Post-Draft Discussions

Well, the draft is here and gone.  (The next event on the horizon is the schedule release on May 12).

We’ve commented a lot the last few days, but here is my overall take.  It’s on odd way to break things down, but this is a precedent:  I love the players we selected, and I don’t think there are any duds.  HOWEVER, the timing, trading, and gamesmanship that went into these picks leaves me scratching my end and feeling less enthusiastic than I should.

Let’s start with BC toght end Hunter Long.  A good player by all accounts.  He may be a great pro.  but we don’t need him.  Might as well draft a shortstop.  We don’t need a tight end in a year when Mike Gesicki started to excel, and was complemented well by Durham Smythe and Adam Shaheen.  Even 4th string Chris Myareck and Cethan Carter (currently 5th string) have potential.  Our defense gave up 50+ points to the Bills in the most important game of the year, and we ignored defense to draft a 6th-string TE in the third round?  Inexcusably stupid.

But…as I wrote in one of my comments over the weekend…unfortunately this signals that the Dolphins aren’t going to be willing to pay Gesicki when is contract is due after next season.  That is the only reason I can think of as to why the Phins drafted a guy they do not need.  It’s because they’re gonna be cheap, lose Gesicki, and have this Hunter Long kid step in for a fraction of what Gesicki would earn.

I don’t know.  Can YOU think of another reason to bring in a 6th tight end?

Jabril Cox and the rest of the AFC must be laughing at us right now.

So Hunter Long as a player is exciting and has received outstanding reviews.   But as a third-round Dolphin when we need defense…a horrible selection.

I’ve already references Jaylen Waddle (and my belief that he would have been there at #12 if we would have stayed put).  Yes Chris Grier hit a home run and got us a dynamic TD-producer, but he tipped his cap way too soon and made the trade way too early.  He got outfoxed by both Atlanta and the Bengals.  As others have said, once waddle starts producing, no one will remember that Grier got conned.  But if his stats are far below Kyle Pitts and Ja’Marr Chase, then I’ll revisit this column when the 2021 season ends.

We also got two offensive tackles (one of which we traded up to get).  I’m a bit excited about seeing these guys, but admittedly, I was exciting about Michael Dieter, JuWuan James, Billy Turner and others.  All these guys who will “finally solidify our line” come and go without solidifying anything.  I might have waited until later rounds to grab some other OTs, but again, the critics are heaping praise on the Dolphins for drafting the two guys we took, so what do I know?

Jaelen Phillips is another guy that all the experts say the same exact thing about…he’s a star…but his health is scary.  Fingers crossed.   5 or 6 concussions in college may affect him as a Dolphin, or (hopefully) they are a thing of the past.

Your thoughts?


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  1. I listen to WQAM 560 “The Joe” with our old TE Joe Rose on my way to work. Before the draft, I don’t recall any of these draft picks mentioned with the Dolphins. Some of the fans on Twitter had mixed reviews about Waddle but have now seemed to have warmed up to him. I think that’s mainly because the pundits have given the Dolphins good draft grades. It will be an interesting training camp.

    1. Author

      Sean, that is interesting. I, too, did not hear ANY pundits say that Waddle was going to the Dolphins. Or that Grier/Flores had their eye on Jaelan Phillips at 18. Certainly heard ZERO about the Dolphins interest in a safety, Jevon Holland. And of course, there was also zero talk of the Dolphins taking a backup tight end named Hunter Long.
      This tells me either (1) Chris Grier kept his intentions quiet, or (2), the Dolphins got fleeced out of who they really wanted. They really did want Ja’Marr Chase, for example, but got beat out by Cincy. They really did want Javonte Williams, but got beat out by Denver. Etc.
      Given these two options, I think it was #2. I think Grier bungled this draft by other teams taking players that Grier thought they wouldn’t. Cincy talked about Penei Sewell for 6 straight months, and then picked Ja’Marr Chase. They conned Chris Grier, no doubt about it.

  2. I give the Dolphins a C- this draft. I could go into a lengthy diatribe for my rating but, what the heck. Oh well, same ole same ole, another year, and again as usual, disappointment… smh…

  3. Phil, feel free to diatribe here. We all like reading each other’s opinions. It sounds like I am more optimistic than you, but I’m still less excited than most.
    Grier’s plan for Gesicki worry me already.

    1. I’ll just say this ADMIN.. I can’t speak for other Dolfans but for me, It’s just really emotionally depleting when you feel that two of the Dolphins nemesis, the Patriots and the Jets, drafted better than the Fins did.

      1. Author

        Fair enough. For me, again, I think the players we got can be outstanding. That aspect of it brings cautious optimism and excitement. I’m fine with the players themselves.
        The down side for me is the posturing, trades, deals, and overall planning that went into this. We gave up a FIRST ROUND draft pick next year to move up a mere 6 spots. Overpaid.
        We then gave away our 5th round pick to settle for additional picks next year. Then we selected a player where we did not need it at all (TE). Scratching my head on some of these decisions. I would love to be wrong!

        1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I too liked most of the players in a vacuum. I’m a bit queasy about Philips’ health but it was a swing we can afford because our pass rush was weak without blitzing which means our D-Line was not beating people 1-on-1 so we had to stunt, blitz or scheme to get them home. But I trust Flores with Defense and to make the pieces work.

          My issue with the draft was how badly Grier utilized our once-in-a-decade draft capital. Don’t know if we will EVER see the Dolphins draft as high as 3rd again. We had #3 AND #18 so I thought we could have leveraged the shit out of that draft capital with some really wise trades to take advantage of QB-needy teams. No one can convince me that if we hold onto #3 until we are on the clock, we wouldn’t have fleeced the hell out of another team for much more than we got. Same with #18. The real value of this draft was rounds 2 and 3 where kids like that ND hybrid LB/S slipped and we couldn’t take advantage because Grier went out with the 1st girl that said yes.

          1. Author

            Yes, all good points. If Jaelan Waddle becomes a star, I will still say that Grier got lucky. Rather than Grier being an insightful genius. Lucky.
            Lucky that Waddle was there at 6 when we were originally sitting at 3. Lucky that the Falcons didn’t take a QB, which means we woulda taken Pitts or Chase. You’re right about how much capital the #3 and #18 picks are worth….we did okay with who we got, but it shoulda been a grand slam.
            Next year in the first round, we only have the 49ers pick. Dolphins record doesn’t matter. We need the 49ers to go 0-17!

  4. I am trying to believe “in the process” and that Grier and BFlo have a plan in place. I would give the draft a C overall. I don’t hate any of the picks (unlike last year) but with Pitts and Chase off the board it was a really tough call on who to take at that point. At that point I think I would have made a case for Sewell in a deep WR class but I can understand the logic behind Waddle (and our desperate need for play-makers that can separate).

    Jaelen Phillips…. if he stays healthy could be huge for us… but based on his history that makes me nervous. Would we have been a bit better off playing it safer with a Kwity Paye or Jamin Davis? Time will tell. Still REALLY disappointed we couldn’t have snagged Parsons who I think in 5 years will emerge as the best in the draft class (other than maybe Trevor Lawrence).

    So two respectable picks if they stay healthy. This organization does not shy away from players with a history of medical issues. Will it come back to bite us? Guess we will see but it could be the difference between an “A” draft grade in a few years to a “F”.

    At that point with only one of the 3 RB’s worth taking in round 1-2 left, the Giants jumped us so we pivoted and got arguably the best safety in the draft. Not sure that was a big need area but he seems to be a play maker and the more play makers we get on both sides of the ball I can live with.

    Hunter Long is where I get frustrated. Just like with Igbinoghene last year we drafted frustratingly high in a position where we were already strong. If it was Pitts… great, “generational” (such an overused term) players you find ways to use them. But Long is not that. When you still have players like Meinerz, Sermon, Browning on the board in areas of need I just don’t think it was a smart pick. For whatever reason it just seems like they don’t like what they have in Gesicki… or at least certainly not at the price tag he will likely have next year because they bring in more TE’s than any position other than CB.

    After that we actually got a couple guys I think could be sleepers that might eventually develop into quality role and depth players.

    There’s just nothing to really love about this draft, but nothing to absolutely hate either…. hence the C.

    1. oops… forgot to talk about Eichenberg… I actually really liked that pick… people like to rip on his skill set but he only allowed 4 QB hits in his last two seasons combined against some top level talent. If he can transition to the right side well I think he’ll really help solidify the line.

  5. Per Adam Beasley: Good news! The Dolphins have the NFL’s fifth easiest schedule.
    Bad news! The Bills have the NFL’s third easiest schedule.

    1. What were the Pats? I’m not ready to discount them in the race yet. At least we still have the Jets in the division lol

      1. Patsies were listed at #6. And…..Tampa Bay was listed at #1. Trying to figure that one out….

        1. Even the schedulers have Brady bias? lol (when will he retire and put me out of my misery with this guy???!!)

  6. Schedule is released on next week. Then we can see how the Pats and Bucs get their Thursday games at home, no Europe games, end the season at home, etc etc.

  7. Bobby McCain is getting let go today… I know they just drafted Holland and had brought in Malik Hooker for a visit and I still think Brandon Jones has a chance to be a really good player for them….. so clearly they were looking to replace Bobby but I’m still not sure I understand why. The secondary was it it’s best last year when both Rowe and Bobby were on the field. He was a leader and a solid player. Not saying I wouldn’t have preferred to have Minkah back in that spot but still there were bigger areas to address in my opinion.

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