Quick Observations from the Miami Dolphins’ First Game

The Bears’ scrub players are better than ours.

The media is REALLY over-hyping our first-string offense.   Yes, they scored on a nice opening drive, but it wasn’t smooth.  We had first and goal and the Bears stopped us three plays in a row.

Then a Bear penalty gave us another third down.   Wasted.

Then we went for it on 4th down.  (In a real game, there is no way on earth that Clueless Joe goes for 6 in that scenario).    We also had two holds on the opening drive…it was not a clean drive at all.

The Dolphins got  touchdown out of the deal only because of a Bear penalty and a pre-season risk by Joe Philbin.   Against a better team in the regular season, it woulda be 3-0.

Yet, guys like Andy Cohen over at Dolphins.com say, “The first team offense could not have looked any more impressive.”   Wow, if a lucky touchdown drive aided by penalties impresses Andy that much, no wonder the Dolphins hired him.

Game Night!

I’m a big Mike Gillislee supporter, but getting stripped by a 5th-string defensive back for a fumble might have sealed Mike’s fate.   Cannot let that happen.

I hate the offensive formations we use.   Same as last year.   There are way too many spread formations.  When it’s third and 2, bring in some extra meaty blockers and get the job done.  Instead, we have 4 wideouts and a RB.   We do this all the time.  It works once in a while, but overall, it doesn’t add up in the long scheme of things.  Just look at our record last year for proof.

Mike Hull was not as stellar as I hoped, but he did play well and had some big hits.

Jamar Taylor should be a dime back at best.  He is lost out there.

Joe Philbin has the same look/demeanor as always.

Kong Suh made no spectacular plays, but I kept my eye on him, and he does clog up the middle.  That’s what we kept hearing in the off-season, and that’s exactly what he accomplished.  Well done.

Our defense caused zero turnovers, while the Bear defense caused about 200 turnovers it seems.

Josh Freeman and McCleod Thompson have an interesting battle ahead of them.  Neither one is good, and that makes the contest so fun to watch.

I don’t believe in blaming the mistakes on “it was only our first game.”   That is nonsense.  A defensive lineman is taught in the first grade that you don’t jump until you see movement.  Dolphin linemen were fooled all night long by hard counts, and there is no excuse for that.  Poor discipline.


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  1. Tannahill was very good as advertised. His passes were on time and made two difficult throws into double coverage seem like routine child’s play.

    I was impressed by turner not being a human turnstile but I’ll reserve judgment until the games matter and quality of opponent is better

    Yes there were a few penalties that hurt but at this point of the preseason it looks better then the last few years so I’ll take that but it means nothing especially with the bulk of the first half of the season being played on the road

  2. Tannehill missed a wide open receiver in the end zone on the play where Chicago was offsides. He also didn’t throw anything long mostly dinks and dunks. I thought the starting OL played super giving great protection and opening holes in the run game.

  3. Interesting article from SI today analyzing the Dolphins this season – with emphasis on Suh and what (he thinks) we should and shouldn’t expect: http://mmqb.si.com/mmqb/2015/08/17/miami-dolphins-ndamukong-suh-nfl-ryan-tannehill

    The author seems to be familiar with the Dolphins team and coaching staff enough to highlight players and plays from last season, as well as taking some subtle shots at Philbin. Worth the read.

    (It’s not about the Bears game, fyi…)

  4. The day we signed Louis Delmas I knew his injury bug would be an issue. Cut him NOW. Walt Aikens… welcome to show!!!!

    1. They say ACL’s take 9 months to heal and they only waited 6 months. The Dolphin doctors make a lot of mistakes with Delmas, the injured draft choices and their assesment of Drew Brees which was catastrophic for the franchise. If they had made a correct assesment on Brees not only would we have him for years but we’d also have put to better use all the high draft choices we blew on John Beck, Pat White, Chad Henne and Ryan Tannehill.

  5. Draft choice blown on Ryan Tannehill? Watch more football. That’s the prescription for that foolery you’re posting.

    1. I think he was saying we could’ve put all those draft choices to better use if we had signed Brees. Tough loss tonite.

  6. If we had signed Bree’s would it have been that different with dimwit coaches, nonexistent Oline and shoddy second half defenses

    Maybe but who knows

    From this far in the preseason 2 things stand out like gleaming neon lights

    1 – Philbin is still a dim wit
    2 – the offensive line sucks

    We have to throw at the goal line because the Oline is so poor. Over and over again we don’t run for two yards hell we don’t run at first a goal we pass??

    The Oline will be the end of the season because tannehill can’t keep getting sacked record amounts of times every year without him eventually getting seriously hurt.

    Oh yea and I guess after two games we see how well Matt Moore will do as his backup.

    1. Cmon man. If we had Drew Brees instead of Daunte Culpepper, Chad Henne, John Beck, Pat White, and Ryan Tannehill it would’ve made a world of difference. Playoffs every year and Brandon Marshall and Mike Wallace would’ve been happy with the QB.

  7. @jay I would also like to speculate that Bree’s would have by himself made the Dolphins perennial playoff contenders

    But in New Orleans he had a very good coaching staff. A better then average defense most of the time and a decent offensive line.

    He would have had none of that in Miami plus throw in a few years of getting sacked more then anyone else in the NFL and I’m not sure it would have faired well for him here

    Yes Breese is better then any QB in your list but one QB doesn’t solve all those problems long term.

    Our OL has sucked for the better part of a decade and our coaching staff is led by clueless, totally outclassed Joe.

    You think Marshall and Wallace would have feasted because of Bress? He would have to stay in the pocket long enough for those deep routes to develop

    That’s the problem…… That’s why 90% of tannahills passes are dinks and dunks….. That’s why we can’t run the ball on goal to go……

    It’s maddening that it’s been so long and we’re still talking about our guards finally getting IT

    And then when we see them play it seems they aren’t getting it at all

  8. Drew Brees is far better than all those QB’s combined. Granted, Culpepper had a few nice years but Brees is a HOFer, And top QB’s like Brees dont need great OL’s. They know how to extend the plays and use screens to combat a pass rush.

  9. Tannehill’s lack of pocket presence and accuracy are way bigger question arks than our OL. The OL looks pretty good so far.

  10. That’s nonsense IMO

    Ya QB can extend some plays and get outside the pocket but you can’t play all year and go deep into the playoffs with out a decent OL.

    Brady will end up one of the best if not the best QB in football (of course you guys will argue that too) and he can’t play behind a crap line. He gets hit and starts giving the game away…..

    Anyhow I guess we will see how important an OL is shortly won’t we

    And tannehill isn’t the problem for the fins anymore

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