Ryan Tannehill did NOT Tear his ACL

So it looks like Ryan Tannehill’s injury is only a sprain.  It’s still serious and he is more than likely still done for the year.   But at least it’s not a full tear that would require extensive surgery.  I still can’t believe he was crying on the sidelines.   The memes are out there already.

Hard to believe that yesterday was our ONLY home game in December.   Thanks, Roger Goodell.

Reports out of Buffalo are saying that Rex Ryan is about to be fired.  We play the Bills in two weeks, so it could be intriguing if the Bills were distracted with coaching rumors.   Just a week after giving Jeff Fisher an extension, the Rams FIRED him today.   So you can’t ever believe what owners tell you.

Jay Ajayi was averaging under 3 yards a carry yesterday, which might explain why the team went to the passing game.  Defenses are onto the way we run the ball.   While Jay still breaks off an 8-yard run here and there, those bursts are becoming less frequent.   We’re seeing him stuffed in the backfield more and more.  I do not want to abandon the run; I just wish Adam Gase would try a few more pitchouts or draws…anything except the standard trap play between right guard and right tackle.   THAT play to THAT side of the line is killing us.

How many times will Jarvis Landry do some kind of stupid dance/celebration/penalty next week?    The over-under is set at 4 right now.  Please note:   Running into your own player and fumbling the ball is a different kind of stupidity, so Jarvis’s over/under for that is only 2.  The guy can be a fine playmaker, but Adam Gase cannot ignore the liabilities that Landry brings with him as well.  The liabilities are costing us field position at best, and possessions at worst.

I’m still not able to forgive Kenny Stills for handing the Seattle game to the Seahawks, but since then he has certainly had a steady year and continues to be our only consistent deep threat.

I like the play where we throw it to Dion Sims in the flat.  It seems indefensible, and I’m wanting Adam Gase to call it more often, or at least use variations of it.   The best part is that play takes so little time to develop, and we’re not asking our o-line to block for a long time.

The offensive line had its woes yesterday, but did just enough to win.  On Moore’s final pass, a linebacker ran in unblocked.   Looks like Tunsil and Albert both blocked the same guy and no one picked up the blitzing LB.   That is a mistake that has to be addressed immediately.


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  1. Tannehill was crying maybe because it hurt like hell and he thought he was letting the guys down by not being out there? Just a guess

    1. There’s no crying in football.

      He’s a baby!

    2. Author

      Rick, I agree with your reasons, but nearly every single player who’s ever been injured feels the same way, and they don’t bawl in public. Man! RT did his public image no favors. Just ask our friend Jay !

      1. Yea acl tears don’t hurt as much as you think. I mean it fucking kills but not bad enough to make a grown man cry. The surgery is what really fucking kills. It’s surprising he cried I’ll bet it wasn’t because of the injury just because he’s dissapointed he can’t finish the year.

      2. Author

        And the other Tannehill meme today is his worst throw of all time. I cannot disagree. It truly is the worst throw I personally have ever seen.

  2. I thought I read a few years back when tannehill sprained his wrist severely that he didn’t take pain killers because he didn’t like how groggy they made him. Most guys would not have been walking around like he was and without pain killers guess what….. that hurts! I “sprained” my acl many years ago and to this day if I do something wrong and slip I crying in expectation of the pain I should feel but don’t because it’s healed. It’s just that for the many months it took to heal the pain was REAL and the day I did it I was in tears driving myself to the hospital with my right leg over on the passengers seat and my left foot doing the driving. I’m not a baby but I was that day!

    I love the fact tannehill dragged his wounded leg back out there to be with the guys and watch a game that mattered to him!

    All you haters just love to hate…… what would the comments had been if he stayed in the locker room and then you found out it was ONLY a sprain?

    1. Yeah Im with you Brian. But in my opinion they looked like tears of disappointment. Everybody deals with their emotions in their own way and yes crying is seen as week amongst most grown men. But I think Tannehill has shown more then enough toughness in other ways to balance out his moment. And honestly it wasn’t like he was sobbing and crying out of closed eyes and open mouth going through a full crying sequence. I saw the tears coming out of a composed face but person overwhelmed by the terrible news he was given. Fuck the memes I could care less.

      And and another note. When I clicked replay Brian’s acct information popped in the Name: and Email boxes. Its never done that before but could explain why people would post and it would be in someone else’s name I had to fix that before I posted this.

    2. No one is hating on tannehill dude I’m just saying I think the tears were from dissapontment he couldn’t finish the year not the injury. That’s not saying anything bad I’d be pissed if I was in his situation to.

      1. Agreed zach. I was referring to the meme party admin said was happening about Tannehill. But I seriously want more details about Gase saying Tannehill got into 4 fights while trying to get to the sidelines. I guess the doctors and trainers were trying their best to talk him out of it. Just once to hear about a pissed off and determined Tannehill would be cool.

  3. Sorry I meant to say when I clicked “reply” not replay. LOL

    1. @Phinsup!

      Great point about how tannehill has shown his toughness in other ways. I have put off writing my latest rant because @Admin beat me to it about the holding ever play and fake penalties but what he didn’t mention and what Jets fans like jay and the refs never seem to see are all the hits tannehill takes after he throws the ball. Yesterday I saw three times he got leveled and all the times the defender took TWO full steps after the ball was out of tannehill hands before he leveled him. Absolute BullS**t.

      So let the girls laugh it up about what a wimp the kid is because your only fooling yourself. God help Moore he’s about to be killed!

      1. Hahah I just cant resist posting what Jarvis Landry said post game interview. He said “we had to beat the the team, the conditions and the reffs ” That is pure gold and sums up your points about the calls. Yeah a roughing the passer call once in a while might have prevented the hit on Tannehill by sending a message to the Cards D to clean it up. But no instead phantom holding calls on us and obvious holding on them never called. I was shocked they called PI on the late throw to Stills maybe they had to do something to appear impartial and because the PI was so terribly obvious. Let Tannehill cry all he wants at least he cares and didn’t look relieved to be injured. One last point he had to deal with the humiliation of his home team chanting for Matt Moore while he was on the field only to come back and deliver a great season so far with tons of upside to be realized. That’s a mentally tough person. I just wish he would get pissed off sometimes but maybe that’s the trade off.

        1. Author

          As soon as I saw that flag, I thought for sure they would call offensive PI on Stills. I guess I can live with the lack of call on the cheap shot that injured Tannehill. The one that bothered me more was the guy who forearmed Tanny in the neck. Tannehill looked at that crooked Jerome Boger, and you know Tanny was asking why there was no flag. And the ref just chuckled. Imagine a ref laughing at a Tom Brady or a Big Ben?

          1. @Admin

            Exactly the play that I keep seeing over and over and your right the ref was simply laughing. What a joke! Every DLman in the NFL knows your allowed to hit Tannehill after the play and although I would go and call the hit that injured him Cheap it ceartanly was low, which is a penalty in every other game but the no calls on hitting tannehill encourage the mentality that lead to that type of hit and now out QB and our season is done!

            1. You are right Brian. Even if unintentional its called and most assuredly would be if it were us doing that to Brady. I guess I missed the part where the reff laughed at tannehill. Wow if the context is correct thats some evil shit. I mean its one thing to call phantom holding but to purposely endanger a person and endorse his unfair punishment. Wow just wow.

              1. Author

                FYI, Phinsup…the play where Tannehill pleaded with the ref and got laughed at was earlier in the third quarter. NOT the same play where the fat coward dove at his knee.

  4. “No crying in football.” Posted like a true lame that was never good enough at football or any other competitive sport for that matter. No one thinks your whack ass posts are funny but you Jay.

    1. Truth notice how the more Miami wins the less he comments.

      1. Gase said that Tannehill got in 4 fights trying to convince trainers and coaches he wanted to be out on the sideline with the players even though injured. Selfless, dedicated, and beholden to his team mates. Walked out there in assumedly terrible pain. And so what he shed a few tears. This is by far his best season of which I even called for his benching early on and stand by that assessment. Fans calling for Matt Moore and a season that looked all but over. His big chance to realize what all the coaches and fans have been wishing for has finally shown its elusive self. Only to be injured in a game that would and did go down as his finest clutch performance. Adversity and its devastating to a delayed and developing player just begging for the chance to prove one’s own worth. Crying as if he lost a family member? How much closer to the heart can someone hold this game too? I was and will be impressed. And if it needs to be pointed out, the players were giving him condolences one after another. They must already know how much this all means to him. That speaks volumes to his standing and cohesion with his teammates. Something very special is happening in Miami guys savor it fellahs its not guaranteed every season unlike so other teams which seem to duplicate year after year success. Something very special is happening in Miami and the writing is on the wall.

        One last note who watched the Pats vs Ravens? Brady was almost out of control pissed on the sidelines early on. I hate that SOB but damn I respect his intensity especially at 39 years old. And I thank the Pats for beating the skank ass dirty birds.

    2. You lack the guts to put your name on the criticism so it has to be from that clueless pussy punk !!

  5. They desperately need Pouncy back as that will kickstart the running game need it badly now. If they can get the run going I’m confident that Moore can get it done the next few games. He just needs to be smart with the ball and not turn it over.

    It would also help if Howard came back to shore up the pass D. Especially in dime situations it would help…

    1. @Flyerfinfan

      Moore has never been smart with the ball that is why he has as many INTs as TD throws! I think once he had a 5 game streak with only 1 or 2 INT and everyone watching from home with a bowl of doritos thinks he is a starting NFL QB!

      So funny that no talent evaluators in the NFL do!

      Think that might be for a reason?

      1. Aren’t you sitting on your couch eating Doritos watching from home to? Matt Moore is one of the highest paid back up quaterbacks in the NFL pretty sure that tells you all you need to know. And when your starting quaterback is ranked in the lower half of the NFL for passer rating it’s not like your being asked to do that much.

        1. Author

          Moore can be great, and I liked him as our starter a few years ago. However, he turns the ball over WAY TOO MUCH. You think Tannehill threw a lot of picks? Wait till you see Moore fumble!
          I remember the famous game where we led Denver by 15 points at the 2-minute warning and lost. Matt Moore fumbled that game away, and Tim Tebow became a household name. THAT’s the game I most remember Matt Moore for, and I hope he changes that as of Saturday.

          1. Hell Admin…can’t remember that Matt Moore fumble against Denver you’re talking about but that last interception Tannehill threw in the Ravens game was a sheer thing of beauty!

            Even the Ravens defender who Tannehill threw the ball to was telling him “Don’t Throw It!!!”

            1. Author

              How about his pass Sunday that went backwards. Jarvis Landry tried to pick it up and knocked it even more backwards. That was an ugly comedy, and set up a 3rd and 40 or so !

              1. Yeah…calling a dumbass play like that on a day when the sky is monsooning on the stadium makes one question Gase’s thinking.

  6. Nuthin good about TannePuke. I’ve never seen a worse QB get 77 consecutive starts!

  7. There are some problems that Moore has had in the past but I am going to give him the same benefit of the doubt that I have given T-hill and that is that the previous coaches were clueless coordinators that could not inspire anyone. This new staff, although they make mistakes, have this team playing better then their previous counterparts and I hope this will improve Moore’s play.

  8. No matter what the Dolphins have looked like all season, or what the Jets have looked like all season, when these two div. rivals play, anything can happen!
    Just the history between these two franchises! They are salivating we have our back up in there!

    1. Why would the Jets be “salivating” over playing against Matt Moore and not Tannehill? They kicked Tannehill’s butt twice last year.

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