Philbin is Confident in his job security after speaking to Stephen Ross

Various media sources are reporting that Stephen Ross and Clueless Joe Philbin had a private meeting in London, after the Dolphins were embarrassed on an international stage.

The good news?  Well, there is no good news, except for Philbin, who related that he and Mr. Ross had a good talk and that his job is safe.

I, for one, believe him.   I just don’t think Mr. Ross has enough anger and frustration in him to make the necessary move and kick Philby to the curb.  4 weeks in a row with the exact same game plan, no innovation, no adjustments, and no production from virtually everyone.

What WILL it take for Ross to fire this dolt of a coach we’re stuck with?

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  1. Just shoot me.

  2. Honestly I think Ross has too much on his plate right now with the stadium renovations to burden himself with a coaching change. The stadium is literally keeping Philbin in place. Hello Ross didnt you hire Tannenbaum to handle this? I so doubt Tannenbaum is in full support of Philbin at this point. Or maybe Ross was playing on words and literally saying he wouldn’t be firing Philbin because Tannenbaum will be the one to send him packing. Take your pick.

    1. Remember,Nick “Satan” said on Saturday night he was staying as coach and the following morning he was in Tuscaloosa with a new team to coach. I will believe Philpott is staying when I hear Ross say it. If he says Philpott is staying,that’s the end for me after 51 years. We were awarded the franchise in 1965 IIRC.

  3. Author

    Yep. Ross is making money off the team, as is, so I don’t think he cares as much as he should. It’s like everyone hating the taste of Pepsi, but their CEO wouldn’t care as long as profits are up. You cannot lose money as an NFL owner. If your ticket sales are slow, the revenue sharing picks up the difference for you. That’s why Dallas, Cleveland, New England, and Tennessee all make the same amount of money from merchandise sales.

  4. Well we can look forward to our top draft pick thanks to our foreseeable 1-15 record.

  5. Author

    I was so envious watching the Jets keep the tight end in to block AND they kept BOTH running backs in to block. That is literally…LITERALLY 8…men assigned to block. Dolphin schemes are garbage.

  6. Bring back the wildcat. Gimmicky yes. But even if it fails we still get the same outcome if we didnt. For that matter. Philbin is really making a strong case to bring back Sporano.

  7. If anything get rid of Coyle now!!! I heard that there will be a decision on Philbin tomorrow so who knows get rid of both of them…

    1. Author

      I’m reading left and right about a “decision tomorrow” but is Ross truly considering it? Hopefully Tannenbaum and Hickey are meeting with ROSS TO DETERMINE WHOM TO GIVE THE INTERIM JOB TO.

  8. There are teams that can win and still give up 27 points, but no one can win when they score only 14. Kind of makes me wonder why Lazor seems to be getting a free pass.

    The three and out before halftime was the most accurate summation of Lazor’s tenure thus far with us. Did we really watch someone sad/stubborn/stupid enough to call the same play 3 times and have it stuffed 3 straight times by the same defense?

    Sadly, we did….

    1. Author

      I give Lazor some “leeway” but not a free pass because I htink Philbin is throttling Lazor’s play calls. There is no way that Lazor sees the same old Dolphin offense each week and does nothing to correct it. No, it has to be Clueless Joe telling him to never ever ever keep extra blockers in.

    2. I hate TanneBUST but not paying to sign Evan Mathis helped cement this poor offense. Fat Albert is damaged goods.

    3. No,4 straight passing plays inside the 5 yard line last week did it for me.

  9. I refuse to refer to this team anymore as the Miami Dolphins. Instead they are the Miami Phins. Why? Because there is no D and there is no OL (offensive line). We are an incomplete, hopelessly broken, train wreck of a team with an ego maniac of a head coach lacking the humility to admit being wrong and thus embrace change. This culture of apathy has drowned the hopes and dreams of all aspiring members on our team and coaching staff. Turning all of them into paycheck collecting robots only going through the motions and doing just enough to keep their jobs with not even the slightest belief that better things will come with innovation ,effort, and enthusiasm.

    Privately I thought the big contracts given to Suh, Pouncey, and Tannehill would inspire others around them to play harder now given the real world example of reward for excellence. Instead the heavily rewarded are now too comfortable and more concerned with their South Florida social lives and jet setting than the suffering fans or their dis service to the heritage and proud history of the Football Club they disrespect every time they step on to the turf. But wait! They are well compensated so apparently what their are doing is enough isnt it?

    This may be mostly on coaching but blame is also on this team. Yes they may be unhappy and probably uninspired. But this is balanced by each and every players concerns about their NFL longevity and with the exception of Mathews and Landry, it seems the rest are only concerned with insuring they are just better then the 2nd stringer to insure their paycheck keeps rolling in and their starting spot assured. They could give a sh*t about the long lost historic reputation they were gifted of defending.

    Philbin on the other hand is an old goat , he cant help it. The players collectively should recognize this and find excellence within when its not injected from the outside. The absence of hope and the lack of childhood dreams which were the fuel inspiring all whom have made our team to this point have been replaced with concerns about not getting injured and tending to their craft only enough to force coaching staff into keeping them as starters because the next option is even worse. You hear that Dallas Thomas?

    I used to be a manger of about 20 employees and I’ve seen this before. Inadequacy and incompetence are so rampant that one must make the most of it because curing it means firing the entire staff. Then the employees have won forcing management to to make lemonade out of lemons. Once this cancer sets in, there is only one cure and that is amputation. And that hurts both management and the business/team. The presence of lackadaisical performances is contagious, once one gets away with it the rest follow and keep the same pay. Less for more. Nice arrangement right? The players with a few exceptions are laughing at you the fans, their coach, and the historic value of this team , the latter of which is the only reason we keep coming back year after miserable year like the easily conned and fleeced fans we are.

    And if Ross doesn’t demand change and demand excellence we will continue this terrible path of disappointments and the terrible feeling that our loyalty is simply not valued and in reality mocked. And Ross with be be the head of dysfunctional octopus reaching into your pockets with each and every slimy tentacle bearing false hope only to relax your hesitance and snatch another dollar and your precious spare time. Criminal.

    Whats sad is that the best players against us are the ones residing on our team. If collusion were at all possible this is the result we could all expect.

  10. Author

    The “Phins” I like that one! No D and no OL

  11. Author

    A lot of blame to go around this year, but I truly feel the turning point was Game 2 against the lowly Jaguars. Brent Grimes had that Pick 6 right in his chest, but dropped it. Jax scored, and that was the closest we’ve been to a win since.

  12. Don’t hate me for wanting Gus Bradley as our coach. Dude WANTS to win! Right now you could take the best players from all 3 FL teams and they would be about as good as the Titans at best.

    Side note: Blake Bortles is the best NFL QB in the state right now by far.

  13. What they need to do is bench Tannehill and there will be instant improvement.

  14. The game plan for every week this year:
    Come out with either a screen or a 5 yard in route pass. Regardless of the result of the first play, try another 5 yard in route pass. If we manage to get a first down, then try a run. If its successful, try the same run again. As soon as the run fails to pick up a yard, scrap it for the remainder of the game and stick to the screen and 5 yard in route plays.

    Now stand on the sideline absolutely befuddled that the other team seem to know what you are going to do.

    1. Well, Tannebum is not accurate further than 5 yds downfield…..

  15. Kudos Ross for updating our your to be empty stadium for 2016.

  16. Philbin should be fired just for leaving Matt Moore on the bench. Tannebum stinks.

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