Stephen Ross Continues to Show How Little He Cares

I thought it was a new day.  I fell for it.  I fell for Stephen Ross’s words when he said it was a new day and when he said he won’t try the same old things again and expect a different result.

He said all of that on one of the greatest Dolphin days in the past decade:  the day he finally fired Adam Gase.

There are very few positive, smart decisions that Ross has made during his ownership.  Firing Gase was a huge one.  It almost made me forget about all the other nonsense Ross puts us through.  But, alas, the positive feeling was short lived.

Just a few weeks after saying he will try new things, Ross instead tried the same old failed things.   He hired a coach with zero experience.  He allowed that inexperienced coach to hire his inexperienced friends.  He promoted an assistant GM with a poor track record to the top job.  Again.

The failed experiments continue.  Ross’s bad habit of handing out charity jobs to wannabes continues.

The Stephen Ross interview process:  “Have some experience?  I don’t want you.”   “Need some experience?  By all means, please come be my head coach.”


Why does Ross try these failed experiments over and over?  The answer is that he just doesn’t care. 

Never forget the NFL’s revenue sharing.  The crap teams make just as much as the champions, so there is no financial reward for winning and no financial punishment for losing.  Winning championships simply brings pride, and Ross doesn’t care about that.   It’s all a matter of pride, and Ross’s pride is limited to the U of Michigan.

Wanna try something?  If you don’t have it already, download the Miami Dolphins’ app for your phone or tablet.  Do it now.

Will you see a picture of a Dolphin?  Maybe our new coach?  Maybe the home page will be Ross himself?

No, you will see a tennis tournament app.  That’s right.   Ross has allowed the Dolphins’ app to be usurped by Hard Rock’s tennis sponsorship.   Let me make this clear:   I’m not talking about a banner ad for tennis on the Dolphins’ app.

No.  The entire app is tennis.  You have to read the fine print to go to the Dolphins news on the Dolphins’ own app!

Even broke ass minor-league baseball teams in small towns that no one ever heard of do not do this. Certainly no major sports teams ever do this.  Only Stephen Ross.

There is no Dolphins Pride for Stephen Ross.  Instead, the Dolphins are just a small part of a large portfolio.

It’s bad that he sells out the Dolphins to promote other garbage. But at least it’s consistent.  He gives away valuable home game to go play in Europe.  He allows his coaches to kick All-Pros off the team.   He allows his coaches to hire their friends (players and coaches alike).  He’s more interested in anti-bullying and anti-National Anthem than in winning games.

His team was just devastated by injuries all through 2018 and still finished in second place, so he decides that a total tank is necessary?

You have a new coach and a new QB (unsure who as of yet) coming in. Why not roll the dice with what you have instead of abandoning a non-sinking ship?

Or, if you want to start anew, then fine.   But why keep a guy like Grier, who has been part of the problems for a few years?

All of these baffling decisions from Ross are due to his Dolphins management style.   Just make decisions by shrugging your shoulders and flipping a coin.  Who cares if we win or lose.

I can only dream of a day when a Dolphin fan owns our teams and wants the Dolphins to win.

Head Coach Wanted: No experienced needed



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  1. How many times have I said the exact same thing,” he just doesn’t care”? Countless is how many! He doesn’t! It’s simply a well-paying, guaranteed income for him. We all know where his sentiment lies-at Michigan! Nothing will change with his attitude if it involves the Dolphins. I just hope I outlive him so I can see a change!
    I agree with everything you said for once!

    1. It’s a hobby with guaranteed income-perfect!

  2. Author

    With Tannehill gone, I eagerly went to the App to read the details of the trade, etc.
    I instead got tennis news. I hate Ross more and more.
    Who sells out their team like that?

    1. It’s a hobby with guaranteed income-perfect!

  3. The AMISH ROCKET!!!!! 400YDS AND 4 TD’S one game and 100 yes and 4 ints another!!! LOL!

    1. Probably brought in to groom the new quarterback they pickup in the draft.

      Stay tuned…..

      1. At least he’s cheap and entertaining. If they run the ball more often than not he can be successful….

  4. He’s actually a fun journeyman QB to watch… I’m ok with it. I’ll always pull for us to win, but I do hope we get a top five pick next year!

  5. Now Minkah and Ryan can settle their differences over who owns “fitzmagic”

  6. Admin, I hear you loud and clear all the way to NJ!
    I have been saying over and over that Ross doesn’t really care what Dolphin fans think or want, he’s got enough season tix holders for what he needs to make a few bucks and then he can dump the big load to UMich!! When a university names the school of business in your name, in this case, the “Stephen B. Ross School of Business” (check it out for yourselves on UMich website!) , you can best be assured there’s a whole lot of dough going there….so his passion is not the Miami Dolphins!! Then why own the damn team? Bec. the whiny prick needs to have his ego inflated by owning an NFL team…The only way this team, franchise, whatever you want to call it will rise from the ashes is when Ross is no longer owner whether it by selling it or by death. I don’t know if I can wait for either! Bec. I saw more of Fitzpatrick since Jet games are always broadcasted, I will say the guy played his guts out and he’s not the worst, of course not the best, but he has swagger, toughness, he knows what he’s seeing when he walks up to the line of scrimmage (Harvard grad so he learned something!), so that right there is an upgrade to Tannehill. He’s not the forever QB we are all hoping, wanting, waiting impatiently for, but he is a lot of fun to watch over the last few QB’s we’ve had…but there’s no end to the Ross trash talking moron until he’s gone…

  7. Quinn is apparently in Dallas they’re taking a look at him apparently for possible trade. There you go… hopefully get something decent in this year’s draft.

  8. The team is literally paying money to get more draft picks for 2020 and somehow that’s Ross showing how little he cares?

    1. You’re.acting as if extra draft picks automatically means success. Have you seen the jokers running our show? Me and you have as much coaching/GMing experience as the tools Ross gives us

      1. That is a totally different subject. FINSFAN27 is pointing out the discrepancy in thinking that this owner does not care about his NFL franchise and the money he’s spending to acquire more draft picks in the future.

        1. It’s not a discrepancy. It’s a FACT. Stephen Ross sees the Dolphins as a business and has no passion like us fans do. He’s not one of us.

          1. Funny, these professional football players (and us fans) are routinely reminded that the NFL is a business first. NFL franchise owners are not afforded the luxury of running their team from a purely emotional point of view. Therefore, no, they could never be “one of us.”

            1. Yes, Jerry Jones isn’t a Cowboy fan. Mark Cuban never goes to Mavs games. George Steinbrenner was a Red Sox lover.

              1. You’re missing the point FLORIDAN. FINSFAN27 was pointing out the moves that Stephen Ross is making in his attempt to improve the Dolphins. If you’ve never seen photos and videos of Ross at Hard Rock Stadium during football games, then that means you’re conveniently ignoring them. And how would you like someone comparing your fandom when it come to the Dolphins with say, a yearly Dolphins season ticket buyer?

  9. What’s taken him this long to get it? Too busy with other more important projects? NYC real estate and UMich I guess matter more.

    1. Just as long as he understands that every pick helps when rebuilding the team. I heard that they could have 120 M in cap space next season if they play their cards right…find a QB and it could be a quick retooling.

      1. Sorry that was FFF logged out for some reason…Go Fins!

  10. Admin just for you I’ll repost this priceless gem from the Herald today

    “While Grier was trying to find the next great NFL quarterback Wednesday, his colleague Brian Flores spent the morning meeting the stars of today in tennis.

    He Flores was on-hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new stadium court at Hard Rock, which was attended by Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Stephen Ross, Mayor Carlos Gimenez and others.

    Flores, a big tennis fan, had a chance to introduce himself to Djokovic, his favorite player.”

    1. Author

      Yeah, I saw that too! Just think!! A few years ago, our head coach had an office job helping out a human resources manager. Today, he is cutting ribbons at ceremonies unrelated to the Dolphins. Only Stephen Ross hires this way.

    2. What’s wrong with being a tennis fan though? Belichick was vacationing in Barbados the week of free agency. Personally I’m a tennis fan and a chance to meet anyone in the big 3 is something a tennis fan wouldn’t pass on. This is just complaining to complain at this point.

  11. I would think Belichick has earned the creds to be on vacation at that time, because he hires competent, capable people to handle things!…don’t think for a second he’s not working while on vacation…he’s not turning off his cell phone I would guarantee it.

    1. Author

      There’s no way that Brian Flores “just happens” to learn about a tennis tournament and then calls someone to say, “Can I please be there to cut the ribbon?”
      No! No way. Instead, Ross’s P.R. machine calls him up and asks him to participate, to help build ticket sales at a tennis game.
      Use valuable Dolphins personnel to promote your side hustle? That’s Stephen Ross’s M.O. all the way.

    2. “don’t think for a second he’s (Bill Belichick) not working while on vacation…he’s not turning off his cell phone I would guarantee it.”

      You’ll guarantee it?… okay, what’s his cell phone number?

      1. Honestly, do you think he’s ever not reachable?? Vacation or not?? We aren’t talking about Joe Philbin here.

  12. My issue with Ross, as an owner of an NFL team, he has lacked the passion for the sport….just because he put some shaded areas over the field, made other changes to the stadium, doesn’t give me the feeling that his love for the sport is one such as Jerry Jones, and other owners….Jerry Jones has other business involvements but none are more important or passionate than his Dallas Cowboys. That’s what I want from an owner. I’m not implying he should be dictating every move, but please gezuz, don’t buy it as a trinket to hang among your other toys–how many years have the Dolphins gone to London? He throws his hand up and says oh, we’ll go…That’s not watching out for your investment. Finally, Fins will stay home to play. Do you see Jones packing up them Cowboys? Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will each stage a home game outside the United States this season. It helps no one other than the league and Commissioner’s cred with the owners trying to get the NFL in Europe so they can all make more money. I’m all for making money but lets keep the games here. Ross basically stated he had not been doing a good job, and was going to change that which was not working….I’ll be waiting to see if he keeps his word.

    1. Author

      Kudos, well said. Ross thinks of everything under the sun to generate excitement among fans, EXCEPT for giving us a winning team.

  13. Hey Admin. I subscribe to the Dolphins news via, and today they sent me an offer to attend a Soccer Game !!

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