Some Good News for the 2019 Dolphins, And Some Predictions

The Dolphins will get two (2)…TWO!!!…first-round picks in April.

Presumably, the Dolphins’ own pick will be in the Top 3, possibly Top 5, or even #1 overall.   But we have some good playmakers on offense, and we could win 4-6 games this year and take ourselves out of a top spot.  But we’ll still hover in the Top 10.

That’s where the Texans’ first-round pick comes in.  And you’re gonna hear it here first.  Many of you will doubt me, but here it is:  The Texans won’t be very good this year, and their draft pick will be very high.  We’ll be poised to receive two Top-10 picks.

First of all, you have to look at the Texan history.  Every single year, they are the “it” team.  THIS is the year that JJ Watt will finally stay healthy.  THIS is the year that Matt Schaub or Deshaun Watson or Brian Hoyer (we could keep going) will finally take the next step.  THIS is the year that Clowney will go from good to elite.  THIS is the year when head coach/and GM Bill O’Brien finally proves that he is good enough to have full control over every single aspect of that team.

It ain’t happening, folks.

They just lost their best defender.  (Sorry, but JJ Watt only suiting up for a handful of games each year makes Clowney more valuable in my book, and now Clowney is gone.)  Lamar Miller blew out his ACL, forcing Houston to bring in new RBs just a few days ago.  They landed Laremey Tunsil, but offensive linemen do not spark a team to immediate victories.

Houston plays in one of the weakest divisions in the history of all of sports.  The Titans, Jags, and Colts are all 8-8 teams at best.  But… Nick Foles will improve the Jags overnight.  The Titans will be stronger with another year (and Cameron Wake)  under their belt.  The Colts took a gigantic blow when Andrew Luck quit on them, and they will hover with the Texans toward the bottom of the AFC South barrel.

Seriously, I’ll be keeping an eye on the Texans all year and hope they tank!   They start Monday night at the Saints, and we should all be pulling for Kiko Alonso in N.O.!  Looking ahead, the Texan schedule is a rough one, and that’s good for Miami!



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  1. Im also hoping that the Texans have a bad year so that our 1st from them is high …..I just hope that Miami doesn’t win 6 or 7 games …if we are tanking then tank I don’t want another 7 and 9 …

    1. Author

      Yes, good point. I can see us splitting with the Jets and Bills, so that’s 2 wins right there. Somewhere along the line, we should win at least 2 more and be 4-12.
      Going by 2018 numbers, 4-12 is NOT bad enough to earn the #1 overall pick. We need to shoot for 2 or 3 wins at most. And I don’t think we’re bad enough to lose 13 or 4 games.

  2. Nate Orchard was cut. Man, I thought he was a shoo-in. I guess he was too good. Yet we still have Diva Ante….

    1. Author

      I shake my head every single time someone reminds me that Diva is still on the our squad.

    2. Author

      And we only have 3 DEs on the entire roster now. So when first-round bust Charles Harris gets winded in the 1st quarter, we only have 1 substitute available.

      1. I was about to mention Harris but you beat me to it. I agree with your assessment of Houston. They won’t be good this year. We will be terrible this year- we all know that. But our track record seems to be drafting poorly. We better nail it right the next couple seasons.

        1. Draft will definitely be the key to this or it will be all for not. I thought orchard could give them something but I guess he wasn’t good enough. We’ll see if he sticks anywhere else but it’s like his 4th team already. The coaches see these players every day so you’d like to hope that they know what they are doing.

          As per Houston it’s hard to say I don’t think that they’re that much better today. They’ll be in a dog fight hopefully they miss the boat and not squeek into the playoffs.

          I’m just not sure how Flores is going to get all of these new guys ready by Sunday. The oline is messed up especially if they flip Davis to LT they didn’t even officially move him to RT yet haha! It can’t go well on offense. The D should be ok but offense still has to do something. Special teams will have to win a super bowl haha!

      2. Us winning 4-6 games,admin? Did you borrow Tunsil’s bong mask? 3 would be a major achievement,that’s why I say 2. And if we have injuries to 1of our (ONLY) 5 good players,2 wins is a lock. Remember our 1 win season and the miracle it took to WIN that 1 game? Get used to it!

      3. Admin,with the exception of 2 players,our entire team is substitutes! If any of you were around in the beginning,you will remember how laughable that team was. It was a team of castoffs,misfits and unprotected players from other teams that we could sign as an expansion team. How many other teams have 7 UFAs on their 53 man roster? We did 2 days ago. I don’t even keep track any longer. Again,remember back to that 1 win season and think even less talent now. WE have a chance against the Bengals,BYE WEEK at home LOL,the Bills away in October,away to Colts,and away to Giants but that week is screwed up b/c we play the Jets and Giants away back-to back. I see 4 possible wins and beating the Jets even once will be a challenge this year,not because they’re good bit because we suck! Getting swept by the Jets will kill me.

  3. Prepare yourselves for a record number of blitzes this year or not when they realize it isn’t necessary. None of our OL would start anywhere else in the NFL. None.
    And Ms. Parker is still around making a ton, considering how fragile she is and talentless. How has she fooled Flores and the receivers coach and more than anyone,Grier,who has seen her the entire career?

  4. Depth chart was interesting. 3-4 D with Harris at LB like I thought he should be. Davenport at LT I pray that he learned a lot last year and improves…

    1. Davenport can’t get much worse than his stats last season. The Beard’s life depends on it! And then Rosen’s after he goes down. Regarding Harris,I stil think he’s a bust as a DE but I’m not sure he has the skills to be a 3-4 LB. I picture him as the black Kiko,always trailing the player he’s charged with covering. I think its his last season here,but I’ve been saying that about Ms. Parker for 2 years,so what do I know!

      1. Author

        3-4 defenses were a 1980s novelty but became too easy to exploit. I understand the concept of switching things up and keeping the opposing offenses off balance, but we hear that every single year.
        “We’re gonna be an attacking defense this year,” said Matt Burke, Kevin Coyle, Lou Anarumo, Tom Olivadotti, etc.
        The scheme is irrelevant when you don’t have good players on the line. We’ll see.

        1. I don’t know admin as the Ravens always have a good D and they’ve went through a bunch of players always solid. They will shift all over probably most of the time Harris will creep up anyway but gives some uncertainty in what they will do.

          1. Author

            True. Some teams play a 3-4 hybrid very successfully, and we’ll certainly see that on Sunday!
            Man, it goes against nature to want the Dolphins to lose, and I’d love to see us pound Lamar Jackson all day long…but if we happen to lose, we’re one step closer to a better draft pick.
            Jackson had a decent rookie year, but no way in hell would I have dumped a champion like Flacco. We may surprise Mr. Jackson on Sunday.

            1. I don’t play anything to lose so either way we as fans win in either scenario. I’d laugh if they won more than 4 games and to be honest there’s always a benefit to winning means that the young guys are better than expected rebuild happens quicker.

              1. Author

                There will be a few games where Drake, Wilson, and Grant go off. They are exciting playmakers, and at least a few games this year, they’re going to break multiple big ones.
                Karma compared this to our 1-15 season, but it’s not even close!
                Ricky had bailed on us. Trent Green got concussed in Game One (leaving Cleo Lemon and John Beck, who aren’t in the same league as even a bum like Ryan Fitzpatrick). Samkon Gado was our running back.
                The talent this year is far superior.

                1. Cleo Lemon always cracks me up….

                2. Well Wilson and Grant better go off on a 3 yard slant b/c that’s all the time any of our QBs will have to throw a pass. This team is bereft of talent and not just at the positions you mentioned.I seriously doubt we score 30 even once this season,while giving up close to that each game. I’m talking historic franchise numbers on offense and defense.

            2. Admin,I’m now looking at the opponents of other poor teams each week much more closely now,since the future of our franchise depends on where (and how) we draft. The Colts,Texans,Bengals and Giants are Week 1 losers. The Niners play at Tampa,so a Tampa loss will help. The Jills are at the Jets,so I’m hoping for a Jills win for several reasons. The Lions ate at Arizona,so I think this is a chance for the Cardinals to pick up a win at home and really help us.

          2. You heard Flores say we may have 2 DL,5LB and 4 DBs or some variation of that,in part because it was what he brought from NE and also out of necessity because we are bereft of talent. Of course we will see a 3-2-6 also.

            1. Author

              Anything except the 2-9 defense that Gase and Burke seemed to try!
              “Why rush the passer? Let’s drop everyone back so that they can’t complete a…. oops, never mind. The pass is complete.”

              1. They can’t be as bad as those morons running the show…

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