Some Good Omens for the Dolphins-Bills Game

In our last blog entry, I wrote about some of the negatives heading into Buffalo this weekend, including the weather, the Bills formidable rushing attack, and their tough defense.

But now I will paint you a slightly more rosy picture.

First of all, the game is on Saturday.   The Dolphins played last Saturday, and the Bills played Sunday.   So we got an extra night to recover and recuperate.   It may not seem like much, but ask any professional athlete how important it is for all the little aches and pains and nagging injuries.

On offense, our skill players are superior to those of the Bills.   I would count McCoy as a game changer perhaps.  But as much as I liked Charles Clay and Mike Giillislee, they don’t perform like stars.  For the Dolphins, any of our WRs can catch a TD at any given time.   The emergence of Dion Sims has been a blessing.   Even more important is that Adam Gase is finally recognizing that he has a weapon in his TE.

Matt Moore threw to Sims a lot more last game.  He threw to DeVante Parker less.  Moore is no dummy.  He’s onto something, and Gase realized it too.

Sims had two big touchdowns.   One was a great catch where he had to get his knee down in bounds.   The other was an incredible move where he faked out two Jets and found himself wide wide open in the endzone.  But Sims’ best play was the long floater that Moore threw him, where Sims had to leap for the catch and then drag a defender to the one-yardline.    If I were Gase, I would make DeVante Parker watch that play 5,000 times.   That catch was EXACTLY the way to make a grab.   It’s exactly what Parker doesn’t do.

In our chatroom the other night, I knew the Dolphins were going to win as soon as we started to move the ball a little, even though we were down 0-7.   The reason is that the Dolphins are far more resourceful than Dolphins in the past.  If we stick around long enough, we win games now.   If we linger in back-and-forth games, we win them now.  If we let an opponent work their way back from a deficit, it doesn’t matter, because we win those games.

The only games we don’t win are the ones decided really early.   Down 24-0 to both New England and Baltimore, I knew early that we had no chance.   But when the game stays close and becomes a back-and-forth affair, we now have the mettle to win those games, and it’s been wonderful.   I had given up in San Diego.   Certainly given up in Los Angeles.  I knew for sure the Cardinals were going to win in overtime…I was obviously wrong in each case.   We win close games now, and that is great news since the Bills lack the ammunition to build a huge early lead.

I like the Dolphins 23-16.

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  1. @Admin

    I agree with your points with One exception

    1) Turnovers – The Bills seem to get them and Moore can certainly throw them. He threw three sure ones last week fortunately against the cummy Jets so two went for TDs (Well 1 went to the 1 yard line but lets call it a TD) and one was dropped by two defenders who should have had it. If Moore is that carless in Buffalo it could get ugly and it could happen fast. The Bills are not the Jets – They CAN and WILL take the ball away from you and they wont be playing without a safety back like the idiot jets did most of the game.

    Another point is that the Bills DL will get after Moore. He was relatively clean against the Jets but hes going to be punished if we can’t run the ball and guess what? With the line were playing with unless we get creative with the TE blocking or getting a fullback (Drake would make a good hybrid fullback for a few runs) it’s going to be tough running again for Ajaya and the Bills will pin there ears back and unload on Moore which will play right into the hands of my first point – TURNOVERS!

    BUT – I think it could be equally time for Miami to manhandle a team on the road like we were hoping for when they played the Ravens. Sooner or later (Time is running out this season) Miami will need be able to convincingly win a game on the road like this if they are going to become perennial playoff contenders.

    1. I agree with your assessment of Moore. Against any other team,he would have 3 INTs and the one he had was awful, underthrowing by 5 yards. Reminds me of that long floater he threw the week before that went for a long gain-should have been intercepted. He certainly isn’t a starter for any team, much less a franchise QB, but he will have to do for at least 2 more and possibly 3 more weeks. This game could go either way-I see them winning by 10 or us winning by 7-there is no telling since the cold weather can and will have an effect, even though it won’t snow. Which brings me to an off-topic item-these morons who dress like they are playing in Miami in September,just to show how tough, read “IGNORANT”,they are.

  2. Hey, Steelers and Ravens play on Sunday. Which team should we be rooting for to help Dolphins playoff chances?

    1. I’d rather play the Steelers down the road. We beat them in the beginning of our streak and that win started their temporary slide, but that win means little now. Plus we’d have to play at Ketchup Field, though we play decent there. And we know how poorly we match up with the Ravens,specially up there.

  3. Well, TannePuke would’ve definitely lost in Buffalo as he’s actually much worse on the road than he is at home.

    With Moore we have a much better chance although it wont be easy.

    Vegas has da Bills -3.

    1. @Jay

      You do realize that Moore is 13-12 as a starter with 33 TD and 28 Picks? Now add in his staggering 23 fumbles and you get a compleate picture which says it’s not going to be easy for him to get any win

      1. @ Brian

        He’s won an Offensive Player of the Week and a Team MVP for the season with only one third of the starts of TanneBust!!

        Imagine if HE had the experience of 75 consecutive starts!!!

        We missed the playoffs 3 years by playing TannePuke!

        1. @Jay

          You do realize that Moore is 13-12 as a starter with 33 TD and 28 Picks? Now add in his staggering 23 fumbles and you get a compleate picture which says it’s not going to be easy for him to get any win

          1. @ Brian

            He’s won an Offensive Player of the Week and a Team MVP for the season with only one third of the starts of TanneBust!!

            Imagine if HE had the experience of 75 consecutive starts!!!

            We missed the playoffs 3 years by playing TannePuke!

  4. Today I heard a sit-in on the Jim Rome show say that the Dolphins didn’t beat anybody with a winning record except the Steelers and if Miami made it to the playoffs, they would be the most undeserving team to be there he has ever seen. He said Miami has beaten nothing but a bunch of sorry and bad teams so far and are unworthy of being in the playoffs.

    Hmmmm………………If I remember correctly, before the season started, wasn’t the Dolphins considered to be ONE THOSE “SORRY AND BAD TEAMS” IN THE NFL??????

    Were the Dolphins ranked up there with teams like the Patriots, Green bay, Dallas, Steelers, or whoever they consider as “top tier” teams? No! But if the Dolphins are considered among the “cellar dwellers” and beat the other “cellar dwellers” like the other so-called “top tier” teams does, then it’s “booooo, Miami beat up on a bunch of sorry teams.” I mean, the Patriots can beat the Jets twice but if Miami does it then it’s “ya’ll ain’t done shit Miami but beat up on the sorry Jets.”

    Three out of the first four games on the road against team considered to be way better than you and this is how they talk about you Miami?

    Fuck em Fins….go out there and whip and kick ass and fuck up some more quarterbacks on your way to and in the playoffs!!!!

    1. ” they would be the most undeserving team to be there he has ever seen”. Whatever MORON said that,whether he is on TV or not,is clueless. This at least 1 team with a losing record that made the playoffs IIRC and quite a few .500 teams that made it also. That’s why I’m sure I know at least as much about the NFL as many talking heads on TV do about the league. And that includes several former players.

    2. Yeah, it’s kinda true we didn’t beat any elite teams, but we’re no 8-8 slouch either.

  5. Ok children can’t we just play nice and stop the my QB is better than your QB. Moore is in and THill is out so lets stop assuming and cheer for the team we have. The coaches all have confidence in Moore so lets see what happens. I know one thing is our offense is different with Moore. He always looks down field and that’s his style. It’s true he will have more INT but so did Marino

    1. Please don’t say,’the coaches have confidence in him”. It sounds so stupid when our coaches and every other team says that about their replacement QB. What do you expect them to say? Even the Browns coaches say that about their revolving door of wannabe QBs the last few years. “He sucks,but we’re stuck with him,so we have no chance”. For once,I wish a coach would be honest and say that. Same with the Jets QBs the past few years. Or any other staff that has to start some slug.

    2. LOL,even mentioning Marino and DoorMatt in the same sentence. And STOP with your CLUELESS lies. Marino:: TD–INT: 420–252

    3. @Kelrvet

      ” I know one thing is our offense is different with Moore. He always looks down field”


    4. @kelvret
      Stop with the CLUELESS LIES about Marino::TD–INT:
      Even mentioning DoorMatt and Marino in the same sentence is hilarious. You just lost any relevance here with an absurd statement. Learn to separate facts from your fiction about Marino.

  6. Please stop feeding the troll.

    1. Praising a Dolphin player is your definition of a troll?????

      TOO F”N FUNNY!!! YOU DOPE!!!

      1. Name calling? How old and immature are you?

        1. Just calling a spade a spade! And a DOPE A DOPE!!

  7. Not only do the coaches have confidence in Moore but this morning Joe Rose said some players are lobbying to keep Moore as the starter!!

    1. No they aren’t and anyone putting any credence on what that clown Joe Rose says makes me laugh.

      1. Sorry, but I’ll take a Professional Sports reporters word over yours 8 DAYS A WEEK!!! LOL

        1. LOL at yourself. “Professional sports reporter”? Are we talking about the same Joe Rose? Please ignore any of my posts in the future. Kniwng that you’re a clueless DoorMat Moore troll is way past getting old in every thread. As I suggested a few times before,remove your head from Moore’s pants long enough for a breath of fresh air and reality. You sadly remind me of that clown Sean Hannity when it comes to Trump-he lives for every word from that cluelss,orange-faced asshole. I’m through with you here.

  8. I did not post that ” You are wrong about Joe Rose”

  9. Personally, I dont give a crap. Lets just put the smack down on the Bills and win.

  10. Lots of articles this week about the same old, same old Dolphins. Always “hovering” around making the playoffs in mid-December and never sealing the deal. The guys have a chance to turn the corner tomorrow. I don’t think Admin can blame the weather or the coaching or the fans….it all comes down to guys like Wake and Landry and Moore saying “I am sick and tired of never going to playoffs. I’m gonna leave it all out there”

    1. @Floridan

      I wholeheartedly agree with the principle of your thought but I think it’s going to come down to guys like Jermon Bushrod, Ja’Wuan James, Anthony Steen, Laremy Tunsil, Jake Brendel, Kraig Urbik, and Sam Young.

      Now you might be scratching your head going, “Who the hell?”

      That’s the line that has to give Moore time to throw the ball and Ajayi holes to run it through.

      If they are completely overpowered it’s lights out and game over. Moore does not have Marino’s 1.1 second release and Ajayi isn’t creating anything when defenders get the first hit two yards behind the line of scrimmage.

      Moore can think downfield all night long but if his hit in 2.4 seconds he will never have time to throw up a good enough pass for anyone but the defender to catch!

      So it’s on one of our thinnest units in my opinion.

      1. Moore makes decisions much quicker than Tanny and also has a faster release. This results in many less sacks….

  11. Saturday 12/24 90% / 0.11 in
    Rain early…then remaining cloudy with showers in the afternoon. Temps nearly steady in the mid to upper 30s. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 90%.


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