Ted Wells Falls for Jonathan Martin’s Shenanigans

We’ve all seen the texts.  It went both ways.  That is a fact.  Jonathan Martin threatened to kill Richie Incognito’s family.  He called Richie names.  And he got away with it.

Now the coward has  won.  Judas got his wish.  Benedict Arnold conned the NFL into believing that this whole thing was one-sided.

Ted Wells consulted with some sort of emotional-distress psychologist of his own choosing.  Richie’s lawyers did not get a chance to make sure the psychologist was fair.  Ted Wells just simply chose someone.

The repercussions could be devastating., depending on how Joe Philbin handles it.   Martin blamed Richie, and Philbin kicked Richie off the team.  Now that we know John Jerry and Mike Pouncey were also guilty, Philbin may kick them off the team too.

Would that be a terrible decision?  Yes!  But in his 2+ years down here, every single Philbin decision has been terrible.  So brace yourself for the worst.  It’s gonna hit the fan.

How can you have Ted Wells finding 3 different Dolphins guilty, and only punish Richie?  You can’t.  To make nice-nice with the p.c. media and the NFL, Philbin will probably punish Pouncey and Jerry too.  Even though the teasing went both ways, Martin walks away clean while everyone else is the bad guy.  Ted Wells really blew it.


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  1. Uhhh hi. This website is crap and the story does not agree with the headline. Dolphins suck. If I were you, I wouldn’t be worrying about Richie Incognito, because you’re quarterback and running backs are worthless. Thanks.

  2. The Ted Wells report exposed Richie Incognito for what he is, and you just cannot accept that the truth contradicts your narrative. That or this site really is run by Richie’s drunken father, as that would explain the web design fit for a an etch-a-sketch.

    1. Anonymous is right and the report DID expose a lot of things Richie did. But then why DIDN’T it also expose a single thing that Judas Jon Martin did? Amazing that the report blamed Richie 100%. Amazingly wrong!

  3. dude do you guys the crap that espn is saying about us. what a fukking joke. I’m sure all of the players are wrong saying these guys were best friends. its unbelievable. for the last two months everybody was on richies side because all of the evidence pointed to that. now this bogus report comes out and the dolphins organization is despicable again. the NFL and the media are pathetic

  4. What a joke. Ted Wells can suck it. So can Philbin for making about every wrong decision you could possibly make. My advice to Philbon and Steve Ross is this. Whatever your instincts and gut tell you to do with the Phins, just please do the damn opposite.

    1. Yes yes yes to Aceturbo! Philbin ruined this whole last season and is close to destroying 2014 as well

  5. Welp . There goes another brick in the once proud nfl wall. First it was treating qbs like princess’, then the “defenseless player” penalties where a legit hit leading with your shoulder gets flagged even with hits not to the head. Now players are expected to shower with a openly gay dude and be cool with it. And to top it off we have a 300 plus pound man getting his feelings hurt and instead of handling it between 2 men or with team administration he airs the dirty laundry for all to see. And to top it off Martin sent similar texts to Incog. I love football but fear I may grow tired of what its becoming

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