Poll: How Did the Dolphins Due with Free Agents?

So, here is the list of new Dolphin free agents.   I placed these in order of who I  feel were the best acquisitions.   My analysis is not just based on how good the player is, but also based on the necessity of filling the void.  That’s why I have Shaq Lawson rated as my #1.  We have a desperate need at DE because Charles Harris has been a bust since Day One.  Taco Charlton got thrown under the bus a little last year.  He came in mid-season, and that’s always tough.  I’d like to keep him around to complement Lawson and Ogbah.   But Harris?  Bye.

I know many of you disagree, but I didn’t think that addressing the offense was as important as defense.  We won 3 games in December because the offense hunkered down with some great determination and execution.  Winning a December game ON THE ROAD IN Boston?  Unheard of!   No defender–not one–took charge or took any game into his own hands the way Fitzpatrick and Parker did a few times.   I also feel that quality RBs are a dime a dozen.   You can pick up veterans any time during the off season.   I hope Jordan Howard turns out to be a stud RB, but I didn’t have RB as a priority at this point, so that’s why he ranks at the bottom of my list…not because of his skill set, but because it wasn’t an immediate need.

I’d love to know your thoughts on these guys…

  1. Shaq Lawson, defensive end.
  2. Kyle Van Noy, linebacker.
  3. Byron Jones, cornerback.
  4. Ted Karras, center.
  5. Emmanuel Ogbah, defensive end.
  6. Ereck Flowers, offensive lineman.
  7. Clayton Fejedelem, safety.
  8. Jordan Howard, running back.
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  1. On the surface, at least from what I have read from the local sports writers and bloggers, they seem to be decent players. My concern is I hope the guys are here to play and win. We shelled out a ton of dough to Suh and got little in return. I hope the players don’t think of Miami as just being the place with South Beach partying. So I hope Mr. Jones, with his great payday is here to make a difference. Personally I think we did well though.

    1. Author

      Yes, that is always a concern for the Dolphins. No income tax, beaches, girls, clubs, etc. A million reasons to play in Miami, and “wanting to win” is often not one of those reasons for too many players.

      1. Yep and that goes for the fans too. There’s lots to do on a Sunday afternoon in South Florida so if they aren’t winning it’s “see ya.” But I feel pretty good about the teams direction at least for now. There’s also some chatter we may trade up for Burrow. I can’t wait till draft day cause it will definitely be interesting if not exciting.

        1. Author

          And it distresses me to see sooooo many away fans come to Dolphin games. Few if any Dolphin fans go up to watch games in Buffalo or Boston, etc., but they always come down to ours.
          We need to make those fans uncomfortable. Make them think twice before descending on OUR home turf. I don’t condone violence, so the best way to keep those fans away is to start winning! no one wants to get on a plane to watch their team suffer a sure loss.

  2. It’s been a minute since I’ve said anything but here are my thoughts:

    Lawson and Flowers: A
    Not the greatest players at their positions but the deals are only 3 years at 10 per year. If they remain dependable starters who stay healthy then they will be a huge upgrade on what we had before since we needed so much help at those positions. Anything extra they give us (pro bowl or playing at an all pro level) would be perfect and they fit well in our team at a good salary. Good signings there for us.

    Kyle Van Noy: C+
    We gave him a lot of money and a lot of times players that used to be good in the pats struggle elsewhere espiecially on defense. Now if Flores knows what’s he’s doing with him then great but honestly at the price range I think there could’ve been a better player elsewhere. Although at the price I expect him to contribute around a pro bowl level.

    Byron Jones: B-
    This could be an A signing but he’s older. Still has some left but will be 30 in 2 years. Aside from that love his game and was by far the best corner available. At the price tag he better be an all pro corner. Best case scenario him and X lock down the air. At the worst it’s a contract that hurts us but unlikely. He’s fast and a big physical corner and he doesn’t need to get picks when Xavien Howard regularly can lead the league in interceptions. For the first time in a while our secondary could actually be very good. And no slight to a guy Like Brent Grimes who played really well but it’s nice to have big corners.

    Ogbah: B+
    Probably going to be a one year deal in a place we need help. Not too special and he isn’t expected to bed. If he stays healthy and on the field his impact should be good enough

    Karras: A+
    Small deal for a good center. He’s young and if he plays welll will get a big deal by us or someone next year. Love to see it.

    Howard: B+
    Not a big deal but we needed help in the backfield. The only good running backs we had last year was Walton whos been arrested 3 times since I’ve been writing this and Gaskin who needs to develop more but did surprisingly well running behind our O line last year. Young and if he stays on the field his impact should be fine.

    Overall loved the signings. Young guys on good salaries for both sides and we addressed needs which to be fair we could’ve signed any position but WR and that would’ve filled a need. Excited to see what else we sign and draft

  3. Author

    Good points, Axel. I have to assume that Flores’s personal knowledge of Van Noy and the others matters. This is NOT a case anymore like it used to be for the Dolphins. You know…where some old white guy in a suit and tie, allegedly a talent scout, sits in Ross’s office sipping bourbon with Ross says, “Let’s throw some money at some ex-Patriots and hope. I have no idea if these guys are any good, but you’re rich so who cares.” Rather, this is Flores having experience and familiarity of those new players.

  4. First, thank goodness for this board! We all need something to take us away from the virus 24-7. I’m thinking Coach Flores has a good sense of the players we have obtained from NE, as he has seen them more than the Dolphins have. I like the addition of Karras for center.
    MDGA-Make Dolphins Great Again!

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