LiVE Truth Blog Packers Start off Hot, Dolphins Respond With Nothing

When will these bum announcers from CBS mention that Mike Pouncey is playing guard?

Aaron Rodgers this and that, but when All-Pro Pouncey comes back, at a new position, they don’t even notice.

7-3 Green Bay with 8:15 left in the first.

Every time Mike McCarthy calls a running play, the Packers should fine him.  Their running game is horrendous.   Their passing game is perfect.  Why on earth would they ever run the ball?   It is laughable.  I am grateful every time I see Rodgers hand it off.

Apparently Kevin Coyle got a memo from the league that says “blitzing is now illegal.”  Lucky for us that Wake is a beast.

EXCELLENT blocked punt.   Now let’s take it in.

Second drive of the game, and no mention of Pouncey.  Great announcing.

I like that they went for it on 4th.  But terrible playcalling by Mike Sherman.  I mean Bill Lazor.  Why is Tannehill prohibited from rolling out?

Jimmy Wilson is terrible.  He’s been beat 5 times already.  Dear Jimmy, when they have 3rd and 8, your man will run a 9-yard route.  Cover it.

Non-Jimmy-Wilson defenders have responded very well after the first TD.  Our offense is as bad as ever.  Oakland must be truly awful.

When Lamar Miller was thrown backward for a big loss, his forward progress was stopped at the line of scrimmage.  Ball should have been placed there.

Playcalling is atrocious on offense.

Time for Matt Moore.  Period. Philbin won’t do it, but he must.

Wow, Ryan looks really mad at himself after that horrible interception.  He is utterly clueless.   All day long to pass, and he passed it to a Packer.
Wow, Ryan looks really mad at himself after that horrible interception. He is utterly clueless. All day long to pass, and he passed it to a Packer.

Tannehill has all day to pass, and he is still missing horribly.

Remarkably it feels like the score is 45-0, but somehow we only trail by 7.

Would someone PLEASE tell Tannehill that he has all day to pass.  Stop racing through the paly and forcing it.   Wait !   You have time!!

Wake is destroying the Pack!

Announcers have discussed the awning 3 times, and finally mentioned Pouncey once.

Bench Tannehill or fire Philbin.   2 terrible picks when he has all damn day to throw.

Maybe if Reshad Jones didn’t do drugs, he would have made that easy interception.

Too many Packer fans audible in OUR house.  Where are the Dolfans at the stadium?


Great run by Tannehill.  We have said all year long, he needs to keep it more.

Great throw and catch by Landry.  Miraculously we are in a tie game despite the Packer dominance.

Packers just scored to go up 7.  The announcers love affair with Rodgers is really sickening.  He rolled out to his right and threw a TD pass.  Why are they making such a huge deal over a routine play.   Anyway, hard to fault the D on that drive.  Our D didn’t make it easy for the Pack.  If the Packer offense has to keep working that hard to score, they’ll get tired.  Watch.

What a stupid stupid formation, which ends up being illegal.  Our enthusiasm for Bill Lazor is waning fast.

Lamar Miller still running hard.   Good to see that we can still rush the ball.   But he needs to get open faster on those screens.

Looks like an exciting 4th Q coming up.

Dolphins end exciting drive with a td.   What’s the matter Aaron Rodgers?  You’re in Miami now, boy.  You’re not able to score 50 points like last week against the lowly Vikings.

As we stated, the Packer offense is done.  3-and-out proves it.  Yes, GB scored on its last possession, but they spent everything they had on that one drive.  Miller is cruising into Packer territory, and we need to bury the ball in the endzone.

Great great drive.   I LOVE when Tannehill shuts me up.  He has.   This game is ours to win or lose now.   Incredible turnaround.

The Dolphins final offensive proved to be the downfall.   Everything that was working well in the 2nd half was abandoned on that one drive.  One first down, and we win.  We got the hands-to-face penalty and had first down at the 35.  Good field position with first and 10.

On first down, we ran toward the right.  I was there, so Miller cut back and gained a yard.   That was the same play we tried on 4th-and-goal earlier.  Pack stuffed it then.  Pack stuffed it again.  The running plays up the middle had been working, so why go right this time?

Second down, we passed.  I’m not opposed to that, but we shoulda had a max protection scheme in there.  Run 2 receivers against Green Bay’s 3rd and 4th string DBs.  Tannehill ate them alive in the 2nd half when he had time, so why would Lazor call a play that did not give him time?   Horrible.  T-hill had to throw it away, and the clock stopped.  Bad play all around.

Third down run to Moreno just wasn’t there.  Kept the clock running, and I liked that.  But if we did the same play on second down.

The ensuing punt hurt.  Fields is good, but a few times this year when we needed him most, he has kicked some very average punts.   that punt and the return really hurt.

Now we jump ahead to the 4th and 10.   Fire Joe Philbin.   That’s all we can say.









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  1. HOLY MOLY WHAT A GAME! Can we Phinish the Packers? Fingers crossed!

    1. Author

      The Dolphins can. But Joe Philbin won’t let them.

  2. The run play on 3rd and 9. I understand running the clock but will that come back to haunt us?


  4. It was one hell of a game. The Pack played well and didn’t lay an egg removing doubt that the close score was a fluke. We are a team on the rise. While we could all question the run on 3rd and 9 , the timeouts, ect. All teams always have not one but two opponents. The other team and themselves. The best teams find a way to defeat both. We did that today I feel. The Pack also did this just tiny bit better than we did. Im extremely proud of our performance though a victory would have been better as it was our game to loose, today seemed like we have turned a corner. To be in an extremely tight game with one of the NFL’s best teams, means we are truly a team on the rise. Lets not hold our heads in shame or disappointment. Our teams stock has taken a huge leap forward and so has our execution. No significant injuries despite a very physical game. Lets build on this very strong performance and look forward to another opportunity to prove we are for real.

    1. Author

      Your last comment is a little too nice. Go back to your previous post, and that was the ball game.

  5. I’ll say it again why not roll out Tanny on that last drive to at least give him the option to run instead of taking a sack or throwing it away? At least keep the clock ticking. Good teams do this the Fins just don’t get it. The team had life with Tanny running and you take it away especially when you know they are blitzing. That was the game…

    1. Author

      Well said Flyer. I don’t really mind that 2nd down pass play, but only IF they provided maximum blocking, As it turned out, they provided NO blocking !

  6. If the last drive was run properly you wouldn’t have had 4th and 10 play but I hear what you’re saying not sure why they called it but I guess they were tired and didn’t want to get beat deep? Either way the whole thing stinks playoffs will be difficult now…why was the offense so horrible in the first half???

  7. Author

    First half offense was a lot of T-hill’s fault. He had all day to pass, and was missing. In the second half, he moved around great, which he didn’t do at all in the first. Two terrible picks. A 4th and goal that failed. We started a drive at the 16 yardline of Green Bay and got zero points. We should be in overtime right now.

  8. Of course the decision to go for it on 4th down in the first half instead of kicking a FG did come back to haunt us. I cant question that decision perhaps running up the middle. I would have called play action and let T-Hill run in around the edge. The game remained winnable for just as many reasons as it was taken from us. The defense absolutely kept us in the game as the offense sputtered. Im sure more than player heart kept it close as a lot of good coaching decisions probably went un noticed or appreciated. I know there are some big and questionable calls which are clouding the view of an extremely well played game. Let me propose this, would this game have been even close if it were any other quarterback besides Aaron Rogers? I so doubt it. Our defense was kneeling down towards the end and perhaps the scheme wasn’t set. Forcing a timeout, I don’t know. But I do know this that our D played almost an entire games worth of time going into the 2nd half. They were gassed and still playing well but substitutions were perhaps needed and a bit of a rest. Its easier to score than to defend for the most part. If Phibin hadn’t called a T-O and they scored easily then the argument would be why didn’t he. Im not defending mistakes or trying to convince anybody who has all the right in the world to question how this game played out. But every true and long time Phin fan knows that this could have been another Buffalo/KC disaster. The team we are all wishing the Phins to be showed up for the 3rd time this year and played excellent mostly. We have a lot to be happy about vs the embarrassment of turning off the game in the 2nd half which is my routine when things go from bad to worse. There are a lot of positives going forward and even though we lost , the NFL is again on notice. Stay the course fans we just cant give up now after seeing such a promising performance. And remember we are all tolerating T-Hill with his ups and downs but we are seeing steps in the right direction ala the 2nd half. Philbin is has no more time as a Head Coach and T-Hill has as a QB. Hes probably getting over his learning curve as well. Say what you will but the unbelievable heart our team displayed today leads me to believe Philbin is making significant progress polishing this team. The growing pains are difficult to suffer for this inpatient fan but we just gotta let this team develop at its own pace. Go easy guys, it could have been far worse as most of the experts predicted. It wasn’t and we all know the Pack feels extremely fortunate to have snuck out of Miami with the W. Now I shall brace myself for the indignant posts replying to mine for my ill placed optimism. Sorry, but I re watched the New England game and you know what? We severely out played ourselves today when compared to our victory against NE. This was by far our best showing and far better than the Raiders game.

  9. I don’t think that you’re wrong my friend but it does get frustrating when the coaches continue to make the same mistakes. They need to come up with a mindset and stick with it on a series. Kill clock or gamble for a first down not waffle. I personally think that the way the D was playing if they left them under 2 min no timeouts the pack probably stall out on the 30…game over.

    1. Dying to know if Ross shrugs this off, or is he fuming mad at Philbin. In public, you know Ross always sticks with his coach. But privately, I would love to know his thought process. If Ross isn’t at least thinking about firing Philbin, he is a weak owner. I’m not saying to be impulsive and fire Philbin over a few mistakes, but he should at least be THINKING about it after 3 years of the same mistakes.

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