Preseason Game Number Bore. I mean Four.

It’s been a long time…probably my entire life…since I cared this little about a Dolphins game, preseason or otherwise.  I’ll watch and I’ll try to analyze who’s looking good and who should be cut (e.g., DeVante Parker), but there doesn’t seem to be any passion with this team.  There’s not a single player I’m excited to study tonight.  No drama about who will make the team and who won’t.

For example, would it shock you if Kiko Alonso got cut?  Would it surprise you if he made the team?  Would you be upset either way?   I answer NO to all three of those, and it just goes to show you the indifference this team instills in its fans.

With Fitzpatrick sick, it seems like Josh Rosen will get more playing time, and this is unwise.  Brian Flores needs to rest his potential starters, not throw them to the wolves.

The Clowney rumors seem to finally be dying down.  If we are to believe the reports, he doesn’t want to play here.  And even if he did come here, he’s not going to single-handedly turn this franchise around.  That has to come from a QB.


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  1. Fitz sure didn’t look sick on the sideline. Rudock outplayed him tonight,better than any preseason game Fitz has played. The OL looked the best all preseason. Some very good catches too. And some good runs. I realize we’re playing mostly against their slugs too,but still. Maybe it only means our slugs are better than theirs.
    Kiko may be gone and no other team is willing to even give us a 7th for him when they can get him free on Saturday,. Same with McMillan and Parker.
    Even paying a 2nd for Clowney for a 1 year rental is too steep though I’d like to have him. CTE Griese is his normal non-coherent self tonight. Please Bob,make this the last game in the booth.

  2. Retard Flores just named Fitzpatrick as our official starter

    1. NOOOOOO he did not!! What a DCIK!
      My only hope then is that his reasoning is he will play him 1st 4 games and the put Rosen in for the remainder of the season after the bye week. The 1st 4 teams are tough. That’s all I can muster at this point.

      1. Author

        Honestly, I have a sneaking suspicion that Flores is a figurehead here. I just don’t see this rookie head coach saying, “I feel a 37-year-old journeyman is the best QB on the team. I put my foot down. I choose Fitzpatrick, and that’s it. Period.”
        No, I just don’t see it that way. Somehow, some way, I think Flores’s hand is being forced here by Chris Grier or perhaps Ross himself. Publicly, of course, Flores will say this is his own decision, but I’m not buying it.
        On another topic, the rumor is that the Texans want Bong-Mask Tunsil so bad, that they are willing to give up a #1 pick AND Clowney. Sorry, Laremy, but I would send you packing for that trade. That is a LOT of compensation to receive for an offensive tackle who had never been to a Pro Bowl. I like his work, but I like stud DEs and #1 picks better !

        1. His position is 1 of the top 4 most important on any team. There is no way I trade him for Clowney and a 1st rounder. He is a proven asset and our best player on offense. Getting Clowney on a 1 year rental and a 1st rounder that may or may not be on Tunsil’s level is a gamble at best. I can name many 1st round busts. He is a proven commodity that will continue to improve. QB, L OT,shutdown CB and pass rusher are what’s needed as a foundation and we have 2 of 4. W/O him,we have 5 turnstiles that may as bad as UM’s OL!

  3. The Miami Dolphins traded a 2020 seventh-round draft pick for Minnesota Vikings guard Danny Isidora, the team announced.
    The Dolphins also traded an undisclosed conditional 2020 draft pick to the Indianapolis Colts for center/guard Evan Boehm and an undisclosed 2020 draft pick.

    1. What do we think about these 2 moves? Any insight guys? Holla at ya boi lol

      1. I hate to give up the draft picks but if either of them is an improvement along the OL,hell yes!

        1. I appreciate the reply ya’ll. Gosh I hope this isnt a dumpster fire season, there has to be some light popping out somewhere this year! Our Oline has been so inconsistent since forever what gives!

      2. Author

        Signing last-minute castoffs from non-playoff teams? It has to be for depth. SOMEONE on the o line has to step up and help Tunsil

        1. I think these olinemen will help you can never have enough of them. The depth was very shaky although Karma was right they did pretty good against the saints. I can at least see a system and progress out of this team so let’s be positive.

          I could have went either way at QB but if Rosen is still learning the offense it makes sense to let him learn. In the past guys like Rogers, Brady, etc… waited for their time and it helped them. You don’t have to send them out to be slaughtered immediately. I have faith that he’ll play as Fitz can’t come in and win every game we know that….

  4. Here is an updated list of the Dolphins cuts with 2 hours before the deadline:
    1.LB-Quentin Poling
    2.WR-Trenton Irwin – a surprise cut as he was showing out on special teams and spot chances at WR – a candidate for the P-Squad
    3.OL-Michael Dun
    4.CB-Jalen Davis
    5.DT-Joey Mbu
    6.WR-Reece Horn
    7.CB-Tyler Patmon
    8.CB-David Rivers
    9.DT-Cory Thomas
    10.OL-Cory Fuller
    11.OL-Aaron Monteiro
    12.WR-Brice Butler
    13.LS-Wes Farnsworth
    14.RB-Kenneth Farrow –
    15.OT-Jaryd Jones
    16.G-Durval Queiroz Neto
    17.DT-Jamiyus Pittman
    18.QB-Jake Rudock
    19.LB-Tyrone Holmes
    20.LB-Tre’ Watson
    21.LB-Terrance Smith
    22.DE-Tank Carradine
    23.CB-Cornell Armstrong
    24.LB-Nick DeLuca
    25.TE-Dwayne Allen
    26.CB-Torry McTyer
    27.WR- TJ Rahming
    28.CB-Nik Needham
    29.G-Tony Adams

    1. I thought that Tank would make it as he looked pretty good. They should keep Rudock on the PS if possible as he looked great. I like Jalen Davis too…

      1. Ford gonzo Hurns remains I guess he still has value when healthy. Will be nice to see the depth chart.

  5. Author

    No surprises on offense or defensive cuts. A few DBs were let go in Armstrong, McTyer, and Mo Smith. Plus, Tankersly is out at least 6 weeks. Meaning opposing QBs will have a field day against us in the first 2 months of the season.

    1. I actually think that the D won’t be as bad as it looks due to better coaching and system. Of course if the O does shit then it will break under the pressure but they may surprise.

      Looks like they’re keeping Kiko probably due to some teams are interested and were waiting to poach him. Maybe they can get something after all.

  6. Author

    Wow, the Texans only got a 3rd round pick (plus some unknown ham-and-eggers) for Clowney. Clowney must have really hated Ross/Flores to refuse to come here.

    1. Texans bungled the whole situation he should have been moved back in the spring similar to Seattle moving their DE. Now Seattle got another one back for free very smart GM’ing.

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