Prep for Buffalo Bills begins now

So next up is the Buffal Bills.

That is not a typo.  There is no “O” in Buffal.  Seriously, they have a journeyman QB with no stars to throw to.

They have a decent D, but so do we.  They have a firey head coach, but luckily, so do we this time.  They have good special team specialists, but so do we.

The Bills are a very beatable team.

If Ryan Tannehill can keep his eye on the ball instead of looking, er, elsewhere, he can re-find the groove he had vs Houston and the Titans.

No doubt that the loss of Cameron Wake will be painful.  But how many times do we hear about an opponent’s star being out, and they win anyway.   N.E. had two backups on the O-line last Thursday, and they still put up a ton of points.  No time for sulking.  Just move on without your star.

As I stated in a comment earlier, the wildcard spots in the AFC are entirely up for grabs.  An 8-8- record might do it this year.  And that’s all we can hope for.  Unless Brady breaks his knee, the Patriots are not going to blow a 4-game lead on us.  But we can still win a wildcard spot and at least get some playoff experience for once.

The first step is to beat the Bills.  More to come during the week…

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  1. How we come back and play against the Bills will tell you what kind of team we are and could define the rest of the season. This team seems very emotional and losses tend to piggy back with them. Campbell needs to really be a big motivator and get a win. Also I know running the ball against the Bills is not easy but it has to be done. They need to find a way to get more than 15 yrds on the ground.

    1. Agreed. At least we play Bills early enough so that it’s not 20 degrees at game time. I think I put more trust in Campbell getting them motivated and prepared. It’s up to the players to not miss tackles, MAKE tackles (Kong Suh listen up), think fast on your feet Tannehill (maybe that’s a stretch eh). With Campbell having played the game not too long ago, he’s very tuned in to the player mentality. I do like that. But the must get rid of the NE loss and not get down on themselves. Kelvret makes a good point above on the emotion of this team.

  2. I had the patriots game penciled in as a Loss as I’m sure almost all of us did.

    What I didn’t have penciled in under that was:

    Tannehill looking like and acting like an idiot!
    Wake gone for the year!
    Miller running backwards!
    Lazor going five wide almost 2/3rds of the second half

    I’m probably forgetting something but I think its all been hashed out.

    NE was a loss no matter how we look at it. They don’t lose at home….period!

    So now Buffalo lets beat the snoot out of them and get back on track. Did you see the Jokes today….. I mean the Jet’s?

    We can run the division the rest of the way and we can beat NE here the last game of the year because they will probably be sitting their starts with the playoffs and the 1st round bye wrapped up.

    1. If the Jets are jokes than the Dolphins are a complete circus…….

      1. Bro the wheels are coming off the Jet’s Jet!

        We lost to the patriots on the road.

        The jets got dismantled by Oakland come on its not even the same conversation and now Geno Smith is the QB again. Please the Dolphins may have serious problems but we are not as bad off as the Jets!

        1. Playoff wins last 15 years:

          Jets 6
          Dolphins 0

          And Geno Smith beats the crap out of the Dolphins in the final game every year. The Dolphins are in no position to make fun of any team.

        2. Author

          Jets and Dolphins always split the season series, and this year will be no different…

          1. Its a good thing you aren’t a betting man! LOL

  3. Simple run the f’in ball! Balance will help the whole team. I’m not sure why Campbell let this slide last week if he keeps this up then he’s not much better than Philbin. I guess Lazor just enjoys the passing game but if he wants to remain in this league he better realize that he doesn’t have an elite QB who can pass pass pass all game.

    Tanny obviously has horrible pocket presence but the picks may have been on Mathews either way I expect more fire from my qb…

  4. So it looks like this will be the Dolphins 8th straight year without one winning season. Clearly the worst performance in Dolphins history. The blame goes on the owner as he is far more concerned about him making money than about producing a winning team.

    We need an owner that wants to WIN first and foremost. Until we get that expect more of the same crappy teams.

    1. Author

      I think Ross does want to win, but he lacks some components to make it happen. Every good decision Ross has ever made has ended up coming too late. Firing Philbin is the perfect example. Every bad decision he makes comes too soon without enough thought, such as having 47 people “in charge” behind the scenes. It is a good idea for an owner to stay away and let the team play….but not until they are winners. When the team loses, you cannot just sit back and reward the coach who made them losers. Hopefully Ross has learned this.

      1. Yeah, I’m sure he’d prefer to win but its not a driving goal for him. I don’t think it eats at him that he isn’t winning. Losing money would eat at him.

  5. there’s an interview on the fins site with Jay Ajai,who eludes to a possible return to action this sunday against Buffal.(didn’t i read somewhere that he’s not allowed back ’til game 10?)We didn’t get to see a lot of this guy before the injury,but what we did see was pretty good.I’ve been anxious to see his return all season.I wonder which RB he will supplant?

    1. Author

      Dolphins Truth here is a huge fan of Ajai and can’t wait to get him on the field. I think he’s a thousand times better than our current backup RB, Damien Williams. I’d love for Campbell to give him a shot Sunday. We’d have to not dress someone in order to make Ajai active, and I’d vote for Jamar Taylor.

      1. @admin

        BTW “huge fan” its Ajayi not Ajai

        1. Author

          Yeah, you know my rule. When a guy starts producing, then I look up how to spell his name properly. That’s how I finally learned how to spell Rishard and Reshad. 🙂

  6. @ admin

    Interim coach Dan Campbell said Wednesday that Ajayi — who was placed on short-term injured reserve before the season began — is “slowly” coming along and “improving” but that the decision whether to activate him “won’t be for a while.”

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