RIP, Nick Buoniconti

One of the best.  Deservedly in the Hall of Fame.

I love this shot of him arguing with Bill Arnsbarger (defensive coordinator with headset, standing between Shula and the mustache dude) and how Shula seems to be listening.  Shula took in what his intelligent players had to say and adjusted.

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  1. Didn’t we get him from the Boston Patriots? Or had they changed their name by then?

    1. Author

      Looked it up: the trade was 1969 and the AFL merger was 1970, which came with the name change.
      I still have Jim Plunkett’s rookie card with New England and they wore blue uniforms then.

  2. On the back of my season ticket book in 1966 with tickets you tore out,the schedule listed them as Boston Patriots. I remember them wearing blue. 1969-my senior year at Miami Springs HS.

  3. RIP! Great on the field, but bless him for doing all the work with his son and the disabled community!

  4. Mike Hull added to the PUP with a knee injury. Likely out for the season.

    1. Author

      Yep. He gone!
      Hull is one of those guys who I called to see more of. He looked like he could be a short Zach Thomas kinda guy. But then he’d get game time and not really excel. He was adequate only, and typically just used on special teams. Then again, our defensive coaches the last few years were idiots. For example…
      The Dolphins thought that sitting Cameron Wake was a good idea so he doesn’t get tired.
      Meanwhile, the Titans plan to use him on all three downs, in every situation. THAT is how you utilize talent.

      1. Great now I’m getting depressed because of our beloved getting rid of Wake. 😕

  5. I know I’m aging myself on this board but does anyone remember the “stance” that Buoniconti had when he was waiting on the opposing team’s offense to break huddle? It was unique to him. I can only describe it as he oddly crossed his one leg over the other- I was told (again many years ago) that he stood in that stance to relax his muscles….do I know if that was the real reason or not, I don’t…. but just want to see if anyone else remembers this. I will never forget that and he was such a great part of my Dolphin fan memory. Sad he’s not part of the ’72.

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