Richie Incognito Reunites with his True Teammates

The only good thing about the Pro Bowl was seeing All Pro guard Richie Incognito team up once again with his friends Cameron Wake and Jarvis Landry.

You remember Richie, right?   The All pro guard who the Dolphins threw away because he teased his friend.

Teammates. As they still should be.
Teammates. As they still should be.

Imagine if the Dolphins simply benched him for a series, or even a game or tow, instead of over-reacting and feeding into this false bullying culture.   We’d still have a perennial All Pro lineman on our team and one of the best lines in the league.   Instead, we kept Dallas Thomas, Billy Turner, and Mike Pouncey.  Wonderful.

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  1. Aww man, dont get me started on our old pal Jon Martin. 😃 Just imagine what might have been if he used his lackluster performance as motivation to become a better player. All he had to do was better himself and he would have earned respect from all. Instead he did what he did, and, well, you know the rest if the story- one is a Pro Bowler and the other…

  2. Always seems to happen to the Fins yet the patsies can take on serial killers with no issues. Don’t get me wrong I actually don’t want them to start acting like the patsies but in this case you were totally correct Richie should never have been banished. Just severely warned to stop that behaviour and let boys be boys. Make him take a sensitivity course or something and move on. Crazy overkill….

  3. Author

    Yes. Jonathan Martin could have quietly quit the team, faked an injury, waited until the off-season, spoken privately to Richie or to Philbin, etc etc. There were dozens of productive ways in which Martin could have handled this.
    But instead, he went to his lawyer/parents and the media, who ate it up like a spectacle.
    For example, I think Arian Foster and his wishy-washy decisionmaking hurt the Dolphins in 2016. HOWEVER, the way he handled himself was professional and courteous and very low key. Now THAT is the proper way to turn your back on your teammates.

    1. I think foster wasn’t healthy enough to play. I’d rather have the guy give up his roster spot than be a lame duck. Probably was difficult for the guy but he was warn down after getting milked all of those years by the texans.

  4. Incognitabrain has been a cancer on every team he’s ever played for…..and NEVER a winning team. Ireland should’ve never have signed that cancer to our Fins! He was in the funny farm for GOOD REASON!!

  5. Author

    Jay’s Truth “and NEVER a winning team”
    DolphinsTruth: His team won two days ago.

    1. One game??? TOO FUNNY!!! The Fins didn’t win till he was LONG GONE!!

      Don Shula would NEVER have Incognitabrain on his team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FACT!!!!!!!!!

      1. Jay’s Truth

        “Philbin is a great coach who lost his job because of tannehill!”

        “Matt Moore is a Pro Bowl QB who elevates the play of the team around him”

        on and on and on and on with the stupid comments

        @Admin can’t you add a disclaimer before Jays comments that Warn “Stupid Comment Ahead!”

        1. Author

          Brian, I missed you yesterday when I was going back and forth with Jay and his constant praising of Jonathan Martin. I was like, “I wish Brian M were here with one of his famous Jay comments.” Glad you finally tuned in!!

          1. @Admin

            If Im ever “Missing in action” you have my permission to copy and past one of my ten thousand responses to Jays insane posts on how wonderful Jonathan Martin is!

            Obviously hes a great person and football player since he is playing for Atlanta in the Superbowl and going to beat Brady and the Patriots!

            Oh wait none of that is true!

            Which means thats precisely what Jay thinks!

            1. Author

              This just in! Matt Moore just fumbled again.

              1. @Admin

                But he elevated the play of the cashiers at the checkout even after he fumbled the peanut butter. Afterwards they voted him their favorite customer!

  6. Incognito was found guilty by an independent investigation of racism, bigotry, harassment and discrimination…..not to mention doing ecstacy at the strip clubs.

    And isn’t it strange Incognito and his “friend” didn’t vacation together last summer……or even speak to each other!! LOL

    1. Author

      you mean All-Pro incognito.

      1. @Admin

        So all u care about is how they play? They can be racists, wife abusers, murderers, child molestors, druggies, or anything else as long as they play well?


        1. Author

          Richie teased his friend. He didn’t murder anyone. Relax.

  7. Jay unfortunately half the NFL has issues. You’d lose a lot of players if they dumped all of the wrong doers. Definitely penalize the real bad ones suspend them if you want but this was overkill. The guys not Hernandez and the patsies took a lot more time to let him go. That’s what really pisses me off. If buffalo didn’t grab him you knew that the patsies would have. That WR was still blowing over that they just signed… absolutely 0 morals in NE.

    1. Author

      It’s acknowledged that Richie groped some woman at a golf tournament, and that is inexcusable. He’d have to face the law if she pressed charges, and then the team would be right in suspending him for a game without pay. It’s not cool. With Jon Martin, however, all Richie did was call him names and tease him…mostly in reply to the teasing and bad language that Martin also used toward Richie. It was back and forth. It was two-sided. The team let him walk when he groped a lady physically, but fired him when he teased his friend verbally. That kind of inconsistency is unique to the Dolphins. Make all your players be angels or else allow them all to be scumbags. But don’t be wishy washy about it. Especially with your only offensive All Pro at the time.

      1. Yes agreed as it definitely was a two sided afair. If it was just Richie thats another story but simply wasn’t the case. Don’t get me wrong he’s scum but most of these guys are in some way shape or form. The Fins just seem to always overreact and the patsies salivate when teams cut guys….its just sick.

  8. I’m starting to think that Jay is actually Joe Philbin camped out at his desk down in his mothers basement!

  9. Incognito really isn’t that great. Jay is kind of right. He held team meetings in strip clubs which isn’t the best way to build a winning team, and was an overall clown. Idc what happened between him and Martin but the fact that something even happened between the 2 shows incognito wasn’t completely focused on playing football. You can’t win consistently with dudes like that.

    1. Unfortunately philbin booted out the true leaders on the team only leaving a guy like Richie to fill the void. If Richie was only one of the crowd it wouldn’t have become an issue. Another one of philbins F ups.

  10. In 2001, Incognito redshirted at Nebraska.
    At the same time he began displaying the behavioral problems that would follow him throughout his career. During a practice early in the 2002 season, he hit walk-on lineman Jack Limbaugh from behind, prompting Limbaugh to stomp off the field in disgust.[9] During his second game, against Troy State, he was accused of spitting on a Troy State player. Two weeks later, he was ejected for picking a fight in a blowout loss to Penn State.[10] Per NCAA rules, he had to sit out the first half of the Huskers’ next game, against Iowa State.[8] In the second-to-last game of the season, against Colorado, he was flagged for a 15-yard personal foul penalty late in the game that largely contributed to the Huskers losing to the Buffaloes.[10]

    In the spring of 2003, Incognito was involved in a fight during practice and was suspended indefinitely by head coach Frank Solich. By this time, Solich and his staff were concerned enough about Incognito’s behavior to send him to the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas for anger management treatment.[10] Incognito was reinstated by the start of the season and started 13 games at left tackle. He was rewarded with a first-team All-Big 12 selection by the Associated Press.[8] However, during the 2003 Alamo Bowl, he was accused of spitting on two Michigan State players.[9]

    In February 2004, Incognito was involved in a fight at a party and was charged with three counts of assault. In June, he was found guilty on one of the misdemeanor assault charges and paid a $500 fine. Incognito was shifted to center during the 2004 preseason camp. He entered the season with high expectations, listed on a number of preseason lists as a top center and named to the watch list for the Rimington Trophy going to the best center in college football.[11] On September 1, however, he was suspended indefinitely for repeated violations of team rules. The final straw for new coach Bill Callahan came when Incognito was once again involved in a fight in the locker room. Within a few weeks, Incognito withdrew from all classes at Nebraska and left Lincoln.[10][12]

    In late September, he transferred to the University of Oregon, only to be dismissed from the team a week later. Head coach Mike Bellotti said Incognito failed to meet the conditions he’d agreed to meet before his arrival in Eugene. Bellotti didn’t elaborate, but Incognito had been required to complete an anger-management course and adhere to a strict code of conduct

  11. Admin, I will take this one for you: “still an all pro.”

    1. @Floridan

      Jay still doesn’t understand that the NFL isn’t the fairy queen popularity club. Its about Alpha men who are fantastic athletes beating the living hell out of each other.

      Martian sucked
      Incognito is an All Pro over and over and over

    2. “Admin, I will take this one for you: “still an all pro.”

      Yeah….and I assure you, if Incognito’s a black man, Admin would be calling him a “THUG.”

  12. Incognito has garnered attention over the years for perceived dirty play amongst NFL players, coaches, and fans. He has been alleged to have gouged players’ eyes, punched players even on his own team, and made illegal tackles on a regular basis. In 2009, NFL players voted Incognito as the dirtiest player in the league, according to a Sporting News poll

    1. Author

      Good!! We need a tough-as-nails dirty player. Jarvis Landry has more lifetime unsportsmanlike penalties than Richie.

  13. Incognito sought help through therapy when he checked himself into an Arizona treatment facility. After months of treatment, Incognito described his experience and growth as “very difficult” because “There’s no doubt things were said and things were texted and things were done where I clearly crossed the line.”

    1. Author

      Playoff Games Blown by Dolphins:

      Richie Incognito: 0
      Ryan Tannehill: 0
      Matt Moore: 1

  14. Mike Garafolo reported on Fox Sports 1 that Incognito is alleged to have sent Martin threatening and racially charged messages. He also reported that the team and league—rather than the players’ association—has been asked to investigate. That same day, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reported that Incognito “has had to be reprimanded in the past for his actions toward team employees,” citing an unnamed source. La Canfora and Schefter subsequently reported statements from an unnamed source that the team and the league are now in possession of highly disturbing texts and voicemails in which Incognito used a racial slur against Martin, and disturbing text and voice exchanges including “a reference to tracking down members of Martin’s family and harming them” and even threatening to kill Martin. According to La Canfora, Incognito’s alleged harassment of Martin had gotten to the point that Martin actually feared for his safety, and leaving the team was his only option

    1. Author

      No doubt about that. Richie did use racial slurs. No doubt at all.
      But so did Martin right back at him. How many times do you want to lose this battle Jay?

  15. Schefter and Chris Mortensen reported on ESPN on November 3 that Martin fears “retribution, primarily from Incognito.” The article goes on to state that “the matter is absolutely under review and preliminarily identifies Incognito as an alleged offender in multiple incidents of possible harassment and bullying over the past two seasons, with Martin not the only victim.” Schefter and Mortensen also cited unnamed sources that one of the significant allegations is an incident during the summer of 2013 when Incognito got Martin to contribute $15,000 to help finance a trip to Las Vegas by a group of Dolphins, even though Martin preferred not to, “fearing the consequences if he did not hand over the money.”

  16. in 2009 December 13, during the first half of a 47–7 loss to the Tennessee Titans, Incognito drew two 15-yard penalties for headbutting Titans players. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo benched him for the second half, and the two got into a heated confrontation on the sidelines. It was the second time Incognito had been benched for losing his composure; he’d been pulled from the season opener against Seattle for two personal fouls. However, the Titans incident was the last straw; the Rams waived him two days after the game In 2013, former Rams general manager Billy Devaney told ESPN that Spagnuolo had given Incognito numerous chances to clean up his act, and had put him on notice that the Rams would cut ties with him if he couldn’t control his anger.[22]

    The two personal fouls led to a $50,000 fine from the NFL and a letter from the league office warning him that “future infractions of the types you have committed may lead to increased disciplinary action up to and including suspension.” In four years with the Rams from 2006 to 2009, Incognito drew 38 penalties, including seven unnecessary roughness calls, more than any other player during that span.

    1. Author

      Yes, well Steve Spagnolo’s management style is right up there with Clueless Joe Philbin’s. Both were fired because they didn’t know how to utilize their All Pros.

  17. 2008 season

    On October 17, Incognito was fined three times for a total of $35,000 after the game versus the Washington Redskins. His violations during the game included the repeated verbal abuse of a game official, performing a “major face mask” penalty, and performing a chop block penalty (which wasn’t called during the game[citation needed]). Incognito’s behavior nearly led to a loss after his antics cost the Rams 15 yards before the eventual game-winning field goal

  18. In May 2012, Incognito engaged in two incidents of inappropriate behavior at a Dolphins’ charity golf tournament within the span of less than 24 hours. He has admitted that both incidents were fueled by alcohol. In the first, he and several other players commandeered a guest’s car for joy-riding in the parking lot of the golf club and allegedly damaged the guest’s luggage. The next day, Incognito allegedly molested a female volunteer at the tournament. He was accused of using a golf club to touch her genitals, touching her inappropriately with his body, squirting water on her and other inappropriate conduct, and she filed a report with the police. Incognito was not charged with a crime, but he entered into a confidential civil settlement to resolve the matter; news reports claim that he made a payment of $30,000. The Dolphins fined Incognito $5,000 for the first incident and $50,000 for the second, both for conduct deemed detrimental to the organization. The $50,000 penalty is one of the largest fines imposed on any Dolphins player to date for off-season conduct, according to team executives.

  19. So Jay no one is saying that the guys a saint but how has he been since all of this once he really understood how wrong he was? Has he killed Martin or his family? Did he follow through? Could have the Fins supported and helped him instead of kicking him out to fend for himself.

    The bills obviously took him in and you know that the patsies would have. Why can’t the Fins at least have tried before acting rashly?

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