…Reshad Jones…

So, Reshad Jones is an intriguing guy.

He skipped last month’s voluntary team workouts but did report to the mandatory practices that began today.  He said he skipped the May sessions because “voluntary means voluntary.”   Um, okay.

He’s a skilled player and, personally, I think he’s our best DB.  Yes, Xavien Howard has improved, but Jones is more reliable and steady…until he isn’t.  I cannot and won’t forget the game last year when Jones REFUSED to go into the game when they asked him to.  Jones likes to run his mouth about all the Pro Bowls he’s been to, but he remains mum on why he quit on the team in the middle of a game.   He still says he didn’t quit.  He defends himself.  But denying the FACT that he refused to play doesn’t make that fact go away.

”I don’t really have to prove anything to anybody,” he said.    Ummm, yes you do.   You have to prove that you won’t quit again.   You have to prove that if the coach sits you for a play, that you will go back in when told to.  You must prove that you can keep your ego in check.

During a season when Jordan Phillips and Cameron Wake begged to be on the field more, Jones begged to sit on the bench.  The guys who wanted to play got sent packing, and the guy who refused to play is still on the team.   Who do you blame for that bizarre logic?

Trading Jones is unwise.   We’d be losing a quality DB, plus we’d be on the hook for his salary.  Keeping him is the way to go.  But…we need to keep him while at the same time rearrange his priority.   Fostering a team-first mentality is a cliche.  Has any coach in sports history said they want a me-first player?   No, never.   They all emphasize that they want team first.  Now the problem is getting Jones to buy into that.

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  1. Totally agree on this! I really want to see Jones become a team guy and because I’m a “homer” I thinking he is. I tend to think (no proof just hope) that Jones sat out and quit more on idiot Gase than on the Miami Dolphins.

    I kinda of give him a pass because he is a stud pro bowl player hands down, no doubt about it and he was surrounded by absolute incompetent coaches. You have to think that feed into it more than he quit on the team.

    It would have been nice to see him at the voluntary days and the fact that he wasn’t does not indicate his head is right but I hope beyond hope that it is.

    I’m with you that he needs to start PROVING himself quickly.

  2. Yeah I agree with you as he was dealing with Gase and Burke those ingenious masterminds. In this case he was wrong but I’d lose my shit too. He did want to play but those idiots pulled him out when he wasn’t tired.

  3. Jones is a stud. I hope we keep him. Didn’t like that hissy fit last year, but I agree he was dealing with Gase. He seems to attract that attitude. I hope he still does in NY! But yeah, we need to keep Jones!

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