Patriot Underlings Show How Easy it is to Beat them

Matt Patricia and Mike Vrabel both beat the Patriots this year by using simple, common sense.

When you rush Tom Brady, it works. It’s not that hard.

The Dolphins watched the lowly Lions decimate Brady one week, and then the following week Miami did the exact opposite of what Detroit did.    Why should we pressure Brady when instead we can rush 3 guys and let him take his time.   We’ll drop 8 men into coverage, so Brady won’t be able to find anyone, right?   Before you knew it, the Pats were scoring at will against us.

A few more teams tried it Miami’s way, and each of them failed.

Then came the Titans, who kept sending 4 or 5 or 6 men into the porous New England line.   Brady was rattled all day long, and ended up with only 10 points to show for it.

Granted, sometimes it’s not as easy as it seems.   Sometimes the Pats know that 6 men re about to blitz in, so they have the protection adjusted.  But you know what?  The defense then rushes 7 men on the next play.   The math is on the defense’s side.

But, remember, Adam Gase is an offensive expert who knows everything.   The LAST resort for him is to pound an opponent.  His first resort, is to outwit them.   And we see how well that works !



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