Mike Sherman Gives Another Free Victory to the Wrong Team

October 6: Mike Sherman Gives the Ravens a Breather, and then gives them a Free Victory.

Remember our home loss vs. the Ravens, when we faced a 4th-and-forever in our own territory at the end of the game ? Tannehill completed a miracle pass to Gibson, which brought us into field goal range with over a minute left.  OVER a minute left.

The offense raced up the field. Baltimore was tired. Exhausted. Withering in the Miami sun. They had just been stung on a miraculously lucky completion, and their spirits were down. They had a bunch of guys on the field who were only out there to defend on that 4th-and-forever.  It was the wrong defense to be facing Miami’s upcoming first down.

Miami hurried to the line of scrimmage. NOW was the time to strike. Now was the time to rip that jugular.

Everything was ripe for the taking.  But Mike Sherman decided to give, not take.

But instead, Mike Sherman told Tannehill to spike the ball. He allowed the Ravens to relax.

There is a reason why Mike Sherman was fired in disgrace after leading Green Bay to a wonderful 4-12 record.  (how on earth can a coach have Brett Favre AND Aaron Rodgers on the same team and only win 4 times?) 

There’s a reason Texas A&M fired him too, after watching him lose every Bowl game he ever coached in. Now, Dolphin fans can learn those reasons too.

Sherman’s reason for spiking the ball: He said he wanted to give the offense a breather and let them re-group. What Shermie didn’t realize is that when he gave his boys a chance to rest and re-group, he also gave the Ravens a chance to rest and re-group.

And re-group they did. Sack. Stuff. Missed field goal. One more down would have won the game for us. But Clueless Joey P.and his pal gave away that one down.

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