Richie Incognito is back !

Well, he’s back in the NFL, just not with the Dolphins.

Richie has signed on with the Oakland Raiders, who I suspect will get something out of him.  I always hoped that he would come back to Miami after accepting a massive apology from Stephen Ross.  But I don’t think that’s gonna happen!

Whether it’s Richie or Tyreek Hill or Colin Kaepernick or Ray Rice, ..what are your thoughts on signing some of the NFL’s controversial bad boys?


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  1. OT. Though not a bad boy and I was never a fan b/c he missed far too many games with injury,it makes me think of Pouncey and the level he played at and played every game last season at a high level. Cements my thinking that he simply didn’t want to play here when maybe he could have with injuries that really weren’t as bad as suspected.
    Back on topic,the Browns seem to have no issues signing as many bad boys as they can. Do we want to be PC,football-wise,or is it win at any cost? I’m favoring the latter right now. But I don’t think Tom Flores will do it.

  2. Author

    You heard it here first: The Browns over-achieved last year. They aren’t in the Steelers’ or Ravens’ league right now, and they will be back to the typical Browns at around 4-12 this year,

    1. Just the opposite. The Browns may win the division and Pitts and Bal aren’t any better this season.So it is a 3-way battle for top spot.

  3. If only the real season occurred in May and June. The Charles Harris and DaVente Parker would be all pros.

    1. Got to give the new staff a chance. Remember, this is hard for us Dolphin fans to do, that good coaches make players better. Hopefully this is happening here.

  4. I don’t mind giving guys a second chance but if it’s something real bad or hopeless I’ll pass.

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