Same Old, Same Old

Every single year it seems, without fail, we hear the same old stories in Dolphins camp that we don’t necessarily hear from other teams.

This time around, it’s the usual July-August stories about all the Dolphins who are under the radar.

I’ve barely heard a word about first-round pick Christian Wilkins.  Our star QB, Josh Rosen, is under-performing and not making any notable strides.   So our two star acquisitions are floundering away, but we keep hearing about the undrafted rookies. Same old tale from Dolphinsland, every year.

Undrafted discards WR Preston Williams and OG  Deion Calhoun are apparently mesmerizing coaches in practice.   It’s a nice story.   Good players are good players, no matter where they are drafted (or not drafted at all).   However, this annual Dolphins tradition needs to change.   Can’t we, for once, have our 1st rounder be the stud of camp?  The guy the whole league is watching?  The guy who’s playing beyond his age and looking like a pro from day one?

Last year, Minkah showed some promise and he had a good rookie year.  But he was certainly no stud.  2nd round pick Mike Gesicki is a bust.  He’s not gonna get better or amount to anything.  That’s why Flores was smart enough to keep Nick O’Leary on the squad.  The years before Minkah and Mike were filled with other busts, including Charles Harris, Dion Jordan, Isaac Asiata, and of course the ultimate bust DeVante Parker.

In each of those years, some unknown undrafted guy has outperformed the highly touted first and second round pick.

Poor coaching, poor scouting, poor decision-making?  It’s hard to pinpoint the reasons for these annual devastating picks.  I know…it’s early.  Wilkins and Rosen may be studs, but when the head coach doesn’t even mention his studs and instead focuses on guys who no one else ever heard of, it’s a little depressing.

No matter how good Calhoun and Williams are, they shouldn’t be overshadowing the team’s biggest investments.

And yet the are…

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  1. You are wrong about Rosen. He WAS the best QB for 3 days last week just as the Journeyman floundered,just as we expected. Flores said Rosen has improved. Your bias against Rosen is obvious. And the same applies to Wilkins.
    To address your concerns about poor picks (and absurd contracts) you need to look no further than NFL Live on ESPN every afternoon where TannenBUM has been gifted a contract to misinform football fans every day. Is ESPN THAT desperate? Apparently so!
    Parker is his usual self during training camp and I expect no different from him when the season starts-his get injured and/or disappears and like you said,is outplayed by every receiver on the roster. Like just promoted AGAIN, the Marlins OF Lois Brinson,he’s a waste of skin. I understand he’sbasically on a 2 year performance contract,but why? Doesn’t Flores listen to anybody regarding Ms. Parker?
    And now RakeOn McMillan is being outplayed and Hull is gone.
    Here a tidbit about the idiot owner when he was new:
    “The fact Flores, who has coached in New England all his adult life, understands Miami’s unique hot-weather advantage is, very cool. When Stephen Ross, who was reared in South Florida, became owner, he didn’t get it at first. He asked the NFL to schedule the Dolphins on the road early in seasons. He asked for 4 p.m. kickoffs because it’s cooler than 1 p.m.”.
    Will the major bust Charles Harris ever contribute? I’m not saying be a star,I’m saying EVER even contribute?

    1. Author

      Also, 100% agree about Ross and Tannebum, as all you guys know.
      Garbage decisionmaking starts at the top.

  2. Author

    Well, Rosen was a Top 10 pick last year so I expect more from him than 3 good days in the past few months. I’m not biased against him at all, and I’m dying to see his arm tomorrow night. All I’m saying is wouldn’t it be cool, for once, to hear about how great one of our big investments (any year, at any position). I mean blowing the competition out of the water, exceptionally awesome, great.
    Not “he looked good from what I’ve seen.”

    1. I’ve been on the Rosen bandwagon months before well pulled the trigger. I’m all in on him and I hope I’m not wrong. But I believe Flores is making a huge mistake limiting his 1st team snaps on 2 levels. 1st,we need to see what he can do with our other 10 best on offense and 2nd and more troubling with his I want to win every game bullshit,not playing Rosen every game. Every team wants to win every game and playing the journeyman even a few games in the hope he could win instead of Rosen is counterproductive to our long term plan. Sure,play the Beard and possibly win 1 or 2 games more at what cost? The cost of NOT having a top 3 pick next year? Lunacy. I guess you can pull tat crap with a guaranteed 5 year contract.

  3. From El Heraldo today:
    But for quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen to be the Dolphins’ Week 1 starter — which both obviously want — they better treat Thursday night’s exhibition game against the Falcons like the Super Bowl.
    Ever since coach Brian Flores named Fitzpatrick, the 15-year-veteran, the competition’s front-runner, the gap has narrowed.
    Rosen has either been better or played Fitzpatrick to a draw in every practice since. In the scrimmage, observers finally saw the raw ability that makes him such an intriguing prospect.
    Fitzpatrick, meanwhile, has regressed to the mean. He’s still a pro’s pro, but his limitations are well-established and probably won’t ever change.

    Read more here:

  4. Karma I’m 100% with you on Rosen. We know exactly what we get with Fitzpatrick we need to know if we have a starter or a career backup in Rosen by the end of the year. Also I’m with Admin big time on the stupid undrafted FA! They are undrafted for a reason! Because every others souring department and every other coach in the NFL rated them no good! So what does it say about our defense when a guy who will be working at 7-11 in a few months is torching them for 140 yards and two TRs? New England must be laughing there butts off reading this nonsense

    1. I still dont understand this approach. There are 3-4 potentially high quality QBs coming out of college in the next 1-2 years. Miami must know what Rosen is so they dont miss out. Rosen needs to start day 1 and play every possible play. I dont care if the games are unwatchable but they cant screw this up.

      1. Author

        The only thing I worry about is similar to how/why the Cards got rid of him. That is, when you try to evaluate your QB and you have an atrocious line “blocking” for him and you have very poor playcallers, how on earth do you accurately judge the QB?
        I don’t trust our decisionmakers, and I feel one way or another, they will indeed screw this up.

        1. All true. That is precisely why Rosen must play. They need to be absolutely sure what his potential is. Fitz is a waste of time. What good is 4-6 wins?

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