheel with bright colors and plays on it and he would give it a spin and that was the play.

      1. I think his brain is a spinning color wheel… should be interesting when they play the jets.

  5. Said it before, I am honed in on winning two games…the others don’t matter to me this season.
    Miami at Jets and Jets at Miami….that’s my list of preferential wins…anything else would be great to add to the win column but we have an entirely new coaching staff and lots of new players…so beating the Jets twice will be a positive.

  6. The just made X. Howard the highest paid CB!

    1. I’m very happy about this! At some point you need to keep your good young players.

  7. Haha Gase already got his gm fired and he’s talking over. Pure comedy…

    1. the arrogance is not measurable with this guy. What has he accomplished to allow him to think that he can assemble a team by himself?

  8. I think the Adam Gase situation can be summed up perfectly in the words of a prior head coach: “fail forward fast”

  9. I don’t know if Payton Manning wants any part of that mess!

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