One of the many things that the NFL does wrong with the Super Bowl is taking away from the championship game itself.    For example, halftime is 12 minutes long.   It is not just a guess, but set in stone in the the league’s official rules.  Except when the NFL is trying to turn a game into a spectacle, then suddenly the 12 minutes becomes over an hour long, so millennial fans can fawn over Justin Timberlake.

I have no problem with the special commemorative coins they use for the coin toss, or the fossils they drag out to be honorary captains, etc.   All of that is before the game, and it doesn’t detract from anything.   But once they game gets going, it has to be a game. played by the same rules and regulations as always.   No other sport puts such fanfare into the middle of its championship.   The NHL doesn’t have a 1-hour zamboni spectacle in between periods of a Game 7.

The NFL gains NOTHING by having a star sing for an hour at halftime.  TV ratings are high to begin with.   And if a singer happens to bring in even higher ratings (they don’t, but let’s just say), the NFL doesn’t make any more money.  The networks are already paid by the sponsors, so the networks don’t make more money either.  Nothing is gained.

The only difference the Super Bowl should have is if a coach like Pete Carroll or Kyle Shanahan hand a free victory to the opponent, then the league should instantly investigate how much money the coach bet on the opponent.  No other explanation.

If anyone is interested, I might be doing a chat during the game.   Had a good time last year with a few of my readers, and it’s always great to root against New England with like-minded friends.


  1. Totally agree with you here and yes let’s do the chat….. except for th hour halftime I’ll be doing laundry

  2. It’s all about money. 15 minutes max.

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