Steelers get destroyed by Patriots, but show how easy it is to beat Patriots

1.  Cover Gronkowski.   Pittsburgh refused to cover him, and you saw the results.  Last year in the Super Bowl, the Seahawks wisely covered Gronk with a DB and shut him down.   Then Pete Carroll tried to “fool” Tom Brady and cover Gronk with a linebacker.  Touchdown New England.   Just cover him.

2.  Make your easy field goals.   Pittsburgh gave points away all night with a lousy kicker missing field goals left and right.

3.  Hit Brady.  The Steelers pass rush was its most feeble in years.  It looked horrendous.  The once proud Steelers D is long gone, making it easy for Brady.

4.  Take away the slot.   Little Julie Edelmann catching 4-yard crossing patterns all night long destroyed the defense.  Watching Julie mouth off after each 4-yard catch was comical.  Look, it’s not easy to defend those passes, granted.  But when you know it’s coming, you can at least step into his way.  By the way, remind me to not buy Puma products, since they hired little Julie to do their commercials.

5.  Keep the judges out of the game.  Brady was rightfully suspended until he whined his way into court.  If he is allowed to go to court to break the rules, than Dion Jordan should be allowed to also.  All right, that is a joke.  But it was pretty sad to see the whining, cheating Brady on the field.  And it was comical to see the Bostonians rooting for the guy.  Then again, they rooted for Aaron Hernandez.

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  1. I’ve said it a million times just cover gronk and edelman make brady beat you elsewhere and you have a good chance of winning yet most teams seem to think that they can leave them wide open or put their worst guys on them??? I don’t get it never will and to make it even easier he doesn’t have vereen anymore he was the 3rd option.

    On a good note it was nice to see the steelers looking like shit and the pats D nothing to write home about. I feel better about the Fins chances if they just play their game and don’t do anything stupid….

    1. He can be covered if you put a good DB on him and double him up from time to time. Also bump him off the line with a LB wear him down…Not saying it’s easy but you have to try unlike the steelers they let him run wild.

  2. Pittsburgh’s D just sucked all night and everyone knew Brady was going to throw 9 out of 10 times. It seemed NE guys were wide open every play. I also saw alot of holding/pass interference again NE that wasn’t called. It was also comical how the NE radio broadcast was only interfering with Pittsburgh’s headsets.

    1. Author

      Yes, the the scary thing is that he passes it so so so fast. Even if he had no offensive line, he could still complete passes because he just whips it to Edelmann. Suh and Wake can’t possibly hurry him because he gets rid of it too fast. Could be another long season

      1. Exactly. Good QB’s don’t need great OL’S.

  3. Just want to comment that Brady was standing behind a line starting a rookie with two other young OL as well and he hardly felt any pressure other then the safety sack which was well disguised and executed. With that exception he was never touched.

    Roethlisberger routinely had 4 seconds to throw the ball. On one play he had 5.3 seconds before he threw the ball and no one was close to him then!

    In comparison Tanahill has about 2.5 seconds before he is clobbered on almost every play!

    New England has been addressing there OL for the last 3 years and they seem decent.

    We have been addressing ours for over a decade and who the hell know what were going to have.

    I will say turner played pretty good in the last game so there is hope

  4. Author

    I admired Ben and Brady both stepping up in the pocket to buy themselves more time. Maybe that comes with experience, but I never see T-hill do that. He needs to.
    How about all this stuff about the earphones? Everyone keeps saying it’s the league’s fault, but it sounds awfully fishy that it only happens in Foxboro.

    1. Well, Tannehill is a LONG way away from a Big Ben or a Brady. Not to be mentioned in the same sentence.

      1. Tannahills personal stats last year were almost identical to Brady’s

        With the exception of Tannahill getting sacked a ton more and Brady winning a ton more

        Is it ok to mention that?

        1. Not the stats that matter. W’s and. L’s.

    2. Wouldn’t shock me if the pats hired a guy to send in interference on the headsets. If anything they’d be prepared for it to happen more than the steelers were. Once the league figured it out they stopped it. Hate to be paranoid or falsely accuse someone but that’s what the pats get for eternity….karma’s a bitch.

  5. Boy, this is poorly written piece. It is dripping with Patriots hate.

    1. Joba, other than the funny bit about Brady crying to the judges, it looked well written and truthful to me.
      Although there’s some truth to the Brady joke too. Guys get suspended all the time in sports…but no one ever goes to court over it.

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