Reshad Jones is Gone

The Dolphins ended an era in releasing Reshad Jones this week.  Despite his frequent injury and his career-long penchant for talking about how good he was and how much money he should earn, he was an impactful player for the most part.

Jonesey is the latest casualty of the bizarre world of the Dolphins.   Yes, I know it’s early, but this is not the way to rebuild.

You want to get younger, so you get rid of 22-year old All Pro Minkah Fitzpatrick and 25-year old All Pro Laremy Tunsil.

You want to save all your money so that you can afford to re-sign your best players, like Jonesy, but then you cut him anyway.  Why bother saving all that cap money if you don’t spend a little?  Sure he’s older and costly.  but we have money to blow this year, and it makes far more sense to keep a decent, known player around rather than the crapshoot of a free agent or rookie.

Especially with Fitzpatrick and Xavien Howard (probably for 4 games at least) gone, the secondary–which is already a fairly weak aspect of our team–needs a few more solid guys, not question marks.   Was Jones going to be worth his 2020 salary?  Eh, probably not, but you never know.  Why not give him another year and his his career play out here.   We have plenty of money.

That being said, my fondest memory of Jonesy will be the Pittsburgh game a few years ago.   Pitt nearly beat us with their own version of the Miracle in Miami, but Antonio Brown stepped out of bounds on his way to the endzone.  On his own.  No one touched him.   He just mis-stepped.

Jones is circled on the far left.   He had already slipped and slided and took himself our of the play.  Instead of chasing Brown, Jones decided to jog over to the sideline…MID-PLAY!!

I’ll generally miss the guy, but not on plays like that one:


Watch it here:


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  1. Honestly this one I kinda get… he hasn’t been pro bowl caliber for a couple years now amidst a string of injuries and probably not going to play up to his salary. We’re not in a “win now” mode just yet so might as well get younger at the position.

    I AM still pissed about the Minkah and Laremy situation but we’ll see what they do with all that draft capital before I pass final judgement I guess.

    1. Author

      yeah, good points. I was debating some alleged Dolfans in another forum, long before the Jones decision was announced. They kept saying that we had to get rid of Tunsil and Minkah becasue we need to rebuild around young players. I was like, “You realize they are only 23-25 years old?” I guess 23 is too old for Ross

  2. I’ve been in the fence about Rashad for a while. Isn’t he the one who pulled himself out of the game? I’ve even heard some chatter about him being in the Dolphins ring of home and to that I say no way Jose. Glad to see him go.

    1. Author

      LOL, I forgot all about that game. Yeah, they sat Reshad for a few plays to let some young guy go in for a bit. When it was Reshad’s turn to go back in, he was sulking and refused to play.

      1. There’s also some talk about bringing Cam Wake back. To that I say heck ya! Yes he’s old but to me he’s worthy of the Ring of Honor.

        1. Author

          I’d take him in a second. However, I think it’s just nostalgia talking and Wishful Thinking. Flores only likes rookies.

  3. There’s some mumblings about Melvin Gordon’s interest in Miami. Any thoughts?

    1. Author

      RBs are a dime a dozen. If Melvin wants to come here and play for a fair salary, fine. But he’s an ingrate who held out last year. And that means a troublemaker.

      1. I don’t think that he’ll get anything close to the money he’s looking for so there could be a shot there. They could front load a deal while they have cap and cut him later if it doesn’t work out. There are a lot of other options out there too though so that’s good news. Funny but Drake leads the list….

  4. Tannehill signs a big contract extension with the Titans. I’m happy for him.

  5. Saw a joke a few minutes ago- Coronavirus prevention tip- wear a Miami Dolphins Jersey. You won’t catch anything. 😃

    1. I heard that from a Giants fan!

  6. Dolphins gave Tannepuke a nice contract-when he did… what? and we saw how great he was after that.
    It’s their wallet this time.

  7. Hey guys. Its PhinsUp! from Way back. Just checking on my favorite Dolphins page. I’ve watched a few games from last season and like what I see in Flores. I saw the team fighting hard even when the loss was inevitable. This 5-11 Team impressed me more than the flat and spiritless 8-8 teams Philbin presented. It gave me some hope maybe things will turn in the right direction. I cant comment on the particulars or details as I’ve barely been into the NFL for the past couple of years. I explained why in a previous post. Nice things are still going well and even seeing a few familiar names. Oh and if you really want to make sure its the real me.
    Be good yall

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