Saints Show Unity Before Game, While Dolphins Show Chaos…And Julius Thomas Shows Nothing

Before I could finish this article, Julius Thomas just ran the laziest route you’ll ever see and cost us a red zone interception.  That was NOT Cutler’s fault at all.   When the lazy bum doesn’t even turn his head, it’s his bad.   I can’t believe what a bust Julius is.

While all 53 Saints have vowed to stand for the National Anthem, the Dolphins’ players have made no such commitment.

On the contrary, several Dolphins have already vowed to refuse to stand.  It’s a disgusting display of bad decorum, but it is their right.

One such rabble-rouser is Julius Thomas.  He’s made as many important plays this year as Lawrence Timmons and Ryan Tannehill combined.   I’ve watched film on him for the past two games, and he is doing absolutely nothing.   If Coach Adam Gase is serious about shaking up his offense, he needs to start by benching Thomas.   Bench him because he is a poor player or bench him for disrespecting the nation, but bench him.  It needs to be done.

Anthony Fasano and MarQeis Gray are able backups who play their butts off weekly, only to watch Julius Thomas run lazy routes and not try hard.   Maybe calling him lazy is just my opinion, but his lack of production is indeed a fact.   He was supposed to be the big answer at tight end this year, and he has failed.

I guess Julius screwed up in Denver too.

Meanwhile, Charles Clay continues to prove we should have paid him.

The Dolphins aren’t good enough to overcome team dissension, and this whole stand or sit or kneel for the Anthem is proving to be quite a distraction.  Smart teams and winning teams, get on the same page.  That’s what the Saints have done, and it gives them a huge advantage.  That and Drew Brees.


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  1. Author

    And now the lazy bastard cost us an interception

  2. 6 points in 2 games,awesome! “This team is better than last season”. LOL I’m still laughing at those assholes who said that. Except for a missed FG by the Chargers,we’d be winless.

    1. Author

      Excellent point Karma. That new kicker saved us from 0-16

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