Reggie Bush Cut by the Lions. Please Bring him back to the Dolphins

Reggie averaged over a thousand yards in each of his two Dolphins seasons.

He worked hard and produced some amazing, electrifying runs, and he was deadly on screen passes.  Despite his production, Joe Philbin felt he wasn’t good enough to be a Dolphin.

Why does Joe Philbin get rid of players with such athleticism?

We really like Mike Gillislee and hope he can recover from his injury.  But Reggie is twice the back that Gillislee is, and his proven experience could make him and Lamar Miller a deadly combination.

Bring back Knowshon Moreno, and we could give any team in the league matchup nightmares.

This is all conjecture, of course.  Joe Philbin has proven that he is not a man who learns from his mistakes, and getting rid of Reggie was one of his big ones.  He has a chance to make up for it and try to win Reggie back, we all know he”ll probably go after Michael Egnew instead.


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  1. I would welcome Reggie back anyday.

  2. We didn’t exactly cut Reggie. He was a free agent and left to take a bigger money deal then whatever the Dolphins offered or would have offered. I wouldn’t mind having him back though. We could use another weapon, especially if we trade Wallace.

    1. Actually, from what I remember (without looking anything up), Reggie became a free agent and the Dolphins basically didn’t talk to him.

      I recall Reggie making some statement(s) officially or unofficially that basically were (paraphrasing), “I’d like to stay here, but I guess they don’t want me because nobody has asked me to stay or made an offer.”

      Anybody else remember it going down like that?

      1. Author

        That’s about what happened. When I say stuff like “Philbin got rid of someone,” I imply that to mean cut him or suspended him permanently, or never bothered to make an offer. It’s all different methods to achieve the same result. I still think we need a bigger bruising RB to complement Miller, so I’d like to see us re-sign Moreno, although I know many of you disagree.

        1. Actually I agree about Moreno. Even if he’s only able to power through enough for us to get a few early wins, it’s probably worth it.

      2. his asking price was too much, plus Miami wanted to go younger as Reggie started to show durability issues. And Philbin didn’t like the Reggie “danced” too much, too much east to west and not enough north north.

  3. They knew they would have to give him a pay raise or a long term deal to keep him and even despite the 1000 yard seasons he posted he really isn’t an every down back or worth big bucks. He would probably be part of an awesome platoon with Lamar Miller. We should try to sign him for cheap and draft a power back like Jay Ajayi in the 3rd or 4th round if he is still there.

  4. I think the Bush ship has sailed…. He’s becoming injury prone…… a 1 down back….part of the past….He’s an easy 1 arm tackle….. BUT…. if he can be had on the cheap he may offer something for a year or 2

  5. Resigning Knowshon would be welcome as he would undoubtedly come very cheap due to the injury. However I would wonder if he would actually be healthy enough to play by the season opener.

    1. what is the use, he would probably be back on IR by halftime.

  6. Well I can’t see the Dolphins picking up Bush hell they didn’t even keep Hartline around although I think they can find a good receiver in the draft but really the way this organization used (or should I say didn’t use) Heartline over the last year and then the way they show him the door it just dosn’t leave a good tast in my mouth. I won’t pass judgment in full yet because Hickey could use that money to fix the OL or get a few real LB and preferably a real MLB but time will tell on that.

    I can say I have as little confidence right now as I ever have had in the Dolphins

    How sad

  7. New regime is getting rid of Ireland’s bad contracts. Ellerbe and Wheeler are next. Maybe Wallace.

    1. if he gets rid of Wallace, Hickey will show how stupid he truely is

      1. Author

        Agreed. Keeping Wallace was important throughout this whole off-season, and it’s even MORE important now that we lost Hartline and Gibson. It is remarkable to us at Dolphins Truth how many Dolfans want to get rid of Wallace. I am proud to have intelligent fans here reading our site. Other Dolphin sites are flooded with people who think it’s Wallace’s fault that T-hill doesn’t throw the deep ball well.

        1. Tannehill has shown he can hit guys deep and in stride, however he just can’t do it with Wallace specifically for whatever reason. He has hit Hartline multiple times for passes over 25 and 30 yards in stride, as well as well as Gibson and Matthews, and even Dion Sims – but he dropped them.

          Those fans that want to get rid of Wallace, I’m glad they are not the GM – not that I think our current GM is much smarter. Wallace, besides bringing 10 TDs to the table (which it took 4 other WRs to match – match, not pass) Wallace’s presence allows everyone else to have 1 on 1 match-ups that they can and should win (but don’t always). Wallace constantly drawing double teams and stretching the field leaves a lot of room for Landry to work and produce underneath. His presence also allows the running game to be effective as the Ss can’t cheat to the line because Wallace can burn them bad if they do.

          Wallace is more than speed and 10 TDs. People cry for Marshall, losing Marshall didn’t matter, he had more drops than Ginn, more TD drops than receptions and nor did he make anyone else’s job easier. Losing or getting rid of Wallace would set the offense and Tannehill back tremendously. And even worse, there is no one who ca fill his shoes. Hartline? Gone. Gibson? Gone, Matthews? He is always on the coaching staffs shit list and while he is good, he isn’t good enough. Landry? Don’t make me laugh, he possess the size nor the speed to play on the outside.

          Fine, he doesn’t have to have the size (see DeSean Jackson) but he isn’t even half as fast as Jackson so he won’t be able to dominate a game like Jackson is capable of or make Ss respect the deep ball like Wallace or Jackson. And he would never be able to produce constantly facing double teams like Wallace does. Getting rid of Wallace would be the stupidest thing Miami has done to date for many reasons.

          1. Author

            Rod and I have some disagreements, but he is right on the money here: “Getting rid of Wallace would be the stupidest thing Miami has done to date for many reasons.”
            You hear some Dolfans say that Wallace sucks. You hear Philbin supporters say it. You even hear former Steeler fans and the Ravens owner say it. But you know who NEVER says Wallace sucks? The DBs who have to cover him. He’s a nightmare to defend, and it really shows when you analyze his routes.

            1. Exactly, I’m glad you see things the way they are. And all of those teams that say he sucks or have implied it, they would pick him up in a heart beat if he was available on the market at a favorable price – Can’t say the same thing about Hartline or Gibson. There are fans out there who believe those guys are more valuable than Wallace, which tells me they have no clue about football and would make terrible GMs.

  8. Hopefully so I think Hickey did a really good job last year but who knows if Ross gave Philbin more say, less say, left him with the same say over players

  9. What’s the status Moreno? Can he come back? Is he recovered from the injury? Man, I was so pumped for him too. I always liked Hartline, tho last few years noticed a let down. I guess I didn’t see it coming for him. But, I hope they re-eval Wallace. For all the money they pay him, he should be catching balls like his hair is on fire. We need him to rip it up but something tells me there is a coaching issue with all that’s wrong with our Dolphins! Ya think.

    Frustrated for years - formerly anonymous
    1. Yes, the problem is Lazor. It’s his way or no way. He doesn’t let Tannehill audible AT ALL or go deep, and Tannehill, NOT JUST WALLACE would like to take more shots down field. I’m surprise a lot of fans don’t remember around mid season all the reports and public statements from Tannehill and co, they would clash with Lazor about taking more shots down-field, but Lazor refused to. And I’m pretty sure Tannehill would like more control of the offense – what franchise QB doesn’t?

      Of course the Dolphins did damage control and said yeah, that is an issue, but it’s not that serious, everyone just wants to win and gets along.

      Bottom line, Lazor is a dick and needs to trust his players more and take more chances. Miami became very conservative and predictable many times during the season and it cost them games.

      1. Author

        Every fault of Lazor that you point out is true. However, all these faults of his are because of Philbin. If your players and fans are screaming to try long passes, and the offensive coordinator says “no,” then the head coach can and should step in and overrule the OC. But Philbin is incredibly out of tune. When players come to him to air their opinions, Philbin doesn’t listen to them. Instead, they get benched or traded. So when T-hill and Wallace alert the coaches that the long pass will work, Philbin instead says “I know better than you. After all, I am an 8-8 coach so I don’t need to change my game plan.”

        1. You are absolutely correct, Philbin can over rule and should. Even when Sherm was here, this was also an issue, even in practice.

          But should it even have to come down to an over ruling? Lazor was brought in to make the offense better – which he did improve – but it can be better. Lazor has to stop being a dick (which it is know around the league how much of a control freak he is and how stubborn he is with listening to others’ ideas) , that is the bottom line. An OC is there to call plays and is in charge of the offense in today’s NFL. HC typically delegate, they don’t calls plays, just game plan with his coordinators and call timeouts and challenges.

  10. Yep they way they decided to go away from heartland last year and yet didn’t get the ball to Wallace tells me there are major coaching problems. I mean I could see going away from heartland and giving 50% to 60% of those throws to wallace. That makes sense but giving them to running backs and 3rd string tight ends on swing routs and 3 yard slants? Dumb coaching in my opinon

  11. “A Mania Dolphins Mint”

    I saw this yesterday and just laughed because it doesn’t mention if Tannenbaum used this approach in NY or not and if he did it didn’t mention how it worked there. If he didn’t use it in NY when the hell did he become so “Interested” in it? When he was canned and needed to rely on something OTHER then his past performance to get a job even with the Dolphins?

    What experience does he have with this? I get that he hired a with a lot of experience from South Africa and hey that can’t hurt anything


    You can say what you will about injury’s…… Philbin can use that excuse all he wants to explain his latest 8-8 season but even with all the injury’s last year


    I want an artical about how the damm head coach is improving because that will get it us into the playoffs with or without the injury’s.

    ohhh ya no one can write a story about that because Ross thinks Philbin is the next Shula if not for a few injury’s….

    We could very well be 8-8 next season the only difference is the guys will all be feeling a lot better when they lose!

    Who cares? Not I………

    1. Brian M –

      Yeah, I love how the article says that Tannenbaum is thinking “out of the box” by hiring the sport science expert. I agree with you that it can’t hurt. But by the same token…

      How about they think completely INSIDE the box and get a competent coach?

      And you’re right – Ross thinks Philbin is Shula, or something like that. God knows why. The way the Dolphins organization is currently set up I think Philbin reports directly to Ross (if I remember correctly). Therefore Tannenbaum can’t do a damn thing about the coaching situation even if he wants to.

  12. No I think the only thing Tannabum can do is get in Hickeys way and screw us up even more.

    Does anyone know if Tannabum and Philbin have some connection somewhere along the way?

    God Philbin had a job when Ross found him and he sucks. Tannabum wasn’t only fired he was almost chased out the door And we get his great football mind

    1. Not at all, Hickey is screwing up all by himself. Face it, Hickey did a terrible job bringing in all the free agents that he did that wen’t named Albert. They all sucked outside of Albert.

      Finnegan and Delmas were liabilities in pass coverage. After the Bear game where he got trucked, Finnegan was afraid to tackle, Delmas never delivered his big hits he promised. As predicted, Moreno was done for the season a few games in. ALL of the original FAs outside of Albert ALL found their way to the bench at one point for poor or ineffective play. And Mitchell disappeared by mid-season.

      Hickey did a HORRIBLE job in free agency, blowing millions on players who were injury prone, passed their prime, and or complete busts. Hopefully Mr T will help Hickey make smarter decisions when it comes to FAs because he clearly has no idea what he is doing in that department.

      1. Author

        Gotta respectfully disagree with your assessment of Finnegan and Delmas, both of whom scored TDs for us this year. Finnegan got hurt, and that really hurt his season. But up until then he was doing okay. Certainly he is better than Jimmy Wilson, Jamar Taylor, and Will Davis combined. Finnegan was tough and wanted to be out there. I get the feeling that Will Davis is terrified to be out there. Delmas was a huge improvement over the previous regime of safeties too. Chris Clemons and those guys never added a thing to our team. Reshad Jone was respectable when he wasn’t getting suspended, and Delmas added to that.

        1. I definitely disagree with your assessment. Just because each scored a TD does not negate the fact that both were rated poorly statistically by PFF – not even in the top half in their respective positions. Chad Henne threw TD passes, does that mean he is franchise QB who is destined for the Hall of Fame? Certainly not, just because each scored a defensive TD doesn’t mean they played great or even well.

          Finnegan constantly gave up big plays (even before he got hurt) or was picked on and loss 3rd down battles numerous times during the season (and lets us not forget how he was humiliated by Eric Decker in the season finale when he was healthy) No one is saying he didn’t have the heart or desire – he is a competitor, he better – what I am saying, and that stats tell as well as film, he simply wasn’t good enough, and the same goes for Delmas.

          Delmas had a pick and a TD, 1 sack and 3 passes defended, big whoop, once again, that does not mean he was elite or even good. Clemons the previous season had 1 INT as well and 8 passes defended, and that was during what was essentially a bad season for Reshad Jones and a rotating secondary at RCB due to injuries. From a statistical standpoint, the SS position was actually worse this season compared to last season with Clemons according to PFF … and you could also see it in play. Delmas was brought in to make impact plays – he made ONE, congratulations! He was not consistent and gave up big plays unlike Clemons. Clemons was steady, he just didn’t make impact plays so they brought in Delmas who they thought would be an upgrade – he wasn’t, he was actually a downgrade – check for yourself.

          And are you implying that Jones didn’t have an impact to the secondary as well as the defense when he returned? Delmas had no control over the secondary, and the defense as a whole was in disarray until Jones returned. Jones is the heart and soul of the secondary and what gives the defense its edge. If you don’t know or realize that then there is no use in even coming back to this site, as it isn’t an informed one.

          1. Author

            Good points, and perhaps I overestimate the value of Finnegan and Delmas. Let’s agree that Grimes is clearly our number one CB. Then there is a huge step downward until you get to the rest. Out of Davis, Taylor, RJ Stanford, Walt Aikins, and some other temps, I still liked Finnegan out of those guys. I do see your point about them, and I’m not saying Finnegan played like an All Pro, but at least he brought something to the table (if only for a few games). The younger kids brought nothing and intimidated no one.
            As far as Jones, he is adequate, but we need so much more. Maybe Delmas wasn’t the answer, but we gotta keep looking. Average safeties have plagued us for a long time. Combined with a so-so defensive coordinator, and our average safeties look weaker. I couldn’t tell you the two safeties on New England. They are team players in a good scheme. You can make up for being a so-so player if your 10 teammates make up for you. In Miami, they can’t. And us fans have to suffer !

            1. Jones is one of the top Ss in the league, not one of the top FSs, but between Free and Strong, he is among the top, hence his big contract extension a couple of seasons ago. Had Miami let him hit the free agent market he would have gotten more money and would have been gone right away. 2013 was a down season for him no doubt, but last year pretty good. his first game back you could see the defense played with way more intensity and urgency against GB, a very good offensive opponent. He is the heart and soul of the defense. Cam is a force, but Jones is the heart and soul.

              Do you watch Taylor fill in for Finnegan? he was great, the secondary was playing its best when he was in. Unfortunately he got hurt in the Denver game and the wheels came off there after. Taylor will start and is more than good enough to start opposite Grimes unless the coaching staff and front office pulls yet another blunder and brings in an over priced over the hill FA. Taylor will only get better, we have in house talent in Taylor, no need to go outside, not only is it stupid but it is a waste of money.

              As for Davis and Aikens, we really don’t know what we have in them, not only were they not given enough playing time to make a fair assessment on either, they got hurt when they did get playing time. For whatever reason, the coaching staff doesn’t like to give much playing time to younger players. In Landry’s case, first of all, Gibson wasn’t as good as fans made him out to be, saying he was better than Wallace – BULLSHIT! Because of Wallace he was allowed to put up the numbers he did before he got hurt, and even than he had drops before hitting IR. Anyway, Landry is better than Gibson, and he is far and away better than Gibson still recovering from a major knee injury. Other than that, younger guys just don’t get much of a chance. And that, that falls on Philbin as well as the rest of the staff and front office.

              Chung and McCourty are pretty good, they fly to the ball. But also Revis being there this year made them look like a super star defense because Revis eliminated the other teams best WR. Grimes is good, but this season was a step back from last season I feel. I saw him get beat numerous times and against the Vikings he was just embarrassed by Greg Jennings constantly. I don’t know whether he ran out of gas o r what but he played poor in that game and late in the season as well. My point is he is no Revis and Revis’ presence alone makes the defense for the Patriots better than what they are.

              Our best DB are Jones, Grimes, Taylor Wilson, Stanford, in that order. Aikien and Davis, like I said, not enough opportunity to make a fair assessment. But Jones is Pro Bowl material and one of the best Ss in the game. Grimes is really good, just had a down year this season in my opinion. Taylor looked really good in the games he played in before he got hurt. Which is why when fans say we need to bring in a CB to pair with Grimes I wanna beat my head against the wall because it shows how ignorant some fans are.

              We have a good secondary, we just need to get better upfront as Mitchell was a hug step down from Solia. But injuries did hurt the front seven, plus Jordan’s suspension…we were a mess last year defensively. And the coaching staff HAS to learn how to use Jordan, he is a great athlete and asset but he isn’t being used nearly as well or effectively as he should be.

  13. Nice recap Rod

    I don’t know much about Tannabum I just know that dispite the jets having a better coach then we did over the last 3 years the jets were arguably worse then the dolphins.

    Hopefully your right believe me I would love it if Ross accidentally made a great hire.

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