Playoff Bound!

No one thought I would be writing that headline when we were 1-4, but here we are.

No matter what happens over the next few weeks.  it’s very proud to be Dolfans this evening.

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  1. What did I tell you early in the season Admin?….Have Faith in your Dolphins!

  2. Only 4 teams have more wins than us-imagine that!

    1. Yeah, and we are ranked lower than teams with less wins thanks to us being in a division with a juggernaut. Seems very unfair to potentially play a game in Houston when we have a better record, or in Pittsburgh, since we won the head-to-head

  3. When was the last time the Dolphins won 9 out of 10 games?

    Now imagine what Gase can do with a year of coaching under his belt and some more talent on the field!

    The black cloud my be on its way out of town!

  4. I gotta admit I have been skeptical throughout the season, but as of now, I am very happy for the team, coaches, and management. I still dont like the owners, but maybe one day, that too will change.
    I guess we scared off the “hummus” troll. 🙂

  5. I don’t care what happens in the playoffs either (of course I want us to win). What I want is for us to be in the playoffs for at least 2-3 years in a row.

  6. Congratulations all my fellow die hard Dol-Fans!

    Fun Fact

    Billy Turner had his best game for the Dolphins last night with TWO holding penalties both which ended drives for Denver!

    Finially he did something productive!

    1. hahaha Brian! Hey Cam Wake finally gets to realize his dream. So happy for him!

    2. LOL Brian! Good catch (unlike Stills in Seattle)!

  7. Off topic-this shit has to stop,period. The Packers played at home Saturday; the Lions on the road on Monday night. That means Green Bay has about 56 more hours to prepare/rest their bodies than Detroit before the NFC North showdown on Sunday. It’s the end of the season and every hour is important at this stage.Shame on the NFL.
    Us travelling on our nearly-annual trip to London has a similar effect. At least let us go to Mexico instead-it’s closer than Seattle or any other west coast team.

  8. I knew we played a slew of crap teams this year but I just saw we had the lowest strength of schedule in the entire league. But I could care less. The schedule will be tougher next season but hopefully we’ll be better too.

  9. Yeah let the Jets be the AFC east cellar dwellers this year. Record wise we swapped places with them and always enjoy having the bills suck wind as well. Both of them swept us last year in pretty embarrassing fashion. I get the strength of schedule but strength of division should be accounted for too. We have NE in ours so even in a good year for us we are always relegated to the wild card for our playoff chances. I have zero love lost for those whom played say a harder sched and didnt make it. Wont loose one bit of sleep or pride.

  10. @StreangthOfSchedual

    That is BS!

    Does it take into consideration how good Seattle was in the begging of the year or where they finished after injuries? How about the Steelers who we beat when they were a “worse” team then they are heralded today?

    Does it take into account we spent two weeks on the west coast? I doubt it

    Does it take into consideration we played three of our first four games on the road? I doubt it

    Does it take into consideration that week after week the Dolphins played (what the experts considered to be) one top defense after another? I doubt it

    Screw these people and thier streangth of schedual because on the preseason these same idiots were saying Miami had one of the more difficult scheduals this year.

    These guys must supplement their income doing political polling every four years as well!

    1. All you can do is win the games on your schedule. I agree this strength of schedule stuff is just a way to discredit the teams success.

    2. @Brian
      Do a simple search for answers regarding SOS.How is NFL strength of schedule determined

  11. “Screw these people and thier streangth of schedual because on the preseason these same idiots were saying Miami had one of the more difficult scheduals this year. ”

    This is embarrassing.
    Why don’t you buy yourself spellcheck??

    1. @Jay and your stupid comments

      I have a great spellchecker on my computer but on my dumb iPhone it not only doesn’t spellcheck right it changes words. I can’t stand it and I’m mostly on my mobile.

      Anyhow you and I have had this discussion before. If you don’t like it move along. Nothing I post is embarrassing as you arguing the Philbin was a great coach

      Grow up

      1. See I wrote

        “That Philbin was a great coach” and this stupid phone changed it to “the”

      2. @Brian

        I never said Philbin was a great coach. Stop making up lies!!

        1. Yes you did you trolled me for a month with that nonsense which is when you lost all credibility in my opinion. You even went so far to say he was a great coach in GB and argued with me when I said they gave him no say over anything in GB

          1. What I said was he did a great job with all the distractions during the Incognito era . Never said he was a great coach. And BTW Gase is now winning with Philbins players!!!!!

  12. Question: Do we try to beat the patsies to get the higher seed, or, rest our first stringers for the following week? Your thoughts….

    1. Author

      Play the starters. But if it gets out of hand early, start taking out key players. It’s hard to say that Matt Moore gets to rest, but Branden Albert doesn’t. Hard to draw that line.

  13. The argument for resting is that we need to both beat New England and San Diego needs to beat KC for us to get the 5th spot. Not likely and specifically I mean KC loosing to SD. But even less likely Gase looks no further than the game on Sunday and I think the team has also bought into that philosophy. So its very likely we play as if this were our 1st game of the season rather than our last which has … I cant believe Im saying this .. slightly less meaning. Shit I almost fainted. Okay Im back now. I also think it unwise to change at all what we have been doing to get here. Chemistry is so hard to come by and getting cute is one sure fire way to screw it all up. Ive been there before when I competed. Trying to be a belechick type of coach in your first year is 1 being a copycat and 2 a fool’s errand. Just play and let fate sort itself out.

  14. When the Chiefs had the Denver game in hand and Miami was pretty much guaranteed a playoff spot, my sister-in-law said, “Well, you must be excited!”

    I told her “I don’t know how to act.” Literally…..I had forgotten how to react to a GOOD Dolphins team/season.

    I told her “Yeah, we’ll see if they get in.” And she reminded me, “Duh…..They ARE IN!!”

    It’s sad that it has taken this long to get back to the dance, but last time I checked, the 6th seed is a ticket in. And who knows what might happen at that point.

    All I know is that I see a LOT more Dolphins jerseys, caps, car tags, etc here in Raleigh, NC. I told my wife long ago that if this team ever gets out of its decades-long funk, that the fan base would get charged up like nobody’s business.

    Dallas’ fan base has done it, the Raiders too, now the Dolphins are in the conversation again as well!


  15. @Thomas Ya Dolphins colors are coming out here in Nor Cal. Yesterday I saw a kid with a Dolphins not Raiders hat Had to give him a high five and go Dolphins!!!!!

  16. Cam Wake finally gets what hes been dreaming about since he started his exemplary NFL career. The playoffs and he is long overdue. He’s played lightsout this season so far. Wonder what might happen when he gets to line up for his first ever post season game. And for that matter what might the entire team do when our chance is within our grasp.

    Gase is a special type of coach and his intensity and obsession with details is becoming more and more obvious. BTW admin. That incomplete long pass into the endzone late in the 4th quarter by moore was him going off script. If you watch the replay, gase is livid and shakes his head in an obvious indication that wasn’t the play he called. Then the next time you see gase he’s sitting on the sideline talking to Moore. So your accusation that Gase called that play is suspect and I feel you will agree with me when you rewatch that play and balance it with Gase’s reaction.

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