Super Bowl XI is Here. Final Thoughts

Let’s go, Falcons!

Let’s keep it fair, refs.

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  1. Author

    falcons won the toss and hands the ball to Brady. Huge mistake

  2. Author

    Philip Wheeler has more Super Bowls tackles today than in his entire Dolphins career

  3. Author

    Refs are starting early. Mysterious penalty that the cameras didn’t see

  4. Author

    Facemask on Malcolm butler
    That RB is slow !!

  5. Author

    New England could not stop the run whatsoever. So Atlanta started to pass. Who is calling plays, Adam Gase?

    1. Author

      First time a team FINALLY hit little Julie Jules

  6. Author

    All the commercials are LGBT and immigrantion

  7. Author

    Lmfao. Julie whining already. She hates being hit

    1. Gotta get to Brady though. Hogan Hogan Hogan…

  8. Author

    Atlanta has zero pass rush. Gonna be a long day

  9. Author

    Absolutely nonexistent pass rush.

  10. Author

    Wow, even the Dolphins have a better defense than shitty Atlanta

  11. Author

    Lucky sack…Brady ran right into him !

  12. Author

    Brady and Edelman each got hit more often today than all season

  13. Author

    I’m grateful that FOX has the game. I hate listening to Phil Simms love Brady

  14. Author

    Seriously? NEw England covers Julio Jones with a defensive tackle, and Matt Ryan doesn’t throw it to him??

  15. Author

    Apparently they only rush the QB on third down

  16. Author

    Yeah, keep handing off Brady

  17. Author

    Nice pass rush AND great coverage.

  18. Author

    The bad news is that Belcichick will give up on the run now and Brady will pass all night long

    1. Oh yeah after falcons score its gonna be a pass happy game.

      1. Author

        Bill belichick will bench Blount for that fumble

  19. Author

    Sean, where you from/ live?

    1. I grew up in Miami but I live near Savannah, Georgia. I get all the jaguars and falcon games here.

      1. I still visit south Florida three or four times a year.

  20. Author

    Bill didn’t get a call. Wah wah wah

    1. Kinda nice to see the patsies squirm a little.

  21. Author

    Long way to go. Gotta keep it up

  22. Author

    Belichick’s whining paid off

    1. Yeah funny how that is timed so accurately.

  23. Author

    Keep handing off Brady. All day long

  24. Author

    Third and long again. Falcon penalty upcoming

  25. Author

    They will go for it on 4th anyway

  26. Author

    They finally EARNED a first down

  27. Author

    Nice drive? Are u serious ?

  28. Author

    I just jumped for joy. First time in years

    1. Lol I last jumped when we beat the cards.

  29. Author

    I will give Brady credit for tackle attempt. Tannehill just watches

    1. Yep they always have lady luck in their corner.

  30. Author

    Brady ain’t so good when you pressure him

    1. Right. Just got to rattle him a little and then he starts to get flustered.

  31. Author

    Long way to go, but looking better and better

  32. Hey admin. Did you know that dan Quinn was an ex Dolphin coach ??

  33. Damn, now why can’t the Fins play these arrogant douches like this?

  34. Author

    Yeah, I think Sparono fired Dan Quinn.

  35. Author

    Keep handing off. Wtf is NE’s game plan?

  36. Author

    Why didn’t they rush on 4th down?.

  37. Dang is Phillip Wheeler going to have a super bowl win?

  38. Author

    Pats are refusing to go away. I don’t wanna be nervous…pick up this yard here !!

  39. Not gonna lie this is the worst I’ve ever seen the pats play. How can they just now show up like this

    1. Author

      Atlanta speed is getting to them.

  40. Author

    Told ya. Stupid Adam Gase play call !!

    1. Author

      I see it coming unfortunately 🙁

  41. Author

    Third and inches and Atlanta called a long bomb, and easy strip sack

  42. Author

    Matt Ryan may go down as the ultimate choke in sports history

    1. Nah, the choke honor belongs to Dan Marino!

  43. Please falcons dont make this grown man cry!

  44. Author

    NE does that kick every time. They make you return it

  45. Author

    Ryan is napping the damn ball with 20 seconds on the play clock leftover. Huge mistakes here

  46. Author

    Three rushes then kick a field goal and Atlanta is World Champions. but no…..

    1. Author

      Looking gloomy for Atlanta. So close and yet so far…

  47. Author

    Falcons are simply the latest team to hand a free Super Bow, victory to the Pats. The game was over with a few handoffs and field goal.

  48. It’s hard to believe, but Atlanta chokes worse than Seattle did

    1. Author

      Can you call it a choke if your coach gives the game away because he refuses to rush the ball??

  49. Good night fellas. Talk to you tomorrow.

  50. Tom Brady is the greatest football player in NFL history. I hate him but I respect the hell outta him.

  51. Apparently the Falcons coaches went to the Joe Philbin school of clock management.

  52. Admin you said the exact same thing as me. Run the ball kick FG win game. Nope have to outsmart the other team so much you fuck yourself. If I’m blank I fire Quinn immediately. That was the worst coaching call in super bowl history worse than Seattle as there would have been enough time for patsies to come back. 3 points wins that game. Unbelievable.

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