Stills and Tunsil are Gone

The Dolphins finally had enough of Kenny Stills’ distractions and sent him to Houston.  As part of the same trade, Laremy Tunsil is gone.

The happiest man today?  The doctor who performs ACL surgeries on QBs, because Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen are dead men walking.   Some Miami area surgeons are gonna get a lot of work !

Apparently, the Dolphins received TWO first-round picks, plus a second-rounder as well.   That is 3 quality picks for some guys who have never been to a Pro Bowl.   Even the Dolphins can’t louse that up, can they?   This is on par with the Cowboys getting rid of Herschel Walker in exchange for a bunch of the Vikings’ picks.  It seems like a lot to give up, and I am grateful to Houston.

Of course, if we don’t use those picks to get quality players, it’s all for naught.  But let’s hope.  Our season will suck this year, but the draft in April should be a doozy!

No more distractions from these Bozos!  Poor Stills.   He thinks that Texan fans will put up with his shenanigans the same way they did in South Beach?


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  1. Wow pretty nuts I guess to get rid of stills they had to throw in a future star LT…but you are right they did receive a lot if this is true. Hopefully they didn’t give anything else back.

    1. Albert Breer


      Full terms of Texans/Dolphins trade, per source …not sure about those players if anyone good but if so they did well.

      Dolphins get: 2020 first-round pick, 2021 first-round pick, 2021 second-round pick, CB Johnson Bademosi, OT Julie’n Davenport.

      Texans get: OT Laremy Tunsil, WR Kenny Stills, 2020 fourth-round pick, 2021 sixth-round pick.

  2. Im ok with this …especially Stills tired of him being so hard done by …we also gave up a 4th but we get Texans 1st and 2nd and also their 1st in 2021…so now we have lots of ammo to get our franchise QB…in 2020 or 2021…lets hope the Texans don’t do well next year so their #1 pick is high for us .

    1. Got to agree. 3 huge draft picks for an offensive lineman? We mighta cut stills anyway so tossing him into the deal didn’t cost us anything. Welcome to the Dolphins Preston Williams

      1. Whether tunsil reached his potential or not that’s a lot of picks hard to refuse that plus Ross would have given away Stills for a jock too big of a distraction. To be honest they don’t need Stills right now and they dumped his cap so that has to be factored in. Shitty getting rid of a LT but sometimes you have no choice and they didn’t have to deal with the clown…ey situation.

  3. 0-16 becomes a greater possibility now, but the picks they got rival the J.J.-Herschel walker trade, that turned Dallas into a powerhouse. But those picks have to be smart.

    And hope they learned a lot from Andrew Lucks early retirement, and the importance of protecting your franchise QB, a very poor move that has and will doom the colts for many years.

    In the long run, I still believe Trevor Lawrence is worth targeting – over any of the other qb’s in next years draft.

  4. Admin, you took the words right out of my mouth! First thing I thought was Jj trading Hershel Walker. I can live with this. I just didn’t want to trade Tunsil for Clowney! Stills was solid but if grant and Wilson are healthy and the new kid comes on we’ll be fine at reciever.

    1. They also kept Hurns who has played some good ball in the past. Heaven forbid if Parker does something….

      1. How AND why is she still here?

        1. I’m telling you last chance maybe hopefully with new coaches he’ll play some good ball. Remember Gase was an idiot no one really wanted to play for that clown Parker looked like one of them.

  5. The best thing about this trade is we no longer have to listen to admin crap on Stills at every opportunity. And saying Tunsil hasn’t been to a Pro Bowl. Man,how many go to a Pro Bowl in their 1st 3 seasons,especially at the LT position? Go ahead and search and get back to me. I for 1 am tired of your constant bashing of both of them. Stills averaged 6 TDs per season the last 4 years and was their most recent Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee-each team has 1 BTW. Houston was looking for WR and OL help and got it but paid a very dear price. “But league reaction still was overwhelming positive for the Dolphins. And critical for Bill O’Brien and the Texans”. “Landing another first-rounder for Tunsil lets the Dolphins control the entire draft in April. They now have two firsts, two seconds and likely two thirds in 2020 plus two firsts and two seconds in 2021”.
    Fitzpatrick may be permanently crippled by the end of September.
    to those other Tunsil doubters,check his value around the league and the number of sacks allowed in his career and last season. I don’t know how many offhand but just because he hasn’t been to a Pro Bowl doesn’t mean shit.
    Now we control the draft next year.

    1. 2 steps back 4 ahead with this trade you have to do it even if they get killed this year. I still think they won’t be as bad as we think even if the record sucks. Lots of good young players with potential it will be a fun ride.

      1. Well,we just locked up a top 3 pick next year and possibly THE top pick. I don’t know which OL is worse,UMs or the Dolphins. I guess we will see a record number of quick passes this season, if for no other reason than to keep any of our QBs not permanently crippled. We may set a record for most sacks allowed unless we hand the ball off 60x per game. Can ANY of them run block? I know Dieter could at WisCAHNsen. This team will be terrible.

        1. I’m hoping that the LT in the trade learned a lot last year and can be serviceable otherwise yeah it will be bad. They will definitely run the ball a lot and rollout or they should but if Gase he’d call bombs every play.

    2. Tunsil certainly is no slouch, but I think many players excel in years 1-3. You need to see signs in year 1 that this guy is a beast. Tunsil showed us that he is good, but not a game changer.
      I respect him for overcoming a shitty start. The bong mask and the game he missed cuz he tripped in the shower? All in the past and it didn’t impact his performing on game days. Weaker men might have let that stuff effect them

  6. Texans offensive tackle Julien Davenport started 15 games last season-for a good team. He certainly can’t be worse than any of our turnstiles.

    1. He’s definitely not better than tunsil he was ranked pretty low but was a rookie so hopefully he has learned a lot from it.

      1. If nothing else,he adds depth to our OL slugs.

    1. Yep just head that makes sense as Sam beat him out. This wasn’t just dumping a good vet he legitimately lost his job and wouldn’t be around for the next few years anyway. I don’t mind them keeping some vets like Jones as you still need some strong voices in the room but loudmouths like stills can go. Young guys don’t need to see that crap telling the owner off and fighting with the coach. Just do your job and we will win…

      1. I disagree re: Stills completely. So according to you,a player can’t speak their mind or doesn’t have 1st Amendment rights. You know,Freedom of Speech. I can only guess who you voted for.That’s laughable. He did his job and was the leading TD receiver the past 3 years. From MSN ” Flores publicly chastised probably the most respected voice in the locker room for going public with his questions of Ross, who established RISE in the name of social equality yet pandered for a President with so much stain on his track record”. He was good in the locker room.

        1. You can talk but don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

  7. This will help us in Week 4: Chargers LT Russell Okung out first six weeks.

  8. And we got a warm body LB back from Saints at just over .6 million. So we made out nicely salary cap-wise. Money we can move to next season.

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