Thank you, Denver Broncos

A belated thanks to the Denver Broncos for tanking on Christmas night to vault us into the playoffs.

A new thanks to the Denver Broncos for taking Vance Joseph off our hands.   The Dolphins defense was miserable this season, and Vance Joseph had no answers.  Why on earth would a team want him to be the leader is beyond me, but I’m glad it happened.

And now we can look forward with some optimism to a new DC coming in.   Word is that current LB coach Matt Burke will get the job.  Hope he’s smart enough to give Mike Hull and Trevor Reilly a fair chance, because Vance Joseph sure wasn’t.  Sometimes, you just have to try something new, and Vance didn’t quite get that.  Have fun, Denver!

No, this is not Vance Joseph. But this is how Dolfans will remember Vance's last game.
No, this is not Vance Joseph. But this is how Dolfans will remember Vance’s last game.
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  1. @Admin

    You could post about 18 other pictures of our defense getting ROASTED in the Pit game!

    Also I love your idea about Rex Ryan….. I really liked him as a HC and was dissapointed Miami didn’t make a play at him but in hindsight it looks like Ross was so much smarter then me on that one!

    But I really wanted Ryan for the Defense and I think he would be a great addition as a DC. I don’t see his name out there in the HC conversation and he obviously isn’t opposed to staying in the AFC East and he hates the Pats so it may be a great fit.

    No offense to whatever the LB coaches name is but we have had a ton of experimental years let him be Ryans Assistant DC in my opinion.

    but who else is out there?

    1. Seriously Brian? Tell me about that fat jackass’s career record. All he does is make big promises,fols the idiot owners into a big contract and NEVER fulfills them.
      His massive ego will never let him demote himself to a DC position.
      @admin-Joseph literally had shit for players to deal with and I think in about 3-4 years he will be a good HC, but I doubt he’ll be given that much rope in Denver. The defense was awful but NOBODY on this league could have done much better. Even Matt Patricia in NE. I believe Denver made a mistake in promoting him far too soon as he is literally 1 season removed from bring a position coach.

      1. Author

        Karma, he had one of the best D-Tackles and best D-ends in the NFL. Jordan Phillips was a great compliment to Suh, and was more than adequate. When you have such strong D-Tackles in a 4-3 defense, how do you give up so many rushing yards? It has to fall on the coach. Yes, the players weren’t nothing special behind Suh and Wake. But the DC was nothing special either. As others here on our blog have said, How does Vance Joseph already have a head coaching job, but the 2 New England coordinators don’t even have interviews!??

        1. Josh McDaniels might go to 49ers. No word on Patricia. It would nice to see them both go this year.

        2. @admin
          The 7 players behind the DL were simply awful and would probably not start for any other NFL team. They are tat bad. So I don’t blame Joseph for having 7 shit starters. Like I said,he got the Denver gig far too early.

      2. @Karma

        You know I respect your opinions but I do disagree with you on his record. Remember he was a DC long before a HC and his record as a DC if you look at just that is very impressive. Rex Ryan was a very good DC IMO.

        I don’t claim to know if he could go back to that role but I would suspect that if he dosnt have a job as a HC he will go back to being a DC because the man seems to LOVE coaching.

  2. Author

    If Rex can convince Gase that he will obey and not try to undermine things, he could be a great addition. But I understand it’s extremely hard for former head coaches to go back to coordinator roles. Ex-Giant coach Jim Fassel comes to mind. After leaving the Giants head job, he worked as OC for the Ravens. But they say he spent most of his time worrying about another head coaching job, and wasn’t dedicated to simply being an OC. We don’t want that !

    1. There isn’t enough room at Hard Rock Stadium for his ego and like both of us said,he won’t take a coordinator position. Over-promise and never deliver and walk away with a huge contract after getting fired. Fcuk that fat bastard.

      1. I agree Rex Ryan I would hate to see Rex Ryan on the Miami sideline… Tha t guy is so annoying he’s nearly worse than Jay

    1. Author

      But you also said Philbin > Gase! Your credibility is in question here, Jay. Anyway, i don’t think Rex made good overall management decisions in his coaching career, but it’s hard to dispute his defensive acumen, What he did for the Ravens as their DC was amazing, and they are still feasting on the defense he created there. New players + Rex’s Old scheme sill brings success years later.

      1. Gase won with Philbins players. Cant judge him on just one year lets see how he does the next 2 years.

        1. @Jay

          You are a complete idiot!

          Moore is better the Tannehill and Philbin is better then Gase!

          I would ask if your serious but you have proven your idiocy for years.

          Go away snowflake

        2. @Jay
          Well considering Philbin couldn’t win with his own players, already Adam Gase is better than the Philbin… shit Vance Joseph is better than Philbin

  3. Vance inherited a defense with inadequate linebackers and questions in the secondary. He also was without three defensive starters for much of season(Misi, Jones, and Jenkins). Under Coyle Miami couldn’t stop the run, gave up too many explosive plays, and couldn’t get off the field on third down. Under Joseph the defense was still terrible against the run but was able to limit explosive plays for much of the season and actually was near the top of the league at getting off the field on third down. Joseph made chicken salad out of chicken shit for most of the season. He deserves some credit. And in the admins and others insistence to incite the Rooney Rule as the only reason for his generating interest you have all overlooked the bigger picture. And that is that for the first time in a long time a Dolphins unit coach has been courted and poached for a head-coaching gig. Meaning in the eyes of the league our coaching staff is finally revered and respected. Plus Joseph has been a coach in the league for a while and his body of work as a secondary coach is why he is so esteemed. Not just one season as a defensive coordinator on a team with inadequate personnel. So the admin might need to be careful what he wishes for. I for one was looking forward to seeing what he could do next season if the team was able to upgrade the defense’s talent and depth through free agency and the draft. I expect him to have success in Denver because he’ll have more to work with personnel wise.

    1. Author

      Well, I don’t think I “insisted” that the “only” reason Joseph got an interview is because of the Rooney Rule. That being said, I was certainly wrong about the sincerity of Denver’s interest in Joseph. They were obviously serious about Vance from the get-go, and I underestimated that level of interest for sure. The reason I didn’t think anyone was serious about Joseph is how awful the Dolphins defense played. It’s like a team wanting to interview Nathaniel Hackett to be their head coach. Who, you ask? He is the OC at Jacksonville, one of the worst offenses in the NFL. Just like the Dolphins have one of the worse defenses in the NFL. Why choose from the bottom of the barrel to run your team? It’s baffling. The Olphins (no D) have been giving up 30+ points a game since November, except for the Jets. Based on those stats, I honestly didn’t think Vance Joseph had a chance…anywhere.

      1. Hey, the Broncos hiring Joseph is just like the Fins hiring Gase. His offense in Chicago was pathetic!

        I’m sure the Broncos know more football than you!

  4. BTW the Rooney rule just ensures that a minority candidate gets an interview. It has no bearing on who a team actually hires as their head coach as there are no actual minority hiring quotas in the NFL.

    1. Author

      True. As I stated above, I was wrong about Denver’s sincerity about Vance Jospeh. I suspected they gave him an interview in order to satisfy the Rooney Rule, but I was wrong. They were serious about Vance.
      God knows why they wanted a guy with zero accomplishments under his belt, but it certainly wasn’t because of his race.

  5. I dunno to me it seems disloyal to leave after one season especially with how bad our d performed against pitt. Whatever more of same for the same ole dolphins. Meanwhile belechicks talent pool remains tapped. But then again you haveto be smart to get gired there in the first place. If it werw I would pick belechicks brain as long as I could before leaving. Joseph now needs a qb and has to fix a once dominant defense. Good luck I guess

  6. Our D looked bad because Big Ben is a franchise QB and a franchise QB (Brady, Rogers, Flynn) makes EVERY D look bad.

    1. Big Ben didn’t run for 167 yards. Le’Veon Bell did. Wrong again.

  7. Well if Patricia leaves NE and we now we need a DC,I wonder which opening sounds more appealing. So we won’t get the top guy.

  8. It was interesting to me gase and patricia having that long talk after the pats game this year. Reminded me of my playing days when we would start courting talent oping they would jump ship and join us.Maybe this has been brewing longer than we know.

    1. @Phinsup

      I saw that too but Patricia leaving NE to come down to Miami? For what? I can only see that happening if Belichick and Brady retiring and McDaniels taking over as HC and not liking Patricia.

      Also with all the teams out there that need a HC i can’t see Patrica 1 – leaving NE to be a DC somewhere else 2 – Certainly cant see him leaving NE and being a DC within the AFC East!

      But man that would be a double strike if it were to happen.

  9. Landry and Ajayi have been added to the pro bowl roster… I’m really excited to see how Ajayi runs he’ll be facing the best defenders but he” also have the best Line to help him out

    1. Author

      He’ll also be running against defenders who won’t care too much and will make half-ass tackle attempts all day.

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