Preseason Game 2!

So this week, the Dolphins were in the news again because Minkah Fitzpatrick’s mom mouthed off (correctly so) about her son being played out of position.  It’s pretty sad when an old lady knows more about coaching that our alleged professional staff.   Just like when Miko Grimes wasn’t really off base in her analyses.  These ladies are loud and vocal, bit they make strong points.

I liked the olden days better, when Channing Crowder’s mom challenged Rex Ryan to a fistfight.  Now that was lighthearted and cool!

Anyway, Kenny Stills was also in the news again, and hopefully the issues with him and Stephen Ross become non-issues.

One interesting thing I saw cited a few times this week was Brian Flores was upset with Josh Rosen’s body language.  Apparently, Rosen was upset with his linemen for getting him killed three plays in a row and for missing numerous assignments.  He gave his teammates some dirty looks, and Flores did not like it.

Now, some people might praise the coach for trying to instill comaraderie  and a team-only attitude.   But no, Flores is wrong.

I’ve wanted a strong, angry QB for many years now, the way Marino and Favre and Brady were.  Patting a guy on the butt after his holding penalty wiped out a touchdown is not the way to be.  Sorry, Coach Flores, but this is not Pop Warner.   There are no millenial participation trophies for “trying to” block your man.

If Rosen can help these guys by screaming what they did wrong, then allow it.  DON’T condemn it.  When Rosen throws an interception, then he has to accept the jeers from his teammates too.  For too long, the Dolphins have been complacent with complacency, and it’s a little troubling to see that Flores wants more of the same.


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    1. Author

      Ha! I came here to report this injury, but Karma is way ahead of me!

  1. Minka’s Mommy was mouthing off because a beat writer in Ft. Lauderdale said he was playing poorly,which he was. Her ignorant beef was that her little boy was playing out of position and should not be judged so harshly. STHU lady.

    1. Author

      Yes, only Kenny Stills and Karma are allowed to mouth off, but old lady Fitz has to STHU! 🙂

  2. Parker may lose his job if he isn’t careful as Williams continues to impress.

    Drake will be ok as they will always use more than one back but hopefully he’s not too bad.

    Moms will be moms take her twat I mean twitter away and all will be fine….

    1. Author

      Wouldn’t it be great if Parker really did lose her job? We can only hope.

      1. She’s the equivalent of Cameron Maybin w/Los Marlins.

        1. Author

          Yeah, he’s batting .310 for the Yankees.

      2. I’m still hoping that Parker will turn the corner this year. Doubtful but one can hope…

  3. One thing that gets me about you Admin is your predilection to jump to conclusions so easily.

    “Patting a guy on the butt after his holding penalty wiped out a touchdown is not the way to be. Sorry, Coach Flores, but this is not Pop Warner. ”

    That’s one of your conclusions along with an allusion. Screaming and yelling may be what you think is the correct resolution to get a point across, but that kind of tact is not what every coach is going to use to resolve anything. Remember, this coach is not Gase, Flores actually played football. And IF Flores was upset with Rosen’s body language, it might’ve been because Rosen himself wasn’t following procedures correctly, we just don’t know. But quoting something others cited is just actually opinionated critiquing and useless reporting. Also you have to remember this, the Broncos must’ve felt that Rosen wasn’t worth their patience and decided he wouldn’t be missed,W so the Dolphins made a choice to groom him because they think he has worthy talent.

    What we see is the Dolphins trying to put a team together and from that perspective, all we can do is hope and pray.

  4. Author

    All I can say is that myself (and others here on the board) wanted to see more emotional play from Tannehill. I wanted him to get mad at the linemen after he’d get sacked 3 plays in a row. I wanted him to scream at Gase about the insane play calls. Instead, we got a stoic QB who–at least outwardly–lacked a passionate killer instinct.
    I was pleased to learn that Rosen gave his men dirty looks. If you’re not happy, why suppress it? And why should a coach be upset about it?

  5. Three things.

    1. Tannehill was a converted wide receiver. Listening to Sherman is how the Dolphins wound up with him.

    2. You’re not in Coach Flores head so you don’t know what his mindset was.

    3. Dirty looks don’t mean Jack. Don’t throw stupid interceptions and don’t take unnecessary sacks.

    1. Author

      1. Agreed. An experiment that was worth a shot for a year or two, but not 7.
      2. I like his attitude so far, except for a few minor incidents we’ve learned about.,
      3. When he throws interceptions, he has to be man enough to accept the wrath of his teammates. If he can dish it out he has to take it.

  6. Tannehill wasn’t worth a first round pick. Listening to Sherman who ended up on the Dolphins because they listened to Philbin who was myself another catastrophe is how they ended up with Tannehill. Rosen better have a new attitude, the last NFL draft embarrassed him and he better worry more about the wrath of his coaches than his teammates. I don’t expect perfection, but more dumb BS is intolerable.

    1. I mean’t “Philbin who was himself”

      1. I think that the coaches want him to earn the right to yell before allowing Rosen to bitch out his teammates. If he does it now they won’t respect him. Eventually he will earn the right but has to take his lumps first. Let the coaches rip them a new arse when they F up!!!

        Looking forward in seeing who steps up tonight hopefully the oline gets better…

  7. Devante Parker who???….Preston Williams is taking his place! Damn kid looks like a beast!

  8. Had no idea that Suh was on the Buccaneers

  9. Tannehill who??? THAT’S how much of an impression he left on this team! 7 years of wasted time and salary that this team didn’t need. Tannehill never showed a leadership tendency ever. This team, as does every team, needs the QB to be the leader and we’ve been waiting since what Marino days? If Rosen comes out and gives some BS to his guys well, they need to give the respect bec. it’s either him or The Beard running the offense. So get used to dealing with our leader whoever it is. Rosen does need to prove himself, but proving his leadership takes him giving some crap too and at the RIGHT time…a balance a young pup needs to learn to handle, right time-right place. The Beard has enough clout but he may not be the starting QB, I guess they are still in the finding out process. I only get to see game film cuz all we get here in NJ is Jets and I’m sick of seeing Gase AGAIN! Can’t get rid of the dude. You know these two games vs. the Jets will be payback on both sides. I can only hope that Fin fans will be as brutally loud as Jets fan when Miami comes to play them. Nice little surprise in Preston Williams! That’s a shot in the arm boys.

  10. Rosen looked good on that last drive. Wish he would have started the game though!

    1. Rosen looked great but he also didn’t play against the starters. Either way I like what I’m seeing. I’m thinking that they simply don’t want to rush him in until that oline is better. Let Fitz take the lumps which I can understand. Tunsil will help the cause once in but those rookies OG’s are learning on the job.

      I think that the D will be better than first thought. Coaching seems to be better already guys are hustling. Rowe looked decent Baker was a stud.

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